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Leadership Qualities Essay

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❶This sounds like something that should go without saying, but it is surprising just how many people who are in a leadership role are not prepared to take an active role in leading their team. People will suddenly sit up and take notice of you.

Probably the first and foremost quality in a leader is his honesty. To be able to manage an entire team on your own is a huge responsibility and while it may seem to be falling apart at times, remember that you are responsible for everything that is happening with your team, hence you should always stay honest with your team members as well as your bosses. Your team is a reflection of how good a leader and manager you are.

If you face trouble in expressing the simplest of thoughts, then you are probably lacking what it takes to become a successful leader. As a leader, you are supposed to manage a team as well as also communicate the right thoughts and ideas in the most ethical way possible. To be able to express yourself is a great gift and a quality that every leader must possess. A good leader must also have a great sense of humor and should be able to crack jokes with the teammates, hence creating a light and healthy working environment for everyone.

To sum it up, leadership and management are skills that require an individual to be compassionate, a good delegator as well as consistent in his job. A good leader can take an organization to the next level. I believe any kind of organization needs a leader with the qualities you mentioned above. I have seen few companies going bankrupt because of bad leadership.

What are the characteristics of a good leader? Give reasons and examples to support your response. No one denies the fact that a good leader should enjoy many specific positive features no matter leader of what community is. Leaders are important parts of any community; so they all require some special attributes and skills. To me, the most important characteristics are as fallows.

First, leaders should be good decision makers; they should be able to make their minds the best way possible in a short period of time and on the spur of moment they should decide about various issues.

For example a leader of country should have the ability to take the best and efficient decision during a limited time, regarding ratifying or declining a specific law. They should stay abreast of different issues related to them and their job. Thirdly, leaders should be reliable, prudent, wise and responsible. These features are also of importance and attention for a leader who has a vital role in the fate and destiny of the community.

They should be aware of their duties and encourage other people to work efficiently to achieve the common goals and aims of community. Good and competent leaders should enjoy many characteristics and traits because the destiny and success and prosperity of the community all are related to them. However a boss only supervises over his subordinates. Power naturally comes to a leader but that power is not a tool of leader. Rather if one tries to control the circumstances with power it turns out to be authoritarian or even suppressive in its expression.

A leader showcases a positive attitude and high self esteem. He assertively works towards the goal but never gets pushy for it. A continuous self study, training, evaluation and imbibing positive things in life develop the characteristics of a leader. Situations are never in our hands but reaction is always that we can control. A leader not only reacts positively but also helps other members of the group to see the brighter side of the picture.

It has also been noticed that only those persons are considered as good leaders who have gained the trust and confidence of their subordinates.

Communication plays a vital role in this regard. The other thing that people respect is knowledge.

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Free Essay: Qualities of a Good Leader Monkey see monkey do; that is how people in a community follow their leader. They may not follow him or her action for.

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An undergraduate essay on leadership describing the qualities and characteristics of a good leader and models of leadership. An undergraduate essay on leadership describing the qualities and characteristics of a good leader and models of leadership. Fair Use Policy; Leadership Essay - A Good Leader. Print Reference this. Published: 18th.

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Read Leadership Essay. This essay explains the qualities and characteristics of a good leader. Have you been tasked to write an essay on leadership? Are you trying to stand out from the rest of your classmates? Then you must read our essay. Find more. Leadership Qualities Essay What Makes a Good Leader There are many different styles of leadership and the majority of them are very effective, but despite these different approaches, all good leaders share a handful of characteristics.

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Leadership is a quality which cannot be acquired by any person from the other but it can be acquired by self-determination of a person. Related Articles: Essay on Essential Qualities of a Great Leader. Free Essay: [pic] Characteristics of an Effective Team Leader, Team Conflicts, and Issue Resolution MBA (Wk4 Assignment) by Learning Team A Bamidele.