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❶For the same reason the macroeconomy must be free for offshoring to succeed.

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Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget
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The Open-CV is used for computer vision to estimate the position of the object considering the environmental lighting effect. This is also an off-board control as the visual tracking and control process are performed in the laptop with the help of Wi-Fi link. The information obtained from vision algorithm is used to control roll angle and pitch angle of the drone in the case using bottom camera, and to control yaw angle and altitude of the drone when the front camera is used as vision sensor.

The experimental results from real tests are presented. The image processing techniques are very useful for many applications such as biology, security, satellite imagery, personal photo, medicine, etc. The procedures of image processing such as image enhancement, image segmentation and feature extraction are used for fracture detection system.

This paper uses Canny edge detection method for segmentation. Canny method produces perfect information from the bone image. The main aim of this research is to detect human lower leg bone fracture from X-Ray images. The proposed system has three steps, namely, preprocessing, segmentation, and fracture detection.

In feature extraction step, this paper uses Hough transform technique for line detection in the image. Feature extraction is the main task of the system. The results from various experiments show that the proposed system is very accurate and efficient.

The most unwanted thing to happen to a road user is road accident. Most of the fatal accidents occur due to over speeding. Faster vehicles are more prone to accident than the slower one.

Among the various methods for detecting speed of the vehicle, object detection systems based on Radar have been replaced for about a century for various purposes like detection of aircrafts, spacecraft, ships, navigation, reading weather formations and terrain mapping. The velocities of the vehicles are acquired from a continuous wave Doppler radar. A very low amount of power is consumed in this system and only batteries can use to operate.

The system works on the principle of Doppler Effect by detecting the Doppler shift in microwaves reflected from a moving object. Since, the output of the sensor is sinusoidal wave with very small amplitude and needs to be amplified with the help of the amplifier before further processing. The purpose to calculate and display the speed on LCD is performed by the microcontroller. CAN Controller Area Network offer an efficient communication protocol among sensors, actuators, controllers, and other nodes in real-time applications, and is known for its simplicity, reliability, and high performance.

It has given an effective way by which can increase the car and driver safety. This system presents the development and implementation of a digital driving system for a semi-autonomous vehicle to improve the driver-vehicle interface using microcontroller based data acquisition system that uses ADC to bring all control data from analog to digital format.

In this system, the signal information like temperature LM35 sensor if the temperature increase above the 60 o C and ultrasonic sensor is adapted to measure the distance between the object and vehicle, if obstacle is detected within 75cm from the vehicle, the controller gives buzzer to the driver, speed measure using RPM sensor if revolution increase up to per minute controller act and to avoid the maximum revolution and to check the fuel level continuously and display in the percentage if fuel level below 20 percent the controller also gives buzzer to the driver and distance, fuel level and temperature continuously display on the LCD.

Efficient information systems when using fewer resources or minimal in achieving organizational goals are expected. Effective information system capable of completing the organization's objectives. Audit information systems necessary to know the needs of users, whether it is in line with the preparation of the decision-making process. Student organizations manage their own funds and are given the autonomy and responsibility to spend these funds as the organization sees fit within the confines of university policies.

A healthy financial structure is an important factor in student organization success and sustainability. Solid fiscal management creates a framework that allows organizations to work proactively to accomplish their goals and serve their communities with financially sustainable events and program. This study aimed at identifying the profile of the student organizations in terms of type, registration, and functions and designations of officers and advisers, also identify the financial practices of student organizations in terms of managing their finances, as well the problems encountered by student organizations in terms of financial management, and eventually come up with a student organization financial manual.

A descriptive survey research design was used and with the aid of the questionnaire data were gathered through purposive sampling technique from the 47 student leaders and advisers of the different organizations of the University of Eastern Philippines. Data gathered were analyzed through frequency, mean and percentages. Findings of this study showed that almost all of the organizations have existing constitution and by-laws, however in terms of the functions of officers and advisers, the results revealed that some functions were not done by the officers who are suppose to do it.

Generally, the financial practices of the organizations were considered to be excellent especially budgeting and cash receipts, but there are still important aspects that needs improvement and emphasis for a better financial management system. It was also revealed that the major concern of the organizations is the lack or absence of internal control policy manual and lack of proper turn-over of financial documents from the previous set of officers.

