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Are You a Freelance Writer? Check These 20 Sites that Pay You to Write


❶I started Copypress as an advanced writer. But if they do dock you, you lose your status and have to start over from zero.

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I did a short stint with Suite several years ago when I wanted to break into travel writing. At the time, I was working as a travel planner. To start, you had to write a sample article, a few hundred words on a topic of your choice. Editors then approve you as a writer, at which point you were required to write seven articles a month, I believe in I only did it that first month before I saw the writing on the wall. Suite gives you a byline, and you are paid via paypal periodically. That was supposedly better paying work, but you have to choose from their titles like a content mill and compete against lots of other writers like a job board.

And you have to write the piece on spec. So lots of disadvantages there. I started writing for Examiner. I was lucky that I had a built-in audience since I already write for a TV Magazine site for free, sadly.

Anyway, at first, I was doing great. I did even better the second month, but I was writing over articles.

They forget their own rules and sometimes they dock you for dumb things and other times, they miss glaring errors. It just depends on which volunteer is editing the copy that day. But if they do dock you, you lose your status and have to start over from zero. There is zero communication. I wrote for Examiner, too.

You can write anything you want. But I never got paid a cent from them. For all those pay-per-click sites, you have to write a ton of pieces before you see any return. How much you earn depends on how many articles you write, the popularity of your topic, and the amount of time you invest in promoting yourself. The other wonky thing? I am the Netherlands Travel Examiner. The new kid on the block is Blogmutt.

Customers sign up to have blogs written for their business based on a selection of keywords. However, when you get out of your expertise area, providing blog topics on such things as battery backup systems, real estate in Alaska or IT management you can get bogged down in research in a hurry. The site owner is very good about keeping the customers in line with their demands. Customers rate their own posts on a star system. This can cause your blog to slide down the list.

While content mills are a good place to see if your writing is commercially acceptable, staying in the mills is nothing more than intellectual slavery. Waiting for this little pay is particularly unfavorable. Only one editor was ever helpful there. She was awesome, to say the least. Also, any mistakes, even minor ones are immediately reported to the content manager. The CM will kick you out of the system if the lead editor complains to her.

Work was never consistent since they had lost two seriously generous clients. And, if your work is not up to par, CP will cut your pay by half. There is no byline on anything.

All content is ghostwritten so the client can put their name on it. But, the company killed CFB not long after it was launched. I did inquire of running it for them, but I never heard back from them after the initial conversation.

Now, there was a huge variety of topics when they had work. I wrote on gambling, technology, property management, business, product descriptions, education, law, and more. There were always so many different topics I was never bored. But, like I said, work was scarce, so I jumped on the opportunity when higher pay came up. Unreliability is the word that comes to my mind. Yeah, it sounds great, right?

I loved CP when they started. The team they had was genuine and awesome. You may want to set up your gravatar: Currently my writing skill is at beginning level. Hi Hamim, we all have to start from a beginner level. With practice, you can improve your skills. Glad you are going to bookmark the page and that you found it useful. Thanks for sharing your views.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular because people want to take control of their lives and start their own things. Websites that pay for writing is great ways for freelancing newbies to make some cash and grow their portfolio. I think that people should eventually branch out from using sites that pay for their writing if they want to grow their own business and make more money.

The sites that you have listed here are some great sites. Some of them I have not heard of and will have to look more into them. Hi Lawrence, hope you can find some freelance writing opportunities, thanks to these sites. Thanks for checking out the post and for commenting. Good list, let me try with iwriter for no and if i get more orders will focus on other sites too. What you say Erik? From experience, Rekhilesh, the more places you have to find job opportunitie, the more chance you have to build a solid income.

Of course, with time. Great list of sites to get paid for writing. I knew only three of the sites mentioned in this post. Will give a try with others. Thanks for sharing this list.

As a freelance writer, I know that the more websites you join, the more chance to have business opportunities. Bunches of information from this website each and every time, and the great list for freelancer worker and these kinds of information is highly valuable and noteworthy, I bookmarked of this linked.

Thanks for shared and enjoyed to reading this post once again! I just dropped by to tell that I got a little success in my writing job. This article informed me about dotwriter and I tried it few times. I got rejected the first 3 times. But I submitted one more, of course, the previous 3 had taught me a lot. Good to hear you are getting a positive experience with freelance writing. Of course, the more you write, the more you become skilled. This is a common practice to follow for everything you want to improve.

Hi Erik, I am pleased to read this post and commend you on your effort to create awareness for budding writers, opening new gateways for them to enter the domain of marketing content. This is a good opportunity for starters, to not only