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Secondary Data in Marketing Research: Definition, Sources & Collection


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Secondary data is information that has been collected for a purpose other than your current research project but has some relevance and utility for your research. Sources of Secondary Data. You can break the sources of secondary data into internal sources and external sources.

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Besides the above mentioned sources of marketing research, there are many other sources of supplying secondary data e.g., colleges and universities stock exchanges and commodity exchanges, specialised libraries’, internal sources such as sales and purchase records, salesman, reports, sales orders, customer complaints and records of other .

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External secondary data, on the other hand, is data that has been published by other organisations. What are internal sources of secondary data? Every department within an organisation will have its own records that represent a potential source of valuable data. Jun 06,  · One of' the most overlooked sources of internal secondary data is internal experts. An internal expert is anyone employed by the firm who has special knowledge. The following statement by a senior research manager at a major consumer goods firm describes why his organization developed a research reports library and .

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Internal Secondary Research Sources Of Internal Secondary Research. Internally an organisation has access to a wealth of information, which can be a useful tool for decision making for managers. Internal Secondary Data consists of information gathered within researcher’s firm (i.e. customers databases and reports from past primary research) External Secondary Data consists of information gathered outside of researcher’s firm (i.e. government statistics and information from media sources).