The researchers conclude that the absence of the internal control policy manual resulted to lack of clear delineation of functions of the officers therefore violating the segregation of duties principle which is a key concept in an effective internal control system. Moreover, the financial management system of the student organizations could still be improved especially on the aspect of cash disbursements and recordkeeping if the officers are provided with adequate training and guidance.

The given paper examines the problem of rural architecture and design as well as proposals for their further development. The aim of this research is to find out the correlation between Information Technology and Management Information System Quality.

This research applies literature review from various theories and previously conducted research, where controversies between Information Technology and Management Information Systems. The result of this research shows that Information Technology is a part of Management Information System and supports the performance of Management Information Systems. One hundred and thirty six side wall core samples gotten from the well were subjected to lithological description with the aim of determining the various lithofacies and hydrocarbon play elements in the well.

Four major lithofacie were typified by the lithologic model, they include; sandstone, shale, sandy shale and shaly sand respectively. The sedimentary succession penetrated reveals Eighty eight 88 lithozones from bottom to top. Mineralogical assemblages present are iron and mica. The lithologic model of the sedimentary succession penetrated reveals nineteen 19 potential petroleum reservoir rocks, Twenty three 23 potential source rocks and fifteen 15 caprocks. Lithozone - The probable reservoir rocks occupy Lithozones: The environment of deposition penetrated was parallic environment with the intercalation of sand and shale.

Developing countries are faced with the problem of improper treatment and disposal of human excreta due to the use of unimproved sanitation systems. In an attempt to increase access to sanitation facilities, many governments have adopted public latrines. Field experience has shown that public latrines have the problem of high usage rate and the use of non-degradable anal cleansing materials leading to the filling up of the pits much faster than their design life.

This research, therefore seeks to assess the usage and management practices excreta degradation and desludging rate of public dry on-site sanitation systems in the Cape Coast Metropolis. Thirteen 13 public Ventilated Improved Pit latrines located in the Cape Coast metropolis were selected.

Structured interview was conducted to determine the usage rate, desludging frequency and user practices of the public latrines. Recently, there have been significant improvements in the overall health of the Maldivian population with an increase in life expectancy and a decline in maternal and infant mortality rates. However, infant under nutrition is still a concern. Field testing of WHO growth standards in in Maldives indicated that more than one third of children under five years were stunted and that children classified as tall hardly reach the WHO standard for mean height.

The study results showed that height for age z-score was lowest from ages 6 to 29 months. Factors significantly associated with the rate of stunting included: America currently witnesses many healthcare challenges. One of those challenges is the rising rate of obesity. As a health risk obesity imposes both social and economic problems, as it involves high treatment costs and results in productivity loss in the labor market.

Obesity also leads to many other health issues, such as blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, which in turn increases risks for the nation overall. To deal with the issue, the US government has incorporated various interventions to control obesity, which focuses on motivating people to adopt effective dietary practices and be physically active.

The government has also implemented structured and all-inclusive healthcare policies, covering all spheres of the community, including schools, local communities and workplaces to lessen health risks associated with obesity. However, these policies have been criticized for being less effective in reducing healthcare costs along with other procedural loopholes, which demand further research in the field along with steps to resolve the limitations. This research uses descriptive analysis method with qualitative approach, data analysis methods used in this research is descriptive qualitative.

Research results revealed that 1 the contractual relationships zakat between the institution of zakah as amil with the public as muzakki basically aims to improve adherence of Muslims to Allah and to improve the efficiency of the governance of zakat, 2 norms and cultural values appear to be more prevalent than economic value in the control mechanism, 3 Rationality is awakened in the organization is a form of mental constructs of agent that is based on social experience that is local and specific.

This study was carried out to assess the water quality of Nzovwe stream using macroinvertebrates as bioindicators. Biological monitoring working party BMWP scoring system was the index used to assess the ecosystem health of Nzovwe stream. A total of aquatic macroinvertebrates were identified from Nzovwe stream. They belonged to 22 families. The most abundant taxa were Odonata Whereas the least abundant taxa were Ephemeroptera and Gastropoda, each constituting 1.

