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Lancia Vehicle History with recalls and complaints

The car was built to be a driver and made a cross country trip from the West Coast to the East Coast for the East Coast Lancia Reunion after the mechanical work was performed.

The car has also received trophies at several events. Please call if you have interest or questions I am more than happy to answer any and all questions. Jim , please remember I am on the West Coast so reasonable hours please. Should you get the message please leave your number and I will return your call at my earliest convenience. More than happy to help arrange shipping to anywhere in the world, if you need or want me to get shipping quotes for you, I am happy to do that.

The client wants to put another car in his stable and needs the room or this car would not be for sale, it is priced very fairly and I feel the reserve is set too low, but that is his decision.

Obviously, having fairly recently undergone a major restoration, the condition of the car is pretty impeccable and for that alone it stands apart from most of the early Lancia crowd.

Certainly you'll be in rarefied company if you purchase this machine, but I really think wherever you go it will be greatly appreciated. The color combination is lovely, the engine is said to run well, and the major headaches are gone from worrying about what's underneath the shine. In the years following World War II, many cars coming out of Italy were rather diminutive in size and engine capacity, a reflection of the economy in the midst of industrial reorganization.

Over at Lancia, however, the Flaminia was unleashed on the public in This large car wasn't as dramatically styled as some of its contemporaries, but it was handsome in a way only the Italians could do it. Three different coupes were produced, styled by Zagato, Touring and, as we see here, Pininfarina.

The Pininfarina coupe was the most sedate looking, appearing very much a two-door version of the Berlina, or four-door variant. With an advanced V6 engine and double wishbone front suspension, however, this car was anything but sedate. This Flaminia Coupe for sale in the Netherlands needs some TLC, but it is basically all there, which is important with a rare piece like this.

Lancia Flaminia 3C 2. Paint needs work, not rusted. Original leather, starts, runs and moves. But these Flaminia Pininfarina Coupes are rare, especially ones with the larger 2. That leaves plenty of room for restoration costs.

The paintwork and chrome certainly looks presentable, and with an interior retrim, this would be a cool classic you wouldn't be afraid to use. The Flaminia is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to Italian classic cars, but it's important in its own right.

The flagship of the range for ten years, this was a car that, like all Lancias of the period, was magnificently engineered yet had an understated style about. The Flaminia broke ranks with the racy sports cars and flashy grand touring machines to hail from Italy at the time and opted for a more muted elegance. With its V6 engine, double wishbone front suspension and rear mounted transaxle, this was an advanced vehicle in its day.

This particular Flaminia for sale in Texas is a bit rough but it's all there for someone with enough time and money to invest in this classic machine.

Back in Italians regarded the Lancia Flaminia as the finest car in Italy. Maseratis and Ferraris were of course in a whole separate category, but in placing the Flaminia above all else the Italians of the time, who did not take their automobiles lightly, accorded it a huge collective endorsement.

The Lancia Flaminia abounds in intriguing technical details like the aluminum 2,cc 60 degree V-6 engine that produces brake horsepower even with the stock Solex 2-barrel carburetor, a full synchromesh 4-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with wishbones finally supplanting Lancia's fabled sliding pillar suspension , deDion rear axle with inboard drum brakes and rear-mounted clutch and transmission for ideal weight distribution and low unsprung weight that combines a smooth ride with excellent handling.

The cabin of the Pininfarina designed Flaminia four door sedan comfortably seats six on two bench seats. This Lancia Flaminia Sedan is a remarkable survivor, having been put away years ago and carefully stored since so it survives in exceptional condition. The paint has suffered, and needs to be redone, but the body is sound with only a few parking lot dings and minor rust in the rocker panels and right rear quarter.

The glass and leather interior are original and usable as is. Along with the strong standard specifications this Flaminia has a feature that sets it apart from just about any other car on the road: Give it new paint and a thorough mechanical review and it will be ready to drive and show with pleasure and the pride of having one of the best cars Italy produced in the late Fifties, a sedan with ample interior room, decent performance and superb road holding and ride comfort as well as attracting deserved attention for its rarity.

