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Change the grade category. You can change the assignment's grade category to be part of one of the custom gradebook categories you set up in your course. You can create new categories to customize how coursework is grouped in your course.

Custom categories can be useful when you set up the overall grade. Determine the number of attempts. You can let your students submit more than one attempt at an assignment.

When you allow multiple attempts , you can also choose how the final grade is calculated. Select the grading schema. From the Grade using menu, select an existing grading schema such as Points. You can change the grading schema at any time and the change will show to students and in your gradebook. When you create an assignment without questions, you can enable anonymous grading so student names are hidden while you grade. You may only add text and files to anonymously graded assignments.

More on anonymous grading. Add a time limit. A time limit can keep students on track and focused on the assignment because each person has a limited amount of time to submit. The assignment attempts are saved and submitted automatically when time is up. You can also allow students to work past the time limit. At this time, you can't add a time limit to group assignments.

Add a grading rubric. Rubrics can help you evaluate student submissions based on key criteria that you define. You can create a new rubric or associate an existing rubric. A rubric is a scoring tool that you can use to evaluate graded work. At this time, you can only add a rubric to as assignment without questions. Add goals and standards. You can align an assignment to one or multiple goals. You and your institution can use goals to measure student achievement across programs and curriculums.

You can also align individual questions to goals. Make a group assignment. You can create an assignment for one or more groups of students. By default, you assign a grade to each group as a whole, but you can change a group member's individual grade. You can use SafeAssign to check for potential plagiarism in student submissions.

You can enable the SafeAssign Originality Report any time, even after students have started their submissions, but submissions are only checked when SafeAssign is enabled. Add an optional description. The description appears with the assignment title on the Course Content page. Select the plus sign to open the menu wherever you want to add questions , text, or a file.

You can add as many text blocks and files as you want. Select Add text to open the editor. You can include instructions for a section of the assignment or introductory text for an audio file or image.

You can also paste text from a Word doc. You can also use the editor to embed images and attach files along with your text. If you create an assignment that includes only text blocks, you can manually change the Maximum score in the Assignment Settings. Select Add local file to browse for a file on your computer.

Your institution controls the maximum file size you can upload. You can't add a folder of files. Add file from Cloud Storage: You can instantly connect to multiple web apps where you store files, such as OneDrive. The files you add are copies. If you make a change to a file in cloud storage, you need to upload a new copy in your course. If your browser allows, media files you add from cloud storage display inline. More on cloud storage. If your browser allows, media files you add to assignments display inline by default.

If your browser can't display a media file inline, it appears as an attachment. Images that display inline are embedded in a pixel block at the biggest breakpoints. The closer to that size the images are, the less padding appears around them.

Access a media file's menu and select Edit. In the Edit File Settings window, you can choose how your video, audio, or image file appears in the assignment: For example, you can display extremely large files as attachments that students can download. You can edit the file names for files displayed as attachments. You can also add alternative text to describe images you add. Alternative text describes the image for people who use screen readers or visit web pages with images turned off.

For video and audio files that appear inline, students have controls for play, pause, volume control, and download.

For video files, students can view the video in full screen. For media files that appear as attachments, students select the menu and select Preview File or Download File. Instructors have the additional functions of move, edit, and delete. You can edit settings for the files you've added to questions. Select the file in the editor and then select the Edit Attachment icon in the row of editor functions. You can add a Display name and Alternative text. You can also choose whether to insert the file as a link in the editor or to embed the file directly so it appears inline with other content you've added.

You can add a time limit to an assignment in the Ultra Course View. Additional time allows students to reconnect if they lose connectivity during their attempts. You can allow extra time to see if the original time you set is enough for students to complete the assignment.

When you grade assignments, you can see how much extra time each student used to complete the assignment. If you included questions, you can also see which questions were answered after the initial time limit. Students also see this same information when they access their graded assignments.

First, type a time limit. You must add time limits as whole numbers between 1 and Next, select one of two options:. They receive a pop-up message about the extra time allowed.

They can choose to use the extra time or submit the assignment. They're informed they may receive partial credit for work submitted after the time limit. Select the X to return the Assignment Settings panel. You can view the time limit setting you made. Select the time limit to make changes. However, you can't edit the time limit after students have made submissions. Point to the time limit to access the Remove icon to remove it. We applied the fix this afternoon and students should be able to use Safari If you experience difficulties concerning Blackboard assignment submissions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk cpcc.

Additional weekly maintenance may be performed throughout the semester during the following maintenance window: Blackboard classes will be available to students on the start date of their class.

Students can check their schedule to find the start date. If you are enrolled but the courses are still unavailable please contact your instructor. From eLearning and Information Technology Services: We not only have experts to work in your specific fields of need, but we also have experts on every grade level you need — even PhD level experts.

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