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❶In an interview with B-Boy Magazine he expressed his frustration:

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break dancing
break′ danc`ing

Without hispanic, b-boying never got to this level. B-boying was once dying around Black people got tired of it. But hispanic kids took to to the next level. The new generation of dancers really do not have any resources to learn true hip-hop from except for maybe breaking videos that are sold around LA.

Back in the days, good dancers could be seen on Soul Train or on music videos performing with the rapppers. Unfortunately those days where rappers use dancers are long gone, and Soul Train seems to have slipped from its roots and airs mostly wack and hoochie dancers. The key to bringing the level of dance higher lies in exposing the dancers and the public for that matter to all the styles of hip-hop instead of just one isolated style.

This can be done through hip-hop dance classes that actually teach hip-hop. Probably one of the biggest factors that holds dancers around here back is the general attitude towards hip-hop dance. The attitude is that hip-hop dance is only for young kids and stems from the fact that breaking is usually practiced by younger people because of the strain on the body.

Hip-hop dancers in their 20's are looked upon as old, and dancers in their 30's are laughed at. However technical dancers are usually not even respected until they are in their 20's.

The hip-hop dance style needs and relies on older dancers because they have minds mature enough to take the style as far as it can go. A mature mind is required to have a creative yet analytical approach to the dance because the truly great dancers need to understand the way different body motions produce different effects. Whether you are trying to create an illusion where the hand controls parts of the body, or you are trying to manipulate your body to make it look robotic, or moving fast and then pulling a freeze out of nowhere, an understanding of the body is required and how different movements cause the audience to perceive different effects.

There is also a remarkable difference in choreography between younger and older people. The routines choreographed by high school students with the exception of a few are usually much simpler than those choreographed by older people. Again it is due to the understanding of how formations can be used, moves within those formations, and just moves in general. Good dancing is achieved from experienced dancers, but if we continue to put an age cap on hip-hop dancers, we will always lose the experienced ones.

If we want to increase the dance level, we need to encourage people to continue dancing even if they are past their teens. Some common freeze moves are-. Suicide Alternatively, a dancer may choose to end the dance routine by pretending to fall down and loose control of himself.

To make a 'suicide' look effective, it must look painful, as if while performing you have really hit yourself. But yes, in trying to make it look kosher don't just end up hurting yourself for real! Other moves in the list include the Turtle, the Float, the two-handed elbow hop, the one-handed elbow hop, etc. So this was a good long list of breakdance moves for beginners. To execute most of the moves in this list, you will need good physical strength and lots of practice.

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Breakdancing, also called breaking or b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of street dance. While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, breakdancing mainly consists of four kinds of movement: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.

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B-boying/B-girling/Breaking: Breakdancing. Dancing with floor movements, such as spins, freezes, and poses. Dancing with floor movements, such as spins, freezes, and poses. Backflip: .

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the term "breakdancing" or 'breakdancer' was coined by the media in the late 80's as the dance became highly commercialised from more people getting involved in the hip-hop scene. b-boys were getting alot of exposure in movies, commercials and were often seen dancing on the streets. In breakdancing,there are many common terms used by paydayloanslexington.gqdge of these terms proves that one is a real B-boy and one must be familiarized with all these terms in order to be considered a real,espected are some examples: Ness:The .

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In 's, b-boying became popular and it was introduced as "breakdancing" in the news and stuff. Majority of the b-boys don't like that word and they prefer the original term, "breaking" or "b-boying". Unlike b-boying, "breakdancing" doesn't require any music or beat. The term "BREAKDANCING" was created by media. And generally when people say "breakdancing", it could mean either old school dancing (breaking, locking and popping) or street/club dancing in general including old school and new school. This is confusing and people should not use this term any more.