This car has had but one old repaint. I put a new battery in the car and it spun over. I have not got it to fire, needs minor tuneup, points, etc. About 3, of these were produced. Few came to the USA. That's more than a Cadillac. This is a two owner car. Unlike their two door siblings, the Flaminia Berlina, like most sedans, is a bit more of a bargain. In this kind of condition, I'd wager to say this car will bring about half of that value. These aren't cheap cars to restore, as they are rare and if parts are missing, it could prove a hassle to source.

Not to mention this car, unlike many Italian classics, has a decent amount of sheet metal to work on. All in all, for someone willing to tackle a project like this, they'd have a stately and uncommon classic that is sure to turn heads of the more hardcore enthusiasts on the street and at shows.

Of all the design houses in Italy, Carrozzeria Touring is my favorite. The company ceased operations in and was resurrected in by Zeta Europe BV, a company specializing in boutique brands. Before the original firm closed shop, they produced this gorgeous coupe, one of my favorite of all Touring designs, the Lancia Flaminia GT. We featured Lancia Flaminia GT last month, but this stylish hardtop deserves another look. This earlier example for sale in Indianapolis is a one family vehicle and a great example of an s Italian design that has a little bit of American flair about it.

This lovely example has been owned by one family since new, until we recently acquired the car. It was purchased new in Italy and then brought Stateside when the owner emigrated to the US. Largely garaged most of its life it was sent back to Italy for restoration in the late 90's.

The car runs and drives quite well and has needed little sorting since we received it. Everything works on this car. There is no rust or corrosion. It is now ready for any of the exciting rallies for which it is eligible, and with a little effort would be an award winner at just about any concours. I havent seen one this nice in many years! There were 12, Flaminias sold over 13 years. This respected the established Lancia tradition of naming individual models after Roman roads.

The original two bodies of the Flaminia were developed by Pininfarina and modelled after his two Aurelia-based motor show specials, named Florida. The Florida I, presented at the Turin Motor show, was a saloon with suicide doors. The production version of the Lancia Flaminia appeared in The Flaminia's engine was an evolution of the world's first V6, which was introduced in the Aurelia.

It had increased bore and decreased stroke. The engines were mounted longitudinally, powering the rear wheels through a 4-speed rear-mounted transaxle. A version with increased displacement was introduced in Carrozzeria Touring designed and built these aluminum bodied two-door versions, which can be easily distinguished by their four round headlights rather than two on Pininfarina Flaminias , and a shorter cabin - the wheelbase was decreased significantly for the GT and Convertibile, allowing for only two seats to be mounted.

The Convertibile was in production until , with made in total with the 2. The one family ownership will no doubt make this attractive for collectors. Lancias from this period are impossibly pretty machines that are engineered like few of their peers. While they aren't accessible for collectors of modest means, when you compare them to other high end Italian exotics, they appear a bit of a bargain.

Lancias from the s are some of my favorite Italian classics. This was the decade that the impossibly gorgeous Fulvia was released to the public. Aside from that small, attractive coupe, Lancia's flagship models were also rather visually arresting.

The Flaminia was unique in that three different coupes were offered by three different coach builders, Pininfarina, Zagato, and the Touring version we see here. The Touring was by far my favorite, and had a bit of '60s Americana flair to it. This Flaminia GT 2.

This Lancia Flaminia GT 2. It is not a point car, but is a very presentable survivor. The car was repainted in about and has the original interior, except for new floor mats and carpet. The car has just received extensive mechanical renovation and is ready to use. I have been very involved with Lancias' since my first ride in an Aurelia Convertible in After nearly ten years of doing this, I left to earn a real living and raise a family. I never left the club though and continued to own a Lancia through out that entire period.

I bought my first one, a Flaminia Berlina in and have not been without at least one since. In the early 90's I started to restore Lancia engines as a part time endeavor. I have restored 2 Fulvia, 2 Flaminia, 1 Gamma, and over a dozen Aurelia engines. My most recent Lancia Aurelia Spider engine restoration is in a car that won 2nd place in class at the Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance.