The most abundant macroinvertebrates were Dragonflies Based on this score, the water of Nzovwe stream is neither very clean nor significantly altered aquatic environment.

Hence the Nzovwe stream is moderately polluted due to non-point source pollution from several sources. Moreover, it was found that agricultural activities, washing and bathing could alter physico-chemical parameters of the stream and hence changing the abundance of macroinvertebrates as well as the quality of water. This study, therefore, recommends that the source of pollutants should be controlled and the stream regularly monitored by the relevant authorities.

Additionally, biological indicators and their indices are suggested to be used in assessing the condition of a stream ecosystem. The instability in the world and OPEC oil process results from many factors through a long time. The oil prices affect their market through the interaction of supply and demand forces of oil. The research hypothesis states that the movement of oil prices caused shocks, crises, and economic problems.

These shocks happen due to changes in oil prices need to make a prediction within the framework of economic planning in a short run period in order to avoid shocks through using computer techniques by time series models. Environment pollution has become one of the biggest concerns for the educational institutions in Bangladesh.

Thinking not yet starts that environmental pollution has a connection with educational institutions which requires investment. Educational institutions are paying huge amount of money in order to clean the academic atmosphere. Due to unawareness and unconsciousness, the environment of the institutions campus continuously polluting in many ways. This paper provides an outline of how different environmental pollution occurred in the educational institutions, costs to minimize that pollution and finding some ways to improve it.

The effects of OA on individuals and the society extend far beyond forced changes to their lifestyles. Currently, thirteen percent of all adults and thirty-three percent of those older than sixty-five years live with OA.

This amounts to twenty-seven million Americans CDC, In Chester County, twenty-six percent of adults have a certain form of arthritis, of which OA is most likely to be the most common variant Pennsylvania Department of Health, These figures indicate that OA currently affects a sizeable portion of both the populations of the US and Chester County.

This study is an explanatory study to determine the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable. As the dependent variable is the dividend payout ratio.

Meanwhile, the independent variable is the variable that is measured by the growth of the company's capital expenditure ratio proxy, state ownership, firm size, profitability, cash flow, and the ratio of dividends last year as a control variable. The study uses panel data with a sample of 46 state-owned companies in the form of a limited liability company engaged non-financial sector with the financial period The sample selection was purposive sampling that samples deposited SOE dividends during the study period.

Hypothesis testing using a fixed-effect regression analysis models. As for overcoming heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation using the method of generalized least squares GLS. The results found that the company's growth variables and firm characteristics variables simultaneously significant effect on dividend policy. To model the dividend policy, partial, variable capital expenditures, capital structure, firm size, and cash-flow negative and significant to dividend payout ratio, while profitability and state ownership variables having an positive and significant to dividend payout ratio.

The study also found that non-listed state-owned companies have an average dividend payout ratio lower than the listed SOEs. Electrical Resistivity ER survey was conducted on a Sandy-loam soil with a view to evaluate some selected soil properties. Soil samples were collected to a depth 0. The results indicated that lower ER areas exhibit higher content of soil properties than higher ER areas. The study indicates the ability of ER to delineate some soil properties influencing yield on sandy-loam soil.

This will help farmers take decisions that can improve yields. Image processing requires extensive calculation. Image processing is conventionally done on CPU. Image processing on CPU is slow due to its sequential processing method. However FPGAs can be seen as an option to speed up image processing without increasing the clock speed because they allow parallel processing. In this project FPGA is used to implement the edge detection operation on image. The Sobel algorithm is used to detect the edges in an image.

Experts in political science and the state of national leadership position as an important factor that is often discussed in all good perspective perspective on local wisdom and teachings of Islam.

If researched and studied carefully, the teaching guidelines for indigenous people live or Java with the teachings of the Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Both of these components affect public policy in the election of the national leadership until now. The ancestral philosophy applies continues throughout life. Javanese cultural heritage of thinking is even able to broaden one's wisdom. Leadership is one of the urgent problems which disappeared from our people today.

Crises in various fields that happen to us due to the absence of clear national goals as our orientation, that is the goal we want to accomplish together that should unite our plans and provide rationality and harmony.

