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Essay on Domestic Animals in Hindi पालतू पशु पर निबंध

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❶Children play with them. Every day, family pets are forced to suffer abuse that would be otherwise aimed at human family members, they are tied outside without food and water, or they are simply ignored to death.

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Various things are made also from the milk of buffaloes. The goat is kept for meat. The she-goat gives us milk. This milk is generally used by children and sick people. The sheep is kept for its hair and flesh. The hair is made into wool. This wool is used in making warm clothes The horse is kept for riding.

Some horses draw carts and carriages, plough the field and carry loads. Some horses are trained to run races. A race horse sometimes brings a large fortune to its master. Some horses are used in battle. It is a very intelligent animal. It has a beautiful appearance. For its intelligence and fine appearance it is called a noble animal.

The camel is kept by the people of the desert. It is very useful to those people. They get its milk and flesh. It is the only means of transport in the desert. Hence it is called the ship of the desert. The donkey is a beast of burden. It is used in carrying loads. The elephant is used in many ways. It is used for riding and for drawing and carrying heavy loads.

It is used in hunting also. It is also a very intelligent animal. None of these animals take fish or meat. They live on grass, hay leaves, grams, oilcakes, rice-gruel, etc.

Among the domestic animals we have also the dog and the cat. The cat is generally kept as a domestic pet. The cat does one service to men. It kills rats and mice. But it is a thief. The essay Our essays were a huge part of the exhibition and a long process. With fourteen paragraphs, this is easily the longest essay we have ever written. Here is mine as an example. In fact, pets have been changing our culture and civilization for tens of thousands of years.

This informational essay will reveal the history, influence, and chronological variation of domestication. The History of Domestication The history of domestication is interesting and still changing all the time. People want more exotic pets, new companions. Even how we use pets has changed from when we first started domesticating animals. These developments have impacted and changed societies and the way humans think.

As for how domestication started, humans first domesticated sheep and then goats in the Middle East. Because of living with these animals, humans became lactose-tolerant.

This may seem like a minor improvement, but this mutation actually gave us another food source,and enough fat reserves to allow us to transform from scattered nomadic tribes to mighty civilizations. Later, about 12, years ago, people were domesticating dogs. This benefitted both species because the dogs got more food and kills, while the humans got a cool new weapon. So, how is domestication changing? We are trying, and sometimes succeeding, to domesticate new pets for new people.

Animals used to be used as beasts of burden or for meat,depending on the type. Dogs primarily provided security, and cats provided pest control. Dogs are sometimes still used for security, and livestock are still food, but for the most part,the pets we have are companions and nothing else.

The Impact of Humans on Domestic Animals Humans affect everything, but especially the things that are close to them, like their pets. We change animals either intentionally or unintentionally through domestication. In domestication, the animals get smaller and less intelligent. A study going on since has been trying to recreate the change from wolf to dog, looking at foxes. As the generations passed, they noticed more monomorphism the boys looking like the girls , more spotted coats, and the animals were frozen in biological and morphological immaturity.

Also, all animals that are domesticated are more interested in human contact. Exotic animals are all the rage in , but why do people want them? What is the appeal of having an unusual animal in your home? Owning an exotic pet takes a fascination with the animal.

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Some animals live in the houses of men. These are called domestic animals. Men keep them for milk, food, hunting, riding, tilling the land and for many other useful services to them. The cow, the dog, the buffalo, the horse, the sheep, the goat, the camel, the donkey, the elephant, etc. are domestic animals.

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Aug 07,  · The 'Domestic Animals' are the animals that have been tamed and kept by humans as a work animal, food source or pet. There are different kinds of domestic animals. Cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, dog, cat, elephant, horse, camel, cock, hen, parrot, pigeon are some example of domestic All Essay.

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Animals used to be used as beasts of burden or for meat,depending on the type. Dogs primarily provided security, and cats provided pest control. Dogs are sometimes still used for security, and livestock are still food, but for the most part,the pets we have are companions and nothing else. Domestic animals or livestock is the backbone of Indian agriculture. Cattle, sheep, pigs, camels and horses constitute the livestock wealth of our country. Bullocks, camels and horses provide the power for cultivation and transportation. Buffaloes and cows provide milk. Sheep and goat provide wool, leather and meat. Pigs are a source of animal .

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Mule is a offspring of a male donkey and a mare. It is an excellent pack-animal. It carries loads along the mountain tracks. Cock: Cock is a common kind of domestic bird. It wears a red crest on its head. This crest is known as the cock’s comb. The cock is an early riser. Many people rise at the time of cock-crow. Essay on domestic animals - Allow the specialists to do your homework for you. Cooperate with our writers to get the quality coursework following the requirements If you need to find out how to make a perfect essay, you have to study this.