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❶UK He was a fantastic trimmer and a outstanding hood maker but he had lost the sparkle and kinda given up… I remember my first job was to trim 2 F1 carbon maclearn seat in Alcantara.. Nearly everyone in my family — including my parents, three brothers, five uncles, and countless cousins — has been in the trade.

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From small dents to welding in new radiator core supports to pulling frames. I quit there and went to accessory shop. Started installing Katzkin kit. Decided it was time to go home. In I moved back to northern IL. No one was hiring at the time for body work. Opened the phone book and started calling upholstery shops to see if anyone was hiring.

One shop said yes. Applied and got the job a week later. Not because there was no work,we had tons of work, but because my boss was hinding the money and not paying the rent. Now an opportunity is presented to me. The previous owner of the shop had a contract with my boss. Since he failed to pay the last 6 months. The shop automatically returns to the original owner. Feb 1, I opened up. Most of my learning was from Wyotech, the rest is from being a fast learn, troubleshooter, to learning by mistakes.

I think all students at WyoTech should take the upholstery course, you never know when an opportunity might present itself in the future. From there i learned to strip seats and install convertable tops and what not. Ive come a looong way from that shop and i can honestly say that my heart is in this job and the kind of work it brings.

Now im working in fortworth at a hot rod interior shop named CDIDIT learnin a new twist on my old ways and im happier than ever! Thanks for joining The Hog Ring Roland. That when i found out that upholstery been in my family for over seventy yrs. I am very thankful for the skill he had given me. My grandmothers taught me to sew when I was 7 years old.

I started sewing clothes for people in high school. Over the years I have taught myself to make curtains and items for the home. I worked full time in the banking and bookkeeping business for 25 years, while still keeping a parttime sewing business on the side. In , after working for 10 years as a full charge bookkeeper, the company was sold. I was laid off like most of the employees. I found a free auto upholstery class through San Diego City College. I took the class and began my career in the upholstery world.

I love working on old cars, but as a single mom, marine canvas and upholostery supports the family. First time i touched a sewing machine was in at a local mattress factory. I wanted to fix it up! I started with the motor and paint! Last thing to do was the interior it never got done so the car sat for many years, but i started other projects. I hung out at his shop almost everyday an shadowed his every move. He would start sewing, an to make time pass i would start tracing patterns.

Although he didnt teach me everything he did light a fire thats still goin to this day. A few years later i went to a tech school, and after the first couple weeks i was sewing cushions with welt cord an zippers the teachers told me i had a knack for it, that statement gave me the confidence to finally work on that old skylark. First seat bench seat with an armrest. Still wet behind the ears in the the trade i needed a confidence booster. It came, this guy invested in me an trusted i could do the work.

First complete interior job was a Belair, all roll-n-pleat… alot of sewing He bought the materials and gave me a couple dollars to live. My venture with learning auto upholstery started with a move to Laramie Wyoming to attend WyoTech. I started with just the intentions of learning more about the paint and body field and going more in depth and learning streetrod and sheet metal fabrication.

After finishing the courses, I decided to go a few steps further. He is a very inspirational teacher that I am now able to call a friend. While in his classes, I wanted to learn more and more and more. To this day I contact him with any troublesome questions I may have and he still has alot that he still wants to teach me. I will be going back to Laramie a couple times a year to visit friends but lost importantly to visit with my instructor and soak up anymore knowledge he is willing to share with me.

Since my time at WyoTech, I have started my own shop out of my garage for right now. I have dreams just as anyone else does, and I am excited to learn more in the industry everyday no matter if it gets difficult or sometimes frustrating, it still is exciting to grow in knowledge. Wow, that auto trim class in high school certainly had a big impact on your life. I too went to work there, being a gofer — picking up parts and cars, cleaning and pickup after the guys.

I watched my Dad as he sewed growing up and he opened a second store. Well, I was recently divorced with three children to support so my Dad asked if I would like to buy his second store in I knew how to sew clothing and car upholstery and furniture were the next step. I never had any formal training just watching other people at my Dads shop. It gave me the flexibility to take care of my kids I had a play room for them- at the time they were 5, 8 and 10 So, I had late nights I could grab dinner and they could be in the room doing homework and I could get cars finished.

Or if they were sick I could still take them to work their was a twin bed and still do both jobs. It was not easy- but my Father gave me the opportunity to make a living — July marks my 23 years in business. I have since married and my husband and I run our shop now.. I have a love for cars that has kept our business growing. I am always learning- That is why Hog Ring is Fantastic! I love reading what other trimmers are doing. Thanks for sharing your story Sueann. Congratulations on 23 years in business!

I just read most of these comments on here how people got started…. I too got started by attending WyoTech.. I graduated in laramie in After knowing now, i wish i would have pursued upholstery right away after i graduated but instead looked at other jobs for yrs til I really knew i wanted to do upholstery. I have my own business which i started shortly after I graduated, but never worked it full time until a few yrs. I have more work than i can handle but its better to be busy than wondering where your next paychecks coming from.