Formation of leadership is the problem of the people. Conversation between the agent and client are being evaluated manually by a quality assurance officer QA. This job is only one of the responsibilities being done by a QA and particularly eat ups a lot of time for them which lead to late evaluation results that may cause untimely response of the company to concerns raised by their clients. This research developed an application software that automates and evaluates the quality assurance in business process outsourcing companies or customer service management implementing sentence similarity.

The developed system includes two modules: The system was evaluated for Correctness of the extracted answers, and accurateness of the evaluation for a particular call. Audio conversations were tested for the accuracy of the transcription module which has an accuracy of The Precision, Recall and F-measure of the extracted answer was tested as This paper is aimed at investigating the correlation between management information system and accounting information system to gain better understanding of each system.

After conducting reviews on available literatures, it is concluded in this article that arguments among experts still clearly prevail about both system. Different arguments are not to be eliminated as each argument is supported by adequate literatures, and difference in system is a common thing due to differences in experiences, point of views, and interests of the experts.

This paper argues that since management information system is available in every part of an organization, therefore accounting information system is the sub-system of management information system which main objective is to use organization information system effectively.

This study aims to determine the antioxidant properties of liquid smoke derived from a combination of purification and concentration of different liquid smoke. This study was conducted experimentally using factorial design in completely randomized 8 eight x 6 six treatment with 3 replications so that there are experimental units. Treatment includes the concentration of 1 ppm, 10 ppm, ppm, ppm, ppm and ppm.

Variables observed consisted of the levels of antioxidants in the form of a percentage of inhibition inhibition. The purpose of this research is to find role of environmental uncertainty on the quality of management information system with the literature review. Environmental uncertainty is the inability of the individual to capture the environmental factors from outside the company who are not sure which affect the companies that will impact on the quality of management information system application, when it lowered the individual's inability to capture the environmental factors from outside uncertain it will improve the quality of management information system application.

The various problems in regional spatial planning in Waropen District, Papua, shows that the Spatial Planning RTRW of Waropen District, Papua, drafted in has not had a positive contribution to the settlement of spatial planning problems. This is most likely caused by the inconsistency in the spatial planning. This study tried to observe the consistency of spatial planning as well as its relation to the regional development performance.

The method used to observe the consistency of the preparation of guided Spatial Planning RTRW is the analysis of comparative table followed by analysis of verbal logic. In order to determine if the preparation of Spatial Planning RTRW has already paid attention on the synergy with the surrounding regions Inter-Regional Context , a map overlay was conducted, followed by analysis of verbal logic. The analysis results showed that inconsistencies in the spatial planning had caused a variety of problems that resulted in decreased performance of the regional development.

The main problems that should receive more attention are: Cystoseira tamariscifolia is a brown alga which represents an important natural biomass on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Study of the acute toxicity of this species was carried out on Swiss albinos mice. The LD50 was determined through the Spearman-Karber method by injecting the aqueous algal extract to 36 mice organized in lots of 6 animals each for 6 concentrations and the experiments were conducted in triplicates.

A dose of 0. The results obtained show a toxic effect of the alga on the mices with LD50 of A significant anticancerogenic effect of the extract was also detected on myelom cells; it is propotionnel to the used concentrations. This research was conducted to clarify whether plankton as the primary food source and fish in Inner Ambon Bay TAD could accumulate saxitoxin in PSP Paralylic Shellfish Poisoning so the information acquired from this research could be used as a basic reference on oceanography studies especially in Ambon Bay, environmental toxicology, environmental bioremediation and a reference on Ambon Bay sustainable water management concept formulation.

The method used was descriptive method, in situ sampling and enumeration. Hydro-oceanography parameters measured were temperature, salinity, DO Dissolved Oxygen , pH, phosphate, nitrate and transparency.

Dinoflagellate abundance in east season is higher than in west season. It is followed with abundance of dinoflagellates in anchovy fish Stolephorus heterolobus gizzard so saxitoxin level in the fish is also higher.

Dinoflagellates species found Alexandrium, Protoperidinium, Genyoulax and Dynophysis. ELISA test result on saxitoxin level in anchovy fish was The purpose of this research is to analyze the character of Lee Brightman from both literary and psychological perspective. Lee has psychopathic traits, which fall under the dark triad personalities: After Catharine Baily falls in love with him, he starts to change his attitude towards her.

