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❶The courses offered include standard courses, electives, and AP courses. Using VR technology, students engage efficiently and tangibly with the learning process.

The Best Online High School Diploma Programs

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Having a high school diploma has significant advantages over passing the GED, or the General Education Development test, which is supposed to certify academic skills at the high school level, but sets the bar much lower than a good high school education. Many reasons exist why people are discouraged or prevented from completing high school in the traditional way.

Furthermore, those with diplomas make considerably more than those with GEDs. The variety and availability of online high school diploma programs can be both annoying and frustrating. Diplomas from quality online high schools are academically equivalent to those earned in the traditional high school setting, and should be recognized as such by potential employers and colleges and universities. However, searching for an online high school diploma program without knowing certain facts and pitfalls can waste time, money, and energy.

In determining the quality of a potential online high school program, accreditation and state approval are of prime importance. Department of Education are your safest bet in terms of legitimacy. These are usually regional or national accrediting agencies. Regional accreditation is the most accepted in terms of transferring coursework or pursuing a college degree. Legitimate online high school programs must also be state-approved. This means they must be approved in the state from which the diploma will be issued, regardless of the state in which the student resides.

In determining the value of an online high school program, you will want to consider the following: To compile this list of the best online high schools, we kept the following factors in mind:.

With each school on this list, that is not the case. Every school listed in this article has received accreditation; many of them have been accredited through AdvancED or one of its counterparts. AdvancED is a nonprofit accrediting organization that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews with the goal of ensuring that educational institutions support all learners in realizing their full potential.

Through creative, challenging, and appropriate coursework, the best online high schools will prepare students to successfully transition into college studies or the workforce. Preparing students for success after high school includes offering college credit or dual enrollment programs, as well as career preparation, such as career certificates or training courses.

Dual enrollment classes give students the chance to earn both high school and college credit for the same course, saving money on future college classes. Every school has a different tuition schedule; where one school may offer a generous payment plan, another might offer discounts.

When information was published and available, we have included any available payment plans and special discounts, financial aid, or scholarship opportunities. Please note that all published fees are valid as of June Stanford University Online High School Copy link to this entry… Under the umbrella of one of the most competitive universities in the nation, Stanford OHS is a private independent school that offers a rigorous college prep program.

Stanford OHS serves academically gifted students in grades 7— Students are up against tough competition for admission to the program. In addition to academic studies, the school sponsors events, meetups, online clubs, weekly virtual homeroom, science colloquium, and assemblies.

For that diploma, the school requires 24 credits. K12 is renowned for its rigorous, research-driven design, compelling interactivity, ease-of-use, and integrated blend of online content with hands-on materials and outstanding books. Courses contain asynchronous readings, activities, assessments, and videos, as well as live sessions conducted by the teacher at preset times. Upperclassmen can declare an area of concentration: In addition, all students participate in the unique, four-year-long Journeys Symposium.

The school enjoys the distinction of being the only program in the country supported by a consistently ranked College of Education at a research-intensive flagship university. Students may choose from one of two diploma program options: The purpose of the school is to provide parents with the information, resources, and support necessary to educate their children according to the classical tradition. Mother of Divine Grace School offers a Catholic, classical approach to schooling.

Dual enrollment credits are an option for students; they need to enroll via their local community college. To earn a diploma, MODG requires completion of MODG also promotes the fine arts with courses in music, visual arts, and performing arts. MODG offers families three program types based on the level of independent learning desired: At present, the school serves more than full-time students and has partnerships with over school districts around the globe.

Qualified UTHS students have the benefit of selecting a dual-credit program through University Extension the University of Texas at Austin online college program , which offers courses and exams in more than 60 subject areas. Since the state of Texas requires students to earn 26 credits to earn a highschool diploma, students typically enroll in 6—7 courses per semester to complete the required 26 credits in four years and graduate on time.

The school takes a progressive, compassionate, and child-centered approach to education. Students must complete 22 credits for the diploma and Oak Meadow School provides plenty of pathways to earn those credits, some of which are unique to this school. The Life Experience Elective Credit program permits enrolled students to earn up to one full elective credit per year for extracurricular involvement. Students may earn up to four credits towards their diploma through this program.

Oak Meadow School also offers credit recovery. In keeping with the spirit of independent learning, enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed, credit-earning Advanced Study Project over the course of a semester. Students may enroll and begin courses at any time, and all course material is delivered online, optimizing flexibility for students and their families.

The self-paced coursework accommodates a diverse learning environment, as do the six different curriculum options: The school also offers five different diploma plans: The school also offers AP and Honors courses. In addition, IVLA elective courses are designed to let students experience a wide range of life learning experiences to earn elective credit.

A maximum of two credits will be awarded for outside activities or life experiences. IVLA welcomes adult learners; in fact, the school offers an entire Adult High School online program specifically for non-traditional students.

Copy link to this entry… Founded in , Laurel Springs School is an online private school that focuses on a college preparatory experience with a vast range of academic offerings. Since , Laurel Springs School has offered courses approved by the University of California for transfer credit. Laurel Springs School delivers instruction through a series of asynchronous courses. This Upper School at Laurel Springs School, grades 9—12, has a unique range of core and elective curriculum.

Students are encouraged to shape their education outside of core courses, with over 25 electives available. Additionally, the online high school at Laurel Springs School has a Gifted and Talented Academy to accommodate students with exceptional learning needs. Students in this program participate in a more elaborate, in-depth study of major topics, and engage in problem-solving that integrates knowledge across systems of thought.

There is a strong focus on college preparation, and students meet monthly with a personal coach to guide them along the college selection, readiness, and application process. CMASAS upholds a personalized education philosophy, using curriculum and teaching methods based on current brain and educational research.

The academy also offers several high school diploma options based on student goals: Many extracurricular activities are available, such as language clubs, a student newspaper, and a technology club. Other programs offered include honors and AP coursework, adult high school completion, service promotion, and a global adventure program. For the diploma, students must earn 24 credits. As a year-round school with asynchronous instruction, live interaction and assistance is available from instructors and educational facilitators.

Instructors have times each week for discussion in the online classroom; they are also available by appointment. The school has an active and thriving National Honor Society as well as a credit recovery program and counseling services.

Copy link to this entry… Founded in and headquartered in Columbia, MD, International Connections Academy is an online school that serves students around the world. The program allows students to complete a high school diploma and an associate degree at the same time.

During these real-time sessions students can ask guest speakers questions about their career choices and experiences. Copy link to this entry… WiloStar 3D Academy provides a creative and unique online learning platform not found elsewhere: The program is a nationally recognized 3D curricula based and designed upon the constructivist learning model. Using VR technology, students engage efficiently and tangibly with the learning process. Students also have the option to learn 3D computer programming, work with graphics program, and address key 21st century learning goals.

WiloStar 3D Academy also provides full-time, all-inclusive, adapted programs and curriculum for students with special needs, with modifications made for software, learning tools, and assessments, all of which promotes creativity, engagement, and motivation. In fact, as long as students master the course work, they will be awarded credit for the course. Students may choose between two tracks for the diploma: Adult students are welcome to pursue diploma completion as well.

All courses are self-paced. Whitmore School graduates have attended some of the best colleges and universities in the United States and throughout the world.

The school holds an in-person, live graduation ceremony every year at its headquarters in Morgantown, WV. Regional graduation ceremonies are also held throughout the year. Copy link to this entry… The University of Nebraska offered its first secondary-level distance courses to 14 students in western Nebraska who needed credits in order to graduate back in Interested students may also choose to enroll in fine arts, vocational, technical, health, career, or foreign language courses as well.

Students with a cumulative high school GPA of 3. Copy link to this entry… Offering distance education courses since , Indiana University is certainly not a newbie when it comes to distance education. For nearly twenty years now, the university has also offered an online high school diploma program.

Students may submit applications for enrollment at any time of year. To earn an Indiana University High School diploma, you have to successfully complete at least 40 credits in various subject areas. Students can choose from one of three diploma tracks: Students may also obtain dual enrollment credit through IU-Bloomington. Support services are available. Students can call from nine a. EDT, Monday through Friday, and talk to a live person. They can speak to their teachers and academic advisors during arranged phone conferences.

The school offers three tracks for successful completion of high school curriculum: Courses can taken anytime, anywhere, and the school provides free tutoring for core classes.

While the adult program awards a diploma, the Standard and Advanced programs do not. Successful completion of coursework qualifies students to receive an official high school transcript and a letter of completion upon meeting program requirements. All classes are presented in an entirely online format. Courses are taught from a Christian worldview with the Bible as the guiding lens for instruction.

Connections Education is accredited by AdvancED. Many schools supported by Connections Education are accredited by one of the six regional accrediting organizations. School accreditation validates the value of our educational program and ensures the schools provide quality education on par with that of other schools across the country. Learn More About Our Accreditations. Our public school program is free, including all books and curriculum.

Check your area for specific details. Connections Academy offers core online high school courses covering subjects in math, science, language arts, and social studies.

We also offer a wide-range of electives, so students can explore areas like foreign languages, digital technology, journalism, art, and the like. After enrolling in a Connections Academy school , a counselor will work with you to set and meet your goals for high school, college, or a career. Before the average student receives their high school diploma, they must engage in six courses per semester. Excel High School is an exceptional alternative to a traditional high school.

With transfer credits, many adults can graduate in just a few short months! Students seeking an Honors Track High School Diploma will enjoy being challenged while being fully prepared for success in a 4-year university environment. Honors courses at Excel High School prepares learners to attend some of the best universities in the nation. Click here to learn more about our accreditation. Excel High School is a nationally recognized, accredited, award winning, online middle school and online high school serving grades and adult high school diploma students.

We use the best online educational technologies to serve students throughout the United States and the world with a world-class high school education. In less time than you think, you will be on your way to becoming a high school graduate. Excel High School is an award-winning, accredited online high school that offers students' the opportunity to take online high school courses anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.

All programs are flexible and completed entirely online, through our user-friendly learning management system.

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Earn your online high school diploma at Penn Foster High School. Our online high school courses are self-paced, accredited and affordable.

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Earn a high school diploma online from the accredited James Madison High School. We offer affordable tuition & flexible scheduling for your online paydayloanslexington.gqon: The Corners Parkway, Suite , Norcross, , Georgia.

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Online high school diploma programs at National High School. NCAA approved & offers credit recovery courses. Get high school diploma online at home! Earn your high school diploma online with one of James Madison High School’s diploma tracks or take individual courses to upgrade your marks and take another step towards a successful paydayloanslexington.gqon: The Corners Parkway, Suite , Norcross, , Georgia.

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Because Connections Academy’s online public schools fulfill state requirements, our students graduate with a high school diploma! Online diploma programs are higher education programs that typically take one or two years to complete. They are convenient for those who want advanced education and specialized skills without the time and expense of traditional on-site degree programs.