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❶A well written business plan is an essential component for any company seeking to raise capital. If you have a business idea and want to create a business plan, I provide you with professional advice on every step of the business planning process.


Why a plan or a feasibility study is required?
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Our firm offers various levels of business plan writing service and consulting, including: Our firm has years of experience drafting securities documents and is confident we can assist with your Dubai Business Plan Writer. Feel free to contact us anytime, or call us to setup an appointment at any one of our global offices. Business Plan Writer Dubai A well written business plan is an essential component for any company seeking to raise capital. Our staff are known as one of the most reliable and affordable Business Plan developers in the U.

Raise Capital with a Business Plan Most business plans are written with eye towards raising money for their venture. In an equity business plan the company seeking funding will sell an ownership stake. If the company is a corporation, they will sell shares or common stock or a variation of them. If the company is a LLC or a Limited Company which is popular worldwide interest or units in the company would be offered. Both a form of ownership, just with a different name for each entity. In additional, there are other sweeteners one can add into any business plan offering, including warrants or preferred shares or preferred units or convertible debt.

A bond or note differ only in terms of the length of each security, which bonds being considered a longer maturity date than a note. The business plan for bonds would detail the terms, such as the maturity date, interest rate and other vital information. In a managerial or a management business plan, the focus is not on raising money but what strategy a company should employ. While most companies that write business plans do so to raise capital, there are some that simply want to get a second opinion or an outside view of their business.

They ask us to write them a business plan for growth opportunities, not to raise money. Said another way, the management of the company wants to see our view and take on their business and what we would do to expand their company.

Created to submit to regulator like Free Zone Authority to register a new Business. Custom made plans to be submitted to Immigration authorities of Countries where the client intent to immigrate to.

Why a plan or a feasibility study is required? To get funding from Venture capitalist or banks or private investors you need a properly researched business plan. Read the whole article at Read more at Huffing post: Have you considered all the variables which can adversely affect your business. Have you planned for reserve cash, Our experience shows that the majority of new businesses go bankrupt because of insufficient financial planning. What Investors are looking for in a plan and we know what that is Read More at: What investors look for in a business plan UAE.

Track record of creating successful plans. Expertise across various industries, please check the sectors page. Plans we create was successfully used to get funding from various types of investors,banks,funds etc. Plans successfully used to get approval for new company and for investor visa Are these questions you have? Are you looking for professional business plan writers UAE Where to find reliable business plan Dubai?

Where to find reliable business plan in Dubai? Business idea validated, checked Business plan consultants Dubai? Business plan consultants Dubai? Business plan consultants Doha?

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Business Plan AE provides business plan services throughout the MENA region. Its bases in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah provide local market expertise. Unlike outsourcing agencies using under-qualified staff, we work personally to prepare custom business plans for investment, immigration, and business registration.

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KCCG's pro business plan writers can help you create a powerful business plan with a detailed financial model Request Quote With over 10 years experience, KCCG provides tailored business plan writing services for all companies in Dubai and the UAE.

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Business planning Services - We offer services of Business plan Dubai, Business plan UAE, Feasibility Study Dubai, Business Plan writers Dubai, GCC Our Expert Team of business plan consultants in Dubai can create a Fully Custom Made Professionaly written Business plan in Dubai. We have the most outstanding Professional Business Plan Writers in Dubai who are always ready to take your proposal from a basic Business Plan template in UAE to an extraneous business proposal writing services in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other.

Cookie Info is skilled and experienced in producing business plan writing services in Dubai which will help the business organization to reveal its business plans in best possible way to outside world. Our business plan writers in UAE provide you with an outstanding business-plan that will make a difference for you! With the assistance of our business plan writers in UAE, you can amplify your brand image in front of the investors.