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Essay on Wildlife: Top 6 Essays | Natural Resources | Geography

Importance of Wildlife Conservation

❶Temperature has apparent control on the number of vertebrae in certain species of fishes.

Ways to protect biodiversity

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The Borneo bay cat is being eradicated from the planet as it is only found in Bornean forests. The promotion of the concept of sustainably resourced timber is abused because it takes thousands of years to grow the sort of forests that are being cut down.

Despite fantastic work by conservationists, wildlife conservation is gradually losing the battle to save many species of plant and animal from extinction in the wild. This is because business, the main reason for population declines in wildlife, has greater financial resources than conservationists. Business is also more motivated and is constantly growing due to human population growth. For conservation to become more successful it requires a greater involvement by the average person who is usually distanced from the issues and wildlife itself.

Governments are torn between the need to promote economic expansion and the quality of life of the people it represents. The universal model of economic growth has been the preferred way forward for generations of governments at the expense of nature.

People are on their own when it comes to wildlife conservation. At present, concerned people are unable to put a balance back into our relationship with wildlife, and nature in general. Let us think about that for a while. Where there were once millions there are now almost none.

Wildlife exploitation is horrendous on planet earth and it is very big business. Those who exploit wildlife are more powerful than those who wish to protect it which is why we are nowhere near successfully conserving wildlife on earth. The information given was useful. I could use different languages too but decided the better way was for visitors to use Google translate. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wildlife and nature have largely being associated which humans for numerous emotional and social reasons. Wildlife plays an essential role in the ecological and biological processes that are yet again significant to life.

The normal functioning of the biosphere depends on endless interaction among animals, plants and micro organisms. Wildlife has occupied a special place of veneration and preservation in various cultures of the world. Micro organisms spelling is wrong in the above paragraph. It is spelled macro organisms. Well the paragraph is good. Most Popular Posts [All Time]. Short Essay on 'Dr. Maximum number of parks exist in size about sq. This is the first National Park of this subcontinent whose first name was Hailey National Park in the name of the then U.

Further, to honour Jim Corbett famous hunter and naturalist its name was changed as Corbett National Park in In , National Park was declared as Tiger Reserve to give special protection to the tigers of this part. Many migratory birds also visit the Ram Ganga River during winter. Crocodile Mugger and Gharial, Common monitor lizard, some lesser lizards and soft shelled tortoises. Tiger is our national animal and found in diverse habitats and in different parts of the country.

Tiger is a top carnivore of the complex food chain in our forest ecosystems. From several years, over-exploitation of the forest areas, merciless hunting, unscientific management, etc. Thus, tiger conservation in India is very necessary to save this endangered species. IBWL set up a task force for studying the tiger population and its status.

On recommendations of this task force, Project Tiger was initiated in with eleven Tiger Reserves located in ten different states. It is located in the western part of Chotanagpur plateau in Jharkhand state. Tiger reserve was declared on 4th June and in it was declared as National Park.

Tiger reserve comprises most of the forests of Daltonganj South Forest Division. In , tiger population was 32 one tiger per 9. Main river in this area is Koel which has its three tributaries, Auranga, Burha and Pandra. Its name Kanha was given from the old Kanha village. Forest is rich in sal trees, bamboos, etc.

It is located in West Bengal. The mangrove forests occurring at the mouth of Ganga and Brahmaputra river system river divides itself into hundreds of streams which join Bay of Bengal is known as Sunderbans. They possess breathing-root, pneumatophores , stilt-roots for support, salt excretory glands, vivipary, etc. The mangrove fauna is supreme. Tiger, birds Storks, Herons, Domestic ducks, etc.

Spotted deer, Pigs, Monitor lizards and Monkeys also inhabit the forest. It is situated in Saurashtra peninsula of Junagarh district of Gujarat. It was declared as sanctuary in and the project was started in Its habitat mainly includes dry teak forests and open scrub jungle. Lion stands as top carnivore in the food chain of the ecosystem.

Even in this forest, due to merciless hunting, conversion of forest into agricultural land, uncontrolled cattle grazing and spreading infectious diseases, etc. It is located in Mysore district 80 km from Mysore city of Karnataka. Rivers of this area are Kabim, Nagu and Moyar.

The reserve includes southern tropical moist deciduous and dry deciduous forests. Here teak trees are abundant and other trees are rosewood, sandalwood, laurel, yellow teak, kydia and bamboos. It is situated in Karnataka, just 22 km from Bangalore. It was created in to protect local fauna and flora. Area is covered by dry thorny scrub and dry deciduous scrub jungle. Lions and Tigers are found roaming free in an enclosed area of 15 ha. Visitors can move inside the Safari in a closed minibus of the park.

Safari also have Gaur, Cheetal, Sambhar, Barking deer, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, rare varieties of tortoises and lizards. It is located in Sibsagar district of Assam.

It is about km from Guwahati. Painted storks, Adjutant stork, Sarus, Cranes, Darter, Brahminy duck and Bar-headed goose are also kept here in the small island surrounded by water and some shore land. It is situated at the south-eastern corner of Loghtak Lake in Manipur State. It was named earlier as Sanctuary in but in it was declared as a National Park.

It is situated in Jammu and Kashmir State. It was declared as National Park in Its main animal is Hangul Kashmir Stag Cervus eiaphus hunglu , which is a large deer roaming singly or in herds of 2 to It is also found in north of Chamba Himachal Pradesh.

Habitat of Dachigam includes scrubs and savannah forests. The first national park in the world, the Yellowstone National Park, was founded in in U. Since then, about 2, parks have been established all over the world. These offer protection to thousands of endangered species in their natural habitats.

Some parks have been created for specific and very rare endangered species to be saved from extinction. To conserve, for present and future human use, the diversity and integrity of biotic communities of plants and animals within natural ecosystems, and to safeguard the genetic diversity of species on which their continuing evolution depends.

To provide areas for ecological and environmental research including, particularly baseline studies both within and adjacent to these reserves, such research to be consistent with objective 1 above.

The concept of Biosphere Reserves is of immense value to conserve the gene-pool resources of flora and fauna in the country and to serve as bench-marks for future studies.

This requires a detailed survey and classification of natural ecosystems for proper identification of their biological diversity and pristine ancient attributes consider as belonging.

The areas identified should be large enough to be viable. In view of the virtual disappearance of many genuinely natural ecosystems in the country, those that remain in such natural or near natural condition need to be identified with utmost urgency.

The recent Silent Valley controversy highlights the urgency of the problem. In a biosphere reserve, multiple land use is permitted by designating various zones. There is the Core Zone where no human activity is permitted , the Buffer Zone where limited human activity is allowed and the Manipulation Zone where a large number of human activities would go on. In a biosphere reserve, wild population as well as traditional lifestyles of tribals and varied domesticated plant and animal genetic resources is protected.

There are some biosphere reserves in 65 countries of the world. In India 14 potential sites were identified in by Core Advisory Group but only 13 biosphere reserves have been set up by now. India has identified 14 areas to be declared as Biosphere Reserves. Of these the first biosphere reserve, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve having an area of sq.

The second biosphere reserve was established in , Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. In this very year third biosphere reserve, Nokrek Biosphere Reserves was set up. Till following biosphere reserves were established as shown in Table Several zoological gardens and museums were also established to conserve the species in their wild state, to provide scientific, educational and recreational opportunities and to earn revenue. The zoological gardens are somewhat different from sanctuaries and wildlife national parks as the animals are kept in cages in zoological gardens for show.

The animals, thus, do not get natural habitat in zoological gardens. Natural History Museum, Mumbai, has excellent collection of animals, particularly fishes and birds. Tarapore Varsova Aquarium, Mumbai, attached to sea and has beautiful collection of marine fishes and crustaceans.

The Directorate has also sponsored fellowship grants for conducting research on wildlife topics in the universities. Research in field oriented management techniques is also being conducted at the Directorate. Proposals for strengthening the research base and organising short-term orientation course for decision makers, administrators and professional groups are being considered for the Sixth Plan.

This institute is engaged in management and extension of wildlife. It runs several courses at post-graduate level along with diploma and other short-term courses in specialised fields. As a result of training by this institute a number of trained persons are now engaged in conservation and extension of wildlife in India. Wild animals are the integral part of the ecosystem performing a vital role in maintaining food chain and food web.

Thus, their existence and survival on the earth planet is so important and essential for the natural balance and also for the existence of human life. India is an under developing country facing many problems like tremendous growth in human population, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and unawareness towards wildlife and nature.

As a result, there is lot of pressure on forest and wild animals.

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Apr 19,  · Short Essay on 'Wildlife' ( Words) Friday, April 19, 'Wildlife' is a term that refers to animals that are not normally domesticated. They are a living resource that will die and be replaced by others of their kind. Wildlife plays an important role in balancing the environment and provides stability to different natural Author: All Essay.

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Article shared by. Essay on Wildlife Conservation! Like forests, wildlife is also a national resource, which not only helps in maintaining the ecological balance but is also beneficial from economic, recreational and aesthetic points of view.

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Essay Opponents to Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. dependence upon petroleum-based energy sources has required the United States to consider a variety of options to fulfill [the] ever-increasing energy needs, even drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge [ANWR] (Smith). - Wicked Wildlife Wildlife is a very important role to Illinois; there are many different categories of wildlife. One of the categories is plant life found throughout Illinois. Some of the plants are dandelions, sunflowers, poison ivy, and goldenrod.