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❶The whole point of going to school is to prepare for success.

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Writing a Career Research Paper
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Think of all the people you've talked to in the last 24 hours and jot down their career. What careers appeal to you? What careers do you think you'd be good at? Skim the classified ads. A career choice should take into account money, hours, advancement opportunities, and location. If your goals cannot be fulfilled in a particular career, it's time to change careers or change goals. Examine your skills and interests. Take note of what you are good at, and more importantly, what you would like to be good at.

Do some career research. Spend a day in the library and interview people doing a career that interests you. Document your sources as you search. Pay special attention to the advantages and disadvantages of possible careers. I recommend making a chart. Match the career with your goals, skills, and interests. Make an outline, cluster, or any of those other prewriting organizational techniques teachers always talk about.

Drafting and Revising Include information about yourself--your goals, interests, talents-- in the introduction. When revising, use the following questions to make sure you covered what you need to cover: The employment rate for these kind of teacher in North Carolina ranges from 27, and , Elementary schools have an industry employment percentage of Middle school teachers also occupy a large portion of the field of education.

These teachers educate children from grade six through grade eight. Middle school teachers prepare children for high school and teach further skills. Middle school teachers usually work five days a week for nine or ten months out of the year.

Usually having summers off, unless working at summer school, middle school teachers use those months to work odd or part time jobs. Middle school teachers design the lessons and usually teach only one certain subject. Middle school teachers mainly prepare children for high school and teach skills needed in the everyday world.

High school teachers remain essential in with lives because of their job to prepare students for life after graduation. These teachers get students prepared to go to college or for real jobs.

High school teachers teach grades nine to twelve. High school teachers design their courses and teach one certain subject. High school teachers have the important job of preparing students and giving them the skills they need to achieve post graduate life.

Some other professions of teaching include special education and postsecondary. Special education teachers specialize in the instruction of students with certain disabilities, including physical, mental, learning, and emotional disabilities. These teachers create their lesson plans based on the capabilities of the individuals that they teach. These teachers usually average thirty-six hours in the classroom per week. Special education teachers have to have flexibility with their students and must work around their disabilities.

Postsecondary teachers work in colleges and universities. These teachers design the courses taught and often only average twelve to sixteen hours in the classroom per week. Postsecondary teachers become apart of a certain department based around their field of teaching. They spend a minimal amount of hours teaching in the classroom and only work about nine months out of the year.

With summers free for postsecondary teachers, they often spend the time traveling, or composing books and articles, endorsed by the university that they teach at.

Postsecondary teachers prepare college and university students for the jobs that the students strive for. Teaching careers will likely increase in demand within the next couple of years. The elementary field has the highest predicted amount of incoming teachers.

For two weekdays, Mrs. Broome, alternates helping two other teachers. She stays with one all morning, then switches to the other teacher in the afternoon. During times when she does not stay with another teacher, Mrs.

Broome assists children who may risk falling behind, through reading, math, or homework help. Whilst working with the morning teacher, she mainly works with small groups, doing math or reading. I feel very lucky to have stumble into the job, but I have always thought that when you really want something you will do anything to obtain it.

We can write a Custom Research Paper on Career for you! I actually stumble into this job opportunity by making about 20 phone calls. I had looked in the classifieds and saw that at that point no psychologist office was hiring for a job. I also knew that the way most psychologist practices work is that they do tend to keep a very short staff, sometimes having only one employee, because of confidentiality reasons.

So it was not like I would start as a receptionist and work my self up, to what? Advancement is very limited like I mentioned. I do not see this as a downfall since I am very committed to this practice and I do hope to take them up on their offer. I believe that it is essential to a companies success to provide career opportunities to all employees even the once just starting out, either in the mail room or as a janitor having a vision of climbing the ladder is a good motivator.

The human resource department should ensure that all employees know that they have the change to have a career if they stay with that company. It should be their goal to get this across to them. It not only motivates the employer but also the employee.

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Sample Student PDC , Online Career Research Paper The career that I had in mind when I first began college was one in counseling psychology.

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Students need to be shown how to write a career research paper. Assuming they'll automatically go through the process of writing research papers without any guidance is foolish. Don't fret. I've got some guidelines on how to write such a paper absolutely free. A career research paper provides many interesting English research topics.

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I begin before the beginning. A paper must be written and research papers always need to be introduced before they really begin. The first few paragraphs exist. Free example research paper on Career. Career research paper sample for free. Find other free essays, term papers, dissertations on Career topics here.

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Free Career papers, essays, and research papers. A Career as a Pharmacist - The flow of the medical community is dependent on every person employed there. This career research paper outline is just the basic one, to which you may add more points or, from which you may remove points which are not applicable to your topic. The points to be included in the paper depend heavily upon the kind.