Lee uses emotional, psychological, and physical abuse against Catharine. In addition, this research serves as a case study of someone who has psychological problems. Unfortunately from the announced target for 27 indicators that exist, almost all regions, including local governments do not reach Tangerang Regency. It is necessary for measuring the performance of local authorities particularly the education department.

In the Balanced Scorecard is a management tool contemporare complete measure company performance not only of the financial perspective but also non-financial performance, such as: This approach is actually ideally suited for multinational companies, because this approach requires very expensive, but can be used to measure the profit performance of the company, in addition to the combination of a long-term strategic and short-strategic.

Balanced Scorecard it can also be done in measuring the performance of public sector services as well, by modifying a few things, so it can be used to measure the performance of the public sector including the Performance Measurement Minimum Service Standards for Basic Education. Environmental performance EP is a comprehensive sustainable development concept. Thus, determining the suitable EP indicator is an important process. A SEM approach was used to develop and define EP factors and sub-factors using a questionnaire designed to gather data from managers in the food industry.

A FAHP approach was employed to prioritize the scores using a questionnaire to interview 21 experts regarding the different aspects of EP. The FAHP results illustrate that quality policy, quality assurance, competitor orientation, and quality control are most important in assessing EP.

There were three reasons for producing a new report based on the same type of data. First, this new report confirms that the results from were not a fluke.

Another reason for a new report is that new data became available. Last year, for the first time, the Department of Labor made available the skill-based wage data. This makes it possible to examine how employers classify the skills of the H-1B workers they are seeking. Finally, a second look allowed investigation in more detail on exactly how employers produce the extremely low prevailing wage claims.

This H-1B visa was created in to provide a separate guestworker program for certain specialty occupations. A specialty occupation is one that requires a college degree or equivalent professional experience.

There is no specific skill requirement for an H-1B visa. The H-1B program is, in theory, a non-immigrant program, although it is widely used as a stepping stone to permanent residency.

H-1B visas are valid for up to three years and can be renewed once for an additional three years. H-1B visas also are tied to employment, so an H-1B visa becomes invalid if a worker loses his or her job.

While employed, it is relatively easy for a worker on an H-1B visa to transfer the visa to another employer. However, H-1B workers seeking permanent residency are effectively bound to their employer because changing jobs requires restarting the application process, making it unlikely that it will be completed before the visa expires.

Transfers do not extend the time limit on the original visa. The employer attests that workers will be paid the prevailing wage and that there is no strike or lockout in progress. The LCA shows the number of workers covered, the prevailing wage, and the wage to be paid. The statutes specifically limit the Labor Department review process to checking for "completeness and obvious inaccuracies," making this step effectively a rubber stamp process.

While the law does not constrain the petition review process in the same manner as the LCA approval process, the approval rate for visa petitions If the petition is approved, the employee can then apply for the H-1B visa, either in the country of residence, if living overseas, or at a USCIS office, if already living in the United States. The State Department has a slightly higher rate of H-1B refusals; its consulates refused between 5 and 10 percent of all H-1B applications in This report compares prevailing wage claims and wages for H-1B workers to U.

This report only used approved LCAs in its calculations. The disclosure data are divided into two databases, one representing electronic filings, the other representing fax filings, with the electronic filing database containing the bulk of the records.

These two databases have different structures so integrating them is not as simple a process as it might be. For completeness, this report includes the data from both sources. The reason for using the disclosure data as a measure of H-1B wages is that they are the best data available on wages for H-1B workers.

This is the data Congress mandates be made available to monitor the H-1B program. In the future the author hopes to be able to repeat this analysis using the data from visa applications. The disclosure data provide the best possible source for employer prevailing wage claims. Unlike the measurements of H-1B wages, all the prevailing wage comparisons to U. As such, they leave no doubt that employer prevailing wage claims do not reflect the actual prevailing wage.

The source for U. The May data were the last released before the start of FY Therefore, they were the last published before any of the LCAs examined were submitted. This study also uses the FLC wage data available at www. These data were used to identify the job title used for prevailing wage claims and to analyze the nature of specific claims. Rather than using SOCs, LCAs use broad numeric classifications in which managers of programmers get lumped in with programmers.

