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How to Set Marketing Research Goals and Objectives

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This may include things you are currently doing — or NOT. And this is the key to creating market research goals and objectives that will help you measure the potential market opportunity, the target audience for your products and how they buy. I know that this sounds a little way out.

InfusionSoft is an email marketing software that automates your sales and marketing process. They quickly realized that if their customers knew what to put INTO the software — the customers would make more than enough money to pay the fee for the software and also refer the software to their friends and colleagues. As a result, they set a goal to have their entire client base double their sales within a 12 month period.

Having set this goal and objective — they were not only fired up and inspired about what was possible for their business. But their customers bought into the very same goal. Suddenly finding out what their customers needed or wanted that would help them grow and prosper was easy. And what do you think happened to their response rates? This is not always a bad thing, particularly for SMEs where they have a closer relationship with their stockholders, at least in theory.

The results from marketing research are not always heeded either, as in the well-documented case with Sony and Walkman where the research findings indicated that it would not be a success. Undeterred by this, and guided by business instinct, the Chairman, Akio Morita went ahead and launched the product, and the rest as they say is history. Marketing Research usually involves a trade-off between i Cost ii Speed and iii Accuracy. In theory the more you spend on research, the more accurate or representative the information generated will be.

Decision makers have to consider the likelihood of making poor decisions without marketing research and balance this against the extent to which the research adds value and the costs associated with carrying it out.

An organisation needs to make an informed guess when putting mathematical values against the decision chances. Rather than providing a specific answer, the model may give a useful indication of the cost and benefits of research. In addition, marketers have to decide when it is sensible to draw the line under the information search as there comes a point when the chances of unearthing any more useful information are slim.

What is the third most important question the research must answer? Now you have your major topics for your interview guide. Stick to three to five major topics for a focus group or depth interview. More than five topics take time. You will not have time to explore each topic in depth. Once you identify the major topics, define the research objectives for each topic as follows: How to Define Research Objectives Define objectives in three-steps.

Write a second sentence about the information you need. Write another sentence that describes how managers will use the information. Clear Example Here is an example of an objective from the mobile phone industry. Find out their preferences, rationale, feelings, and beliefs about each concept.

When you write your objectives, be specific. Start your action sentence with an action verb. Poor Example Here are some examples of poorly written objectives. They are too general. Talk to consumers about our new product ideas. Ask telecom-purchasing managers what they think about buying VOIP telephones. Ask Webmasters what they think about mashups. Conclusion Writing clear objectives is the most important step in designing qualitative marketing research.

Follow the steps in this article. To learn more, click on the e-book icon. Instant Focus Group Questions - eBook Get hundreds of focus group questions, tips, and techniques now.

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In a previous post, I laid out a how to write a market research plan. The first step of the market research plan was setting goals and objectives. You might think that this is a same-old, same old process for marketing research.

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“Marketing research is the careful and objective study of product design, markets, and such transfer activities as physical distribution and warehousing, advertising .

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In a previous post, I laid out a marketing research plan. The first steps of the marketing research plan was setting goals and objectives. You might think that this is a same-old, same-old process. But it isn’t. I’m going to approach this in a different way that will get you better. The main objective of marketing research (MR) is to provide information to the marketing manager. The marketing manager uses this information to make marketing decision and to solve marketing problems.

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Defining research objectives is the most important step in designing a marketing research plan. Objectives decide interview topics. They shape the questions you ask,and guide your analysis and reports, pointing you in the right direction. Defining market research goals Thinking carefully about your goals will help you design a research project that gets the accurate, useful results you need. You need to be clear about your research objectives and how these will influence the methods you use.