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Project Help supporting homeless students in Oktibbeha County

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Instant Download You must be logged-in in order to download this resource. Login Create Account Email Address. Click to download your resource. A Project to Help Students Understand The project described below considers how to use appropriation in a classroom project, as well as working with students to understand what constitutes the difference between borrowing and stealing. Cultural Appropriation In addition to notions of appropriation and the appropriateness of taking ideas from other artists, our culture and society are deeply steeped in issues of cultural appropriation.

Here are a few other questions students could consider. How do we borrow from the world around us? Why do corporations and businesses use famous images or cultural traditions in their work? What aspect of the image sells products or calls attention to issues? The Project This project has 3 parts. Research To begin this project, have your students research examples of appropriation in artwork and mass media.

Have them focus on motives and reasons for the practice. Make Art Then, have each student choose an original artwork as inspiration. Task your students with appropriating the imagery in a way that alters the meaning. In this way, they will make the image their own.

Consider allowing students to use tools like tracing paper, light boxes, and the grid method. Reflect Finally, have your students create an artist statement. The statement should reflect how they have shifted the work and why they made the choices they did. It should also properly credit the source. Adding a Layer of Complexity I enjoy teaching this project with students using more traditional media like drawing and painting.

Photographs and advertisements can add another layer of appropriation. Photoshop If you have the resources, having students insert themselves into these pieces can be a lot of fun. No bond for murder suspect September 14, UM student says service dog banned from classroom September 14, USM unveils new attendance count September 14, Dry and Hot Weekend. Caught on camera September 13, Student Athlete of the Week: Southern Miss game postponed because of Florence September 12, I found that before I could have students work on independent projects, I needed to teach them the skills of independent work habits.

Back to top In-Class Collaborative Projects It seems that book after book discussing future workplace skills focuses on the abilities to work effectively with others and to manage information Thinking in a Future Tense , by Jennifer James, By teaching students information literacy skills and allowing them to work on projects, students are able to strengthen their skills of managing information.

Yet how do we teach kids to work effectively with others? One technique is to integrate projects with in-class collaborative groups. These collaborative teams are designed using heterogeneous student groupings, with each team member having specific roles and responsibilities designed around Internet research and projects. Select Web sites that enhance the project, or develop collaborative learning opportunities based on available Internet projects.

Class-to-Class Projects The Internet also provides wonderful opportunities for you to work with other classrooms and individuals throughout the world on a common project. These types of collaborative projects come in many different sizes and colors. Remember to start small; join one to two projects a year and see how it goes. As you search for the right project, keep your curriculum and learning objectives in mind. While some of these projects require a sponsoring organization to set them up, others can take place between individual classes or among a small group of interested schools.

Successfully Implementing Collaborative Projects. List Name Delete from selected List. Save Create a List. The Teacher Store Cart. Students and Class Projects Using the Internet. Grades 3—5 , 6—8. Students choose a subject they would like to learn more about and progress through the six skills.

Students are asked to submit proof of all stages in the information literacy spectrum beginning with identifying the big picture task and ending with a product.

Students are provided with a list of Web sites that can help them complete their project. Remember to have students write down the Web sites they use to complete their project. Projects are supplemented with visits to specific Web sites that relate to the theme. For example, you may have an endangered animal theme in which you could ask students to choose an endangered animal to study and make a presentation about.

Setting a time line for completion of project: I provide students with a calendar and teach them how to use the due date as a starting point and then plan backwards. We discuss that a rough draft should always be completed three to five days before the due date to give time for last minute changes and editing. I teach students the different editing symbols and have them practice editing their own work.

Expectations for behavior when time is given in class for project work: Project time is a very quiet time in my classroom and we discuss that movement and talking need to be at a minimum.

The different resources of information available to students: I take a few days to discuss different information resources available for students. We discuss the Internet and tie in the discussion with information literacy skills. One of these days includes a trip to the library to review how to look up books, the different resource books available, and how to ask the librarian for help.

How to present work creatively and neatly:

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Project HELP (Hope & Empowerment ~ Leveraging Possibilities) Our Mission Project HELP's mission is to ensure the educational rights and protections due under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act to all students experiencing homelessness.

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Community Service Environmental Project Ideas for Students and Educators Want to help your local community and environment? Then donate your time to a community service project. A Project to Help Students Understand The project described below considers how to use appropriation in a classroom project, as well as working with students to understand what constitutes the difference between borrowing and stealing.