Analysis of these data is made even more difficult because the job code entered by employers is frequently wrong. The first step in this process was to select all records with computer-related job codes "" to "" on the LCA.

The job title in each matching record was verified using pattern matching e. For those records where pattern matching failed, they were individually checked to ensure that the SOC code actually reflected the job title. Pattern matching was used both to eliminate LCAs that were not programming related and to assign job codes. Some job titles created special difficulties.

In this study, all software engineers were classified as "Applications" unless "Systems" was specified in the job title or the prevailing wage claim had been matched to an OES record specifying systems software engineer. That could be either a "programmer" or a "systems analyst. Many LCA job titles were variations of "Developer. A number of LCAs could not be matched to any job code because of unusual job titles that are not common in the industry.

Together, these LCAs had a slightly higher average wage than the average wage of those that could be classified. In addition, LCAs for part-time work were excluded. The statutes governing the H-1B program allow universities to pay the prevailing wage in academia rather than in the technology industry at large See below. In order to give a better comparison of what employers should be paying under the law to what they actually are paying, LCAs filed by universities are not included in the results.

Rather than come up with an arbitrary scaling factor, LCAs from Infosys were excluded from the combined results. It should be noted that Infosys is a large user of H-1B visas and claims to have received 4 percent of the 85, visas available under the annual quota.

The requirements for prevailing wage claims are defined by statute and regulation. The statute 8 U. This section also specifies that when the Department of Labor provides a prevailing wage source, it must include at least four pay levels, "commensurate with experience, education, and the level of supervision. The regulations 20 C. As an illustration of how loosely defined the process is, the first section says " Despite the complexity of the requirements, the statute provides no mechanism for DOL to verify employer claims; the LCA process is essentially an honor system.

DOL adjudicators may only check that the form is filled out correctly — they may not investigate whether the LCA data contain bogus prevailing wage claims. There is insufficient information within the LCAs to cross-reference most LCA claims to the source of a prevailing wage claim, so there is insufficient information to determine the possible extent of a bogus prevailing wage problem. The fact that employer claims are not verified does not necessarily mean that the claims are wrong or bogus.

The more important question is: How do employer prevailing wage claims compare to actual U. What is the result of our reliance on an attestation system to protect U.

Table 1 shows how employer prevailing wage claims compare to actual U. The median difference between employer prevailing wage claims and the median U. For employer prevailing wage claims, 90 percent were below the U. It is enough, however, to manage what we are equipped to manage and to let the future take care of itself. That is its habit. But probably the next move will come in the direction of shortening the day rather than the week.

Labor; Industry; Prosperity; Wealth Source: There was no conscious public need of motor cars when we first made it. There were few good roads. It is still the pioneer car in many parts of the world which are just beginning to be motorized. Besides the Model T itself another revolutionary element which the Ford Motor Company introduced twenty years ago was the idea of service.

Some of the early manufacturers proceeded on the theory that once they had induced a man to buy a car they had him at their mercy; they charged him the highest possible price for necessary replacements.

Our company adopted the opposite theory. That was the origin of Ford Service. The Model T was one of the largest factors in creating the conditions which now make the new model Ford possible. Nowadays everybody runs some kind of motor power but twenty years ago only the adventurous few could be induced to try an automobile.

It had a harder time winning public confidence than the airplane has now. The Model T was a great educator in this respect. It was the car that ran before there were good roads to run on. We are still proud of the Model T Ford car. If we were not we could not have continued to manufacture it for so long. We began work on this new model several years ago. In fact, the idea of a new car has been in my mind much longer than that.

But the sale of the Model T continued at such a pace that there never seemed to be an opportunity to get the new car started. Even now the business is so brisk that we are up against the proposition of keeping the factory going on one model while we tool up for another. I am glad of this because it will not necessitate a total shutdown. Only a comparatively few men will be out at a time while their departments are being tooled up for the new product.

At one time it looked as if 70, men might be laid off temporarily but we have now scaled that down to less than 25, at a time. The new car will cost more to manufacture but it will be more economical to operate.

Each of them is suffering from ailments which the other can cure. Can each be made to supply what the other needs? The link between is Chemistry. In the vicinity of Dearborn we are farming twenty thousand acres for everything from sunflowers to soy beans. It has always paid us. Low wages are the most costly any employer can pay. It is like using low-grade material--the waste makes it very expensive in the end.