I bought this Flaminia GT in a dismantled state. The engine had been apart and partially re-assembled. The subframe was removed and the entire suspension and steering was dismantled, down to ever last nut and bolt.

Some work had been completed, primarily cleaning, sand blasting and powder coating. A small amount of the work that I am describing was performed by the previous owner, but rigorously inspected, and corrected if necessary, by myself. For instance, I discovered that the new cylinder liners had not been machined for proper protrusion above the engine deck.

This prompted me to completely disassemble the engine and start from scratch. I subsequently discovered that the ring end gap was too large and that the crank shaft was not balanced to the precision that I require.

I have strived to do as an exacting renovation to this Flaminia. I have replaced any part that I found to have wear and rebuilt all of the components to the best of my ability. You are invited to come and inspect the car before you buy. I can pick you up at the airport. This Flaminia is an excellent example of the better to buy one finished theory. Restoration costs will surely outrun what the car is worth. It's interesting to note that the Lancia Flaminia Coupe outnumbers the Berlina in terms of production by three to one, yet we have featured two of the Berlinas on CICFS and have yet to highlight one of the handsome Pininfarina Coupes.

This Coupe for sale in New York is a later model with the 2. I've always been intrigued by the Flaminia because it offers a unique, subdued alternative to the rather flamboyant s automotive style that came out of Detroit at the time. While this car isn't perfect, it is certainly a very presentable car. That being said, the asking price is a tad rich, but not too far off from where values are on these cars nowadays.

Anything above that range would be reserved for concours quality vehicles. Best known for their wonderfully engineered small cars in the s, Lancia's flagship at the time, the Flaminia, tends to be overshadowed a bit by its smaller siblings. These were impressive cars for the time. My Thesis has never let me down it goes very well and it is both very luxurious and fast. This has to be one of the most reliable cars I have ever owed.

It has got great comfort. It is beatifull built and so on. It has had some electronic problems, which you know are probably normal for a luxury car. There have been no other problems which is normal for a new car.

In my opinion, Lancia is the best car in the world. Now I love it! And I save money any km I run: Thank you for your honest opinion. I always lowed cars that are not to commercial and Thesis is like perfect for me. I only analyzed which engine to choose but now I now it will be 2.

People who are buying the cars of the same class are really missing a lot if they do not look at Lancia Thesis. I am ready to by a Lancia Thesis 3. Let say that I need second option or suggests of the owners. My major doubt relate to fuel consumption and automatic gear box. Does it really 20 liters in the city conditions or even more?

What about cold start, how much engine need time for warming up to the normal temperature? Does it Emblema pack include everything what it is written in a catalogue in the serial Emblema option? Lancia said that beside oil and filter exchange after each It is very similar what I have done with Kappa each Finally, this engine is a known from the Alfa and Kappa 3. What makes difference and how is reliable? For my cost-benefit analysis I would appreciate very objective information.

I hope that will be my 3rd Lancia, but this model is much more expensive than was a Kappa as brand new car. Need to say more? This car is absolutely fantastic. It is though a bit of a flop if we look at the chart sale especially if compared with the germans rivals. It is though indeed a real good luxurious car full of good things. Probably people are put off from the look of it which seems to be not everyone taste: It really is a shame that people wanting a quality car which stands up from the crowd, do not dare to be different and try a Thesis.

It is extremely well built with excellent material and great build quality:

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The Lancia Thesis (Type ) is an executive car produced by Italian automaker Lancia between and It was available with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines ranging between and litres, in both straight-5 or V6 configurations.

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Thus, choosing a Lancia Thesis good mileage is a good way to ensure a good car quality. A low mileage will normally have the higher price compared to higher mileage ones. A low mileage will normally have the higher price compared to higher mileage ones. The Lancia Thesis is a weird looking car [ed. note: think beluga whale-weird], especially at a first glance, but once you look beyond the .