It seems they have put together a great program. It started when i was 17 years, mum was fed up with me kicking around the house so sent me to work at a friends place or hooked me up , he learnt his trimming skills from AC cars back in the day. He was a fantastic trimmer and a outstanding hood maker but he had lost the sparkle and kinda given up…. I remember my first job was to trim 2 F1 carbon maclearn seat in Alcantara.. I guess my story is a little different to many on here, in so much as I am a 55 year old College Lecturer looking at starting a new career!

My Grandmother was famous as an upholsterer in her home town here in the UK. She would work on chairs, cars, bus seats, sofas anything anyone brought to her.

She was a great inspiration in my life and I was in awe of her skill. The main thing she did show me though, was that anything can be done if you take time and care. I have worked on Auto interiors, mainly on my own projects and for fun, over the last 35 years. Starting with my first car, a Austin Mini, that I trimmed in white fur fabric it was big in the day guys! It got a lot of attention as you can imagine, and for a pretty reserved and shy 18 year old the celebrity status boosted my confidence no-end.

I was even asked to do some for other people. To cut a long story short I am now thinking about taking early retirement and focussing on doing something that has always given me enormous pleasure and satisfaction. As with many people these days, every year brings more redundancies and I fully expect that my employer will be looking to offer voluntary redundancy in the next few months.

Thanks for joining The Hog Ring and sharing your story Nigel. You seem to have a lot of passion for the craft. Best of luck to you with your new venture. Hi, thought i would post up how i got in to upholstery. First a little bit about me , grew up in a custom car hot rod mad family , learning how to weld , fabricate and mechanic from a very early age.

Long and short of it was she couldnt sew at all. So in drunken state one night my male bravado came out and i had ago. Found out that night i could stitch. It then just snowballed from there. I use a toyota compound walking foot machine.

Similar to a singer w. Oh and my daytime trade , im a refrigeration engineer. I run my trimshop evenings and weekends.

So may story is still in the making. I was using my g. Sadly this class was only 5 hours a day and 4 days a week. Upon graduating after 3 months certified I was giving a friend a ride to a garage that did an exhaust system in his truck. I saw pictures off trim work all over the shop and asked if they did trim work.

They stated no but they wanted to open that section in the shop along with a body shop for custom hot rods. I stressed I was newly graduated and was looking only to apprentice to become more skilled.

They stated over and over that I was what they were looking for and the customers were excited because I was young.

Well after a few months of working there by myself and dealing with medical issues of almost daily appointments my boss was upset I was not on the same level as his friend who has been doing this for 40 years with a staff.

So after weeks of disagreements we parted ways. I enjoy doing trim and am doing side jobs and reading books to better my skills. One day I wish to start a custom audio and trim shop. Until then I am doing everything one seat at a time. Chris, I think you had the right idea when you said you wanted to start an apprenticeship. To me, school was a place to do your daily pennance for being a child, in the government squirrel cage.

How did I ever end up doing this? But, I still wanted to work on vehicles. My Dad owned several cabs. But the real learning began after that. Worked with some amazing craftsmen in the first 7 years, who unselfishly passed on their knowledge.

I can still hear them behind me, walking me through a procedure that they were teaching me, 30 years later! One of the most prestigious trophies in the hot rod world! Now, I work for a small select clientel of auto enthusiats, with multi-car collections. Homeworks cycles through different pieces, but if you have something different in mind,. Homeworks Custom Upholstery Etc is in the Upholstery Work homework solutions payroll calculator business.

Custom Furniture homeworks custom upholstery and Re-upholstery. Directions Curriculum and instruction dissertation More homeworks custom upholstery do my math homework online Info. As the only custom home design center in the region, the HomeWorks Co. Smithe in Chicago, Custom Upholstery. Skandia Window Essay science in the services of humanity Fashions offers an unbeatable combination of style and value in a broad selection of window coverings, including aluminum blinds, wood blinds, ….

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2 reviews of Homeworks Custom Furniture Upholstery "If there were a higher star rating I would give it. I sent a photo of my bench asking for an estimate and got a reply within a couple of hours. Set up an appointment to drop it off a few days 5/5(2).

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They reupholstered a sofa,2 chairs and 6 slip seats of my dining room chairs. Bruce & Carol are terrific. The furniture looks great!! They are easy to communicate and work paydayloanslexington.gqon: PLUM ST, Fort Worth, , TX. Homeworks Custom Upholstery, located in Watauga, is an upholstering business that was founded in the '90s. They provide services such as upholstery cleaning.

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At Homeworks Custom Upholstery Compare Multiple Top-Rated Local Pros. Enter Your Zip & Find Pros Fast!Jun 12, 1 review of Homeworks Custom Furniture Upholstery Very pleased with the work they did for me! It was a small job, but they were quick and essay spm Homeworks Custom Upholstery assignment papers for sale doctoral. HOMEWORKS CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY is in the Reupholstery and Furniture Repair industry in Watauga, TX. This company currently has approximately 1 .