There is no economy in cheap labor or cheap material. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to reduce wages. I think we were the last big company to come to it. Now I am mighty glad that wages are climbing again. It is over for everyone who has changed his state of mind. Ford News , back cover Date: Miscellaneous; American Spirit; Industry; Source: Ford News , back cover. Around the wall of the Rotunda of the Ford Exposition Building at the Century of Progress, between a series of photographic murals done on a colossal scale is a series of terse epigrammatic sayings of Henry Ford.

But the project is vastly more than a hobby. Ford News , inside back cover Date: And so they went on,25 cents a step I am convinced that we shall be able to get out of yearly crops most of the basic materials which we now get from forest and mine. Ford News , back cover, "From Industry; Public Display Source: With one foot in the land, human society is firmly balanced against most economic uncertainties. With a job to supply him with cash, and a plot of land to guarantee him support, the individual is doubly secure.

Stocks may fail, but seedtime and harvest do not fail. Ford News , inside front cover Date: Education; Experience; Religion Source: Ford News , back cover, "From an interview with Mr. Our car was called the "Universal Car" thirty years ago, because it fulfilled so many needs; it is "The Universal Car" today for the same reason.

History is Bunk Source: Just give them a chance and see. Age; Hard Work Source: Hartford Courant , interview with Fred C. America; Success; Wealth Source: It is part of the motor age. Development is dependent on power. Y American , Geo. Sylvester Vierick interview Date: Aviation; American Life Source: Banks and Bankers; Business; the Depression Source: Perhaps if they had been, we should not have this war on our hands.

For greed and idleness brought it on. Y Times Magazine , interview by S. Everything else can be taken from us, but not our character. Cincinnati Times Star , Beckman interview Date: Charity and Welfare; Philanthropy Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Crowther quoting Mr. Charity and Welfare; Justice Source: Charity and Welfare; Opportunity Source: Let them ask the questions and then give them the answers. True Story , Wm. I don't like old people.

I stay away from them. Children; Adults; Youth Source: Detroit Times , Paul Gallico interview Date: American Magazine , Wm. But we must learn what competition really is. It is a striving to attain the best. To throttle it would mean to stop all progress. Certain men do not need to compete. J Woolf interview Date: I'd like to devote about three years to the elimination of the cow.

There's not reason in the world why the chemist can't discover the cow's secret of converting vegetation into dairy products. And there's less reason why the chemist can't do a better job of it after he learns how. Cows; Science; Farming; Livestock Source: Detroit Free Pres s Date: I believe that we can make milk by scientific process, eliminating the cow. My Life and Work , p. Depression and Prosperity Source: Depression and Prosperity; Wars Source: Edison was called 'The Wizard' of the electrical world and everyone thought that electricity was the coming thing, he actually encouraged me to go with my second car.

True Story magazine, Wm. Theory without practical application is futile. New Orleans Times Picayune Date: Experience; Failure; Life Source: American Magazine , Beverly Smith interview Date: That is what we are put in the world for, to get experience and to help others get it. It is the one thing no one can take away from us. New York Times Magazine , S. I believe that faith works.

Clara Bryant Ford; Wife Source: Y Times Magazine , S. But I cannot flatter myself that I found her because I was a 'good picker', I believe profoundly that we are guided, led, in such momentous matters. The job of the government is to serve, not to dominate. Detroit News , David J. Yet our country has depended more on harrows than on guns or speeches. I thought that a history which excluded harrows, and all the rest of daily life, was bunk.

And I think so yet. Everything President Hoover has advised or tried to put into effect has been sound. Herbert Hoover, Depression Source: Washington Evening Star , David J.

Detroit Free Press , N. Y Times -Dave Wilkie interview Date: Labor Unions; Monopoly Source: With more leaders we could have more industry. More industry, more employment and comfort for all. Barron's , Fred C. My Life and Work -p. The wheel is the basis of the machine. Machinery; The wheel Source: The Rotarian , S. True Story , William L. Detroit Public Schools, Dept. That may be the reason for our love of song-it has wings and lifts us; with proper songs, it is a nourishing spiritual exercise.

Song, Music, Poetry Source:

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