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Chemistry Help and Problems

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❶Spectroscopy in a Suitcase is a Royal Society of Chemistry outreach initiative, bringing portable spectrometers into the classrooms of 21, students in alone

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The site that teaches the basics of chemistry to everyone! Tutorials on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry. They are paid advertisements and neither partners nor recommended web sites. Specific links for books on Amazon. Chemistry Chemistry Tutorial Chemistry Tutorials. Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry. Award winning periodic table, with user-friendly element data and facts.

Cool, online chemistry videos, dictionary, tools and forum. Similarly, Mendeleev discovered gallium eka-aluminum and scandium eka-boron on paper, because he predicted their existence and their properties before their actual discoveries. Although Mendeleev had made a crucial breakthrough, he made little further Chemistry help, high school chemistry , college chemistry , chemistry tutorial, chemistry.

The pages on this website are the chemistry lecture notes, including charts and diagrams, that I have developed over the past several years for teaching chemistry. I have published these notes to provide chemistry help for high school and college chemistry students.

These chemistry lecture notes The Royal Society of Chemistry. Advancing excellence, connecting chemical scientists and shaping the future of the chemical sciences for the benefit of humanity.

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase is a Royal Society of Chemistry outreach initiative, bringing portable spectrometers into the classrooms of 21, students in alone The Organic Chemistry Portal offers an overview of recent topics, interesting reactions and information on important chemicals for organic chemists.

Find the most important name reactions in organic chemistry , stability data for the most frequently used protective groups, protection and Chemistry Guide - Chemistry Search Engine. The directory and search engine of chemistry related resources on the Internet. Our search engine allows you to search the contents of more than chemistry website. The ChemCollective student page has links to practice problems and tutorials on various topics. College physics for students of biology and chemistry - This hypertextbook by Ken Koehler is nicely organized and is the ideal place to go when your Chemistry textbook lets you down.

How to pass chemistry - sound advice that is widely ignored. Chemistry Problems - worked examples - This About. Chemistry Packets by veteran teacher Mark Rosengarten. A collection of notes and worksheets in pdf format in two unit sets, one for honors, and the other for Regents Chemistry. Each unit begins with a nicely-organized set of definitions and notes, and contines with worksheets that can serve as student homework.

Although directed at the high school, these materials can serve as a good review for college chemistry students. Purdue University General Chemistry Topics - Notes and practice problems on a large number of topics. ChemSpider "is a free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 58 million structures from hundreds of data sources.

In , I created a list of some of the better videos that I considered worth recommnding to others. One site speciallity is the structure and naming of organic compounds. ChemistryCoach is a high school course support page of enclyclopedic proportions. Authored by Bob Jacobs of Wilton High School , this well-organized site contains hundreds of links that will be of interest to students at both the high school and first-year college levels.

ChemThink - This new site consists of a series of interactive quiz-based tutorials. There are also some laboratory simulatons.

Registration is required, but is free. Look in the left-hand frame to see what topics are available. Merlin's Principles of Alchemy is a chemistry hypertextbook in the form of a large set of HTML files that users download and then view with their Web browsers off-line.

It is organized in an interesting way, and is intended to support users having a wide range of backgrounds and capabilities, including home-schoolers and adult learners. There is a nominal charge for downloading the material. Quantum theory and the atom - a well-organized and understandable set of Web pages covering quantum mechanics and its applications, including such practical ones as cat scans and microwave ovens.

Well worth a look! Virtual Chemistry Experiments - a collection of interative web-based chemistry tutorials. The tutorials employ Physlets and Chemistry Applets to simulate experiments or depict molecular and atomic structure. Topics include equilibria, kinetics, coordination chemistry, and crystal structure. David Blauch, Davidson College. What is Chemistry all about? An introduction to chemical science. This tutorial attempts to present the major concepts that define modern chemistry, without, of course, getting into the gory details!

The unit concludes with an illustrated summary of the main currents of modern chemistry. Lower, Simon Fraser U. Thorough coverage of the basic ideas relating to units and dimensions, the SI system, accuracy, precision, and uncertainty in measurements, significant figures and rounding off, treatment of random and systematic error, standard deviation.

LeChatelier's Principle interactive quiz by Gary Bertrand. ChemBalancer and Element Quiz - four games you can play online. Balancing Chemical Equations - reactions, organized into easy, intermediate, and "challenging". Introduction to basic atomics, mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations, and nomenclature - S.

Lower, SFU these five lessons offer in-depth treatment of these topics at an introductory level. Other lessons cover an elementary treatment of pH and titration, how to recognize acidic and basic substances from their structures, and a gallery of commonly-encountered acids and bases. Aside from the material on pH, there is no math in this lesson set; acid-base equilibrium calculations are not covered here.

Acid-base without algebra A simple graphical method of solving pH problems that gives as good answers as algebraic solutions and provides a global view of what species are significant at any pH. Especially useful for polyprotic systems which would otherwise require solution of many simultaneous equations. Acid-base tutorial PDF format; Dan Dill, Boston U - this excellent tutorial covers all the major topics commonly encountered at the general chemistry level, with an unusualy thorough treatment of buffer systems.

ChemBuddy pH Calculation tutorials - an extensive set of online tutorials covering most aspects of acid-base calculations. A good collection of titration- and other plots. The fall of the proton: Will this acid react with that base?

How to understand acid-base reactions This simple view of modern acid-base theory dates from , but still hasn't made it into the standard textbooks. Acid-base review UNC-Chapel Hill offers a compact treatment of the fundamentals of acid-base calculations. Acid-base titration simulator - this easy-to-use page allows you to explore a large variety of acid-base systems, including polyprotic ones. There is also the choice of using "first-year" or mass-charge balance methods.

Atoms and the periodic table - a six-chapter first-year level treatment of basic quantum theory, atomic spectra, electron configurations, chemical periodicity and the organization of the periodic table. Lower's General Chemistry Virtual Textbook. Introduction to the electronic structure of atoms and molecules - a well-organized series of pages which extend into chemical bonding. Alfred Bader, McMaster U. Primer on Quantum Theory of the Atom - A set of in-frequently asked questions in the form of a quantum catechism.

Atomic orbital visualization - see the The Orbitron: What is an orbital? The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements - This PBS video " is an exciting three-part series about one of the great adventures in the history of science: They're the hidden ingredients of everything in our world, from the carbon in our bodies to the metals in our smartphones. To unlock their secrets, David Pogue, technology columnist and lively host of NOVA's popular "Making Stuff" series, spins viewers through the world of weird, extreme chemistry: All about chemical bonding Steve Lower, SFU - this part site provides in-depth coverage of everything you need to know about molecular structure and bonding at the General Chemistry level.

Includes separate sections on polar covalence, VESPR, hybrid orbitals, molecular orbitals, coordination complexes and metals.

Models of chemical bonding - Do chemical bonds really exist? Nobody has ever "seen" one, so the best we can do is construct models. Here is a brief summary of those you should know about.

Covalent, ionic, or what? Coming to terms with covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding, and with mixtures thereof. Guaranteed to give you more insight to this than your textbook does! The electron-tunneling model of chemical bonding How can those electron-dot diagrams showing shared electrons happily sitting between the nuclei be consistent with the principle that opposite charges attract?

The model described here is the simplest one that really explains bonding, but you are unlikely to find it in any textbook! All about Electrochemistry - An in-depth, comprehensive treatment Steve Lower. Baird of Brown Univ. Includes numerous examples of application of kinetic molecular theory and a section on real gases. Part of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook. Interactions between molecular units - this tutorial for first-year students looks at ionic-, van der Waals attractions, and the universal repulsive force, and how these lead to potential energy curves.

Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics - An introduction to rates of reaction, rate laws, half-life, activation energy, the Arrhenius equation, and reaction mechanisms. Kinetics Explorer - an introduction to the study of chemical kinetics based on the exploration of dynamic phenomena. Includes some good simulations. Online kinetics simulator from Gary Bertrand.

The mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations - these three chapters of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook provide in-depth treatment at an elementary level. Atomic, molecular and formula masses or "weights" - a nice tutorial, with built-in quiz, for beginning students. Balancing Chemical Equations - this ChemTeam site provides numerous links and drills. The fall of the electron. How to predict the direction of oxidation-reduction reactions.

Discussion of the activity series of the elements and of oxidation-reduction in metabolism. ChemTeam lessons on oxidation-reduction. This Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory site allows you to explore the world of fundamental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques.

What few people realized — and the Curies were reluctant to admit — was the great harm this radioactive element could do. For periodic table T-shirts, neckties, etc. Eric Scerri, author of The Periodic Table: The Periodic Table of Videos - This is not just another periodic table, but a huge resource that has expanded to include more than videos, mostly quite short.

At its simplest, you just click on an element, and watch a two-minute video that describes the element and its uses. There is also a larger series of " Molecular Videos " that describes different chemical substances and their uses — all designed to convey the fascination of Chemistry. Chinese periodic tables - Yes, there are such things!

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What are the top 10 websites a chemistry student must visit? Update Cancel. ad by Hotjar. and it may help with high school and college classes. A good tutoring website is CHEMTUTOR, There is a few useful relatively advanced general chemistry sites.

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Chemistry Help and Problems In our chemistry help section, you'll find a broad range of topics from very basic chemistry all the way through some more advanced organic chemistry topics. Browse our chemistry topics below, or contact one of our chemistry tutors for private help. Looking for the web's Top Chemistry Sites? is the leading directory of popular Chemistry Tutorial, Chemistry, Chemistry Tutor, & Chemistry Jobs sites. Log In My Account. Home > Chemistry Sites > Top Chemistry Sites: Chemistry help, high school chemistry, college chemistry.