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❶The demand for multiple molds is declining, contrary to the earlier days. Vendor managed inventory programs VMI services available.

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Various capabilities include engineering, product development, milling, turning, drilling and welding. Components, aerospace, building, electrical, medical, decorative, furniture, hardware, window components and other industries served.

Products are AS compliant. Custom manufacturer offering precision machined industrial plastic injection molds. Available in prototypes to high-volume production runs. Other products offered are hydraulic fracking balls, single point diamond tools, fiber optic scribing tools, and super abrasive tools. Serves various industries such as oil and gas, power generation, medical, automotive, and aerospace. Custom manufacturer of plastic molds.

Various plastic materials are available. Capabilities include designing, mold engineering, rapid prototyping, injection molding, scientific molding, in-mold decorating, hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, in-mold labeling, testing, tooling, assembly and packaging. Contract manufacturing services are available. Designs and builds high precision, durable molds and tooling. Tool building capabilities alllows for high volume, high productivity.

Secondary services include assembly, painting, finishing, program management, and material testing. Industries served include aerospace, defense, medical, and more. Industries serviced include medical, dental, life safety, lighting, military, automotive, aerospace, and consumer products.

Custom manufacturer of prototype plastic molds. Various types include hot runner, parting line injection, horizontal and vertical prototype, encapsulation insert and over molds. Capabilities include tooling, engineering, assembly, inspection, designing, molding, ultrasonic welding, EDM, milling, lathe work, grinding, honing, boring, repair and pressing. Various applications include automotive, medical, electronic and commercial.

ISO and AS compliant. Manufacturer of extruded profiles and molded rubber products made to customer's specifications. High speed gasket cutting and lathe cutting services. Capabilities include designing, engineering, CAD modeling, fabrication, inspection, machining, prototype and production tooling and tool history documentation.

Aerospace, agricultural, automotive, bulk storage, construction, marine, industrial, enclosures, floor scrubbing machines, sporting goods, food and chemical containers applications served.

AS and ISO compliant. Custom manufacturer and distributor of plastic molds. ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, styrene, polyurethane, hybrid polyurethane and flexible and rigid polyurethane foam materials worked. Assembly, engraving, etching and reverse engineering additional services provided. Food, sewage and water treatment, agricultural, automotive, transportation, energy, marine, medical, military, government and pharmaceutical industries served.

Custom manufacturer of industrial molds. Materials handled include plastics, aluminum, steel and other materials.

Capabilities include injection molding, tooling, and assembly services. EDM, CNC machining, ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, pad printing, heat bending, heat staking, lathe work, grinding, milling, and radial drilling services are available.

ABS, steel, aluminum, nylon and stainless steel material used. Single- and multi-cavity molds can be designed and fabricated. Capabilities include extrusion, thermoforming, mold design, tool making and assembly. Prototyping, product development, precision mold repair, and short run production options are available. Secondary services include stamping, welding, bar coding, warehousing and labeling. OEM, toys, automotive and consumer products industries served.

Vendor managed inventory programs VMI services available. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Apply Qualifications Search Within Mile 10 miles 25 miles 50 miles miles miles miles 1, miles. QS Not Specified. ISO Not Specified. Minority Owned Not Specified. Veteran Owned Small Business.

Woman Owned Not Specified. Product Detail Product Catalogs. The order sizes for plastic parts were increasing. The reason for this being an issue for Custom Molds is that traditionally they have concentrated on the custom molds.

But since they are getting a lot more work to produce plastic parts, they probably need to change the job shop layout to something more suitable for mass production. Delivery problems with plastic parts. The customers have been complaining about the late delivery of parts. Bottlenecks are springing during un-predictable production processes. If this goes on for too long, Custom Molds will lose credibility in front of their customers and some customers may decide to part ways. And the fact that they have still not been able to pin-point the cause is even more devastating.

In-efficient testing and inspection process resulting in orders being returned after delivery. The testing and inspection process has to be carried out as rigorously as possible.

Two orders were recently returned to them because of the number of defective parts in the batches. The transportation, packing, shipping etc. Mold fabrication flow diagram Figure 1 Flow diagram for manufacturing of plastic parts Figure 2 Companies compete in the marketplace by virtue of one or more of the following competitive priorities Hayes and Wheelwright, Flexibility Customization of the mould Competitive Priorities of the parts manufacturing process Quality Should be consistent Lead-time On-time delivery Cost Low cost Flexibility Variable volumes without affecting the cost As shown by the table provided in the case study, the industry now needs delivery of high quality parts with increased speed and low cost.

Short term alternatives Hire consultants: Custom Molds needs to figure out the reason behind un-predictable bottlenecks popping up all over the production process and needs to do it quickly else they might lose some of their clients. Consultants have the advantage of looking at the bigger picture from outside and may be able to help Custom Molds figure out the reason behind the bottlenecks.

Cost of hire, consultants must be specialist in this field. Custom Molds also needs to change the plant layout from job shop to probably assembly line. This is due to the fact that they are getting more business in the plastic parts manufacture than the custom moulds and plastic parts are produced in large volumes.

Down time of the plant while changing the layout, cost of layout change, proper utilization of available space. Medium term alternatives Invest in a proper supply chain system: The Company needs a proper supply chain system which is agile, adaptable and aligned Lee, to the interests of all firms involved. This will help them in managing expectations of the clients by knowing when they will be able to deliver the product.

IT can also help Custom Molds to determine realistic delivery times. Cost of the IT system, time frame of installation, inputs from the potential users of the IT system. Long term alternatives Prepare for a complete phase-out of custom moulds: The company may start losing money producing custom moulds if their quantity reduces too much. The company would be better off in investing the same resources in producing plastic parts instead.

A proper market analysis of custom moulds, analysis of the return on investment and the minimum number of moulds to remain profitable, other avenues of diversification. Invest in Research and Development:

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