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Essay on Prescription Drugs


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The year old Canadian was a fan favorite in the National Hockey League when he lost his battle to addictive prescription painkillers two years ago.

Millions of Americans — from professional athletes like Boogaard to the car pool mom across the street — are fighting for their lives and may not even realize it.

Prescription opioid abuse is the fastest growing drug addiction in the country today. In , there were enough painkiller prescriptions written to medicate every American around the clock for a month.

And the numbers are growing. Prescription-related drug deaths are up more than percent in the last 11 years. ER prescription drug-related cases total about half a million annually. Patients want quick solutions to their medical problems. As a physician, I am expected to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction. In the world of instant online surveys and social media postings, anything less than immediate gratification may cause vocal and viral patient dissatisfaction. This contributes significantly to the over-prescription problem.

Change should start with my brother and sister physicians. We must guard against an over-reliance on prescription painkillers as a default in treating pain. We must find the root causes of pain problems and treat them with the best possible options, even if it takes longer to see results. Lawmakers can also help. Give doctors a chance to make a difference in our communities. Finally, to my patients, you have a role in this as well. A potentially addictive drug is not a panacea.

You must push yourselves to lose the excess weight. Learn the Truth About Drugs, enroll in the free online courses. Find out the truth about prescription drugs. Request your free copy of the booklet, Prescription Drug Abuse.

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To learn more, click here. Who We Are About the Foundation. Start this Course How much do you really know about prescription drug abuse? Flip through the Booklet. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Opioids and Morphine Derivatives. Opioids and Morphine Derivatives Effects. Abuse of Over-the-counter Drugs.

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Free prescription drugs papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for - Prescription Drug Abuse When people hear of prescription drug abuse they think of people that do not have a prescription using the drug for other reasons but this is not always the case. People that get a prescription, .

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When we think of drug addicts and abuse we normally think of people who take the common street drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroine, or other illegal drugs. However most people don't realize or take seriously the growing number of abusers of prescription drugs currently in our country.

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It is clear that prescription drug abuse is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription used in the way other than prescribed; as a result the drug is used for a experience or feeling it causes. Addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic could help build stronger communities and allow those with substance abuse disorders to lead healthier, more satisfying lives. A crucial step in overcoming the problem of prescription drug abuse is to first educate parents, youth, and patients, about the dangers of abusing these drugs.

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Prescription Drug Abuse essays. Teens and Prescription Drugs: Availability, Accessibility, and Abuse Teens and Prescription Drugs: Availability, Accessibility, and Abuse Jamila . Free Essay: One of the fastest growing problems in America today is the abuse of prescription drugs. In the past 10 years, the misuse of prescribed.