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Management and Leadership Paper

Application Essay Guidelines

❶At last I write conclusion and recommendation. In management schools Case studies are used to impart the skills of decision making.


Leadership and management

The main difference is the way managers and leaders influence people for a work. This is the characteristic feature that influences other aspects of activity.

In order to define the difference between leadership and management let us distinguish these two notions. So, leadership is placing a new direction for a group of people while management means controlling people or resources in a group adhering to the established principles and values.

Leadership is one side of management. It is only one among many qualities of a successful manager. One must be careful in distinguishing between these two concepts.

A manager maximizes the turnout of the organization via administrative realization. In accordance with this the functions of a manager are the following: Leadership is one of several significant parts of the directing function. A manager is not just a leader; he needs great authority with the staff in order to become effective. Besides, managers think of raising the productivity and thus, the benefit while leaders think radically.

This denotes that managers clearly follow the instructions written in books and follow the organization policy. Meanwhile leaders rely upon their own intuition that maybe very effective to the organization. A leader makes conclusions from his emotions while a manager follows the book.

They question assumption and are suspicious of tradition. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on fact, not prejudice. People choose the leader by themselves that is why he is followed; his vision unites people behind him.

Unlike the manager who does his job by ruling. In order to work as a manager one should diligently work on the company for years. A good manager is experienced enough in his field and he has worked his way up the company.

A manager is familiar with all the elements of the whole system and the way it works. Besides, he can have a good technical knowledge. A leader can be a newcomer in a company with new and fresh ideas. Sometimes he does not have any efficient experience in the field. So, it is obvious that managing and leading are two different ways of organizing the staff. The manager comes to organization of people from a formal, rational position using methods described in a book. The leader unlike the manager uses his passion and intuition to fulfill the organizational function.

Sometimes, leadership is not required in a company. The fact that a leader is not always required makes us believe that leadership is just an asset and is not obligatory.

Managing and leading are two completely different methods of organizing people. The manager uses a formal, rational method while the leader uses his passion and intuition. If we talk about the leader, he united people and leads them to achieve their goals, while managers use organizational power to effect and control the staff for achieving goals. In order create and maintain a healthy organizational culture, a good manager or a leader should master the art of communication.

There are several rules how to get sincere and warm relations:. Leadership may not have any relevance with the functioning of the organization. On the other hand the management is different in its way of functioning. A manager keeps the organizational priority at his best. He has to do certain tasks as per the guidelines set by the organization.

He then plans to achieve this by his people. Here the manager uses the modern management tools. He is interested in directing, planning and organizing. To make this effective he also uses modern management tools. A leader innovates and the manager administers Bennis W, Doyal S, Leadership is setting up vision and Direction and management is implementation of this Doyal S, A leader set his vision and the followers follow his vision almost voluntarily.

He seldom needs force to attract towards him in execution of his direction and vision. On the other hand the manager executes the vision of the organization.

On his journey towards this he will also be using leadership skills to effectively manage his people. A manger with leadership skills can effectively manage the organization. There should be a force attracting the followers or a subordinate to the person directs them. In case of leadership it is often the quality of the leader or his charisma that attracts the people to him. On the other hand the manager and the leader should be the two sides of the coin.

Latest management trends show an inclination towards improving the leadership qualities of a manager. It is accepted that a manager should improve the output of the organization but it should be on the cost of the people working in the organization.

The directing function of the manager is making people ready to perform certain task or assigning certain task to the people. This functional area of the manger has more to do with leadership. Once a task is to be performed, the concerned manager has to detail people or direct people to accomplish the task. This is mostly done in different ways by a manager and a leader. However both leader and a manager use the function of directing. Followers voluntarily work as per the direction where as manager needs to have something else for motivating the people to work.

This may be different to different organization and also as per the management style it differs. Organizations have special structure and policies to motivate the people to work and managers are part of it. In the field of emergency medical services the directing function of the manager has a lot to do with routine jobs.

Things are to be done at high pace and many times immediate decisions are to be taken. The chances of going these decisions wrong are high. In this scenario subordinates should be motivated and encouraged to take decisions at time of emergency. Also the manager should be able to provide directions without any delay. His competence as a leader is very important.

A leader comes forward to take the responsibility of the actions of his followers. The followers also recognize this fact and there are more people willing to work under a leader under emergencies.

This is what actually needed in an emergency service. At the same time the leader should be conversant with the procedures adopted in an emergency.

A manager is a technical person and he is likely to be thorough in procedures and policies. Union of managerial qualities and leadership skills will be a good formula for emergency medical services. Leaders are emotionally more intelligent than ordinary managers. A manager wants to be successful should have high emotional intelligence. People having high emotional intelligence tend to be leaders. He is not a pusher; he pulls rather than pushes Terry R G, A typical manager does not follow this style.

He plans and direct people to get the work done. There is set of duties and responsibilities for each person in the organization. A manager ensures this is been done. He uses his control function to see things are going as per the schedule. A manger often uses his control powers. In contrast a leader expects his subordinates to perform the way it is desired. For example if a staff is coming late to his duty.

The typical manager may think of taking corrective action, where as a leader may be thinking to find out the reasons behind the late coming of the staff and may be willing to support that person.

Similar actions make the follower emotionally attached to the leader and they keep the individual interest only next to the common goals. In emergency medical service, emotional intelligence is a highly required quality of the person heading the operation. A leader who is empathetic and understands the emotions of others can do a lot in getting people involved in the service.

A leader should avoid knee jerk reactions. It is already said emotional intelligence makes the difference in actions of a manager and a leader. A manager who is low in emotional intelligence may follow only the rule book and this kind of attitude may lead to poor quality service especially in emergency medical service.

It is good to be knowledgeable but at the same time the managers should understand the need of being empathetic to the subordinates and the customers.

The system is working with a lot of supervisors, ordinary staff and managers and a wide net work is being formed. Due to all these it has become very difficult for people associated with these services to survive without leadership skills. A leadership includes motivating and directing people to work.

Emergency service requires quick action and this demands intrinsic motivation rather than anything. Only a true leader can make the intrinsic motivation in people following him. A leader motivates people to work for a common goal. In this service too, the person heads the department has to motivate the people to work for the common goal. A true leader can do it more effectively than a manager.

A leader should be a team player. Emergency service is always a team play. Mere management principles will not make any difference to the organization. A lot of uncertainty is present with the Emergency services. A manager should be capable of handling these services. People under him should be willing to work for extra hours if required. If extra service is required it should be given on volunteer basis. Here the scope of leadership is more visible.

A leader can motivate his team members to provide their best. Team members perform will perform to their full potential when the team leader motivates them to do so. The team leader should be empathetic to his team mates. He should make the people well aware of the team goal and the members should feel that the goal is common to all. Then only their full potential can be utilized. A leader should also provide a platform for the members to learn and grow. This will make the team members to become more professional.

This will also increase the efficiency of the team to perform tasks. Functions of management are Directing, Organizing, Planning, controlling and staffing. Professional managers are trained to perform these functions. Some people are on the view that Directing is the most important function of a manager.

Many managers believe decision making is an important function of the manager. In the Emergency Medical Service Industry manager should be good at decision making. He will have to make decisions in seconds. A manger is trained to have these qualities. In management schools Case studies are used to impart the skills of decision making. Leaders decision are derived from that of his team members where as the managers decisions are learned decision and the decision the manger thinks to be good for the company.

In respect to other function like controlling and planning a manger uses modern management tools. An ordinary leader may not know these tools for planning and controlling. Hence in these function a manger may have an upper hand in delivering the duties.

But if the manager has leadership skills then he can really outperform an ordinary manager. All leading management institutes have special curriculum to sharpen the leadership skills of the managers. It is also said it is important to become a leader then become a manager by learning management tools. Leadership involves in common interest and goal.

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Instructions: Select an organization with which you are paydayloanslexington.gqe a 1, to 2,word paper in which you address the following as it relates to that organization: Differentiate between management and leadership.

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Management and Leadership Paper Management and Leadership Paper Kimberly Maples University of Phoenix Instructor: Stewart Edinger March 21, Management and Leadership Paper In organizations management is accountable for creating systems and operations which aid in producing a desired result and the. Management Essays - Leadership and Management - John kotter who belongs to Harvard Business School classifies these two indifferent content, leadership as a part of management.

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This essay defines the management and leadership competencies taught at the SANS Technology Institute. Most of them are covered by MGT Management and Leadership Competencies; MGT Security Leadership Essentials and Management; and, MGT Project Management and Effective Communications. Application Essay Guidelines. Leadership and Management Essay ~ Explore theories like Contingency Theory, Path-goal Theory, Great man theory, Management theories etc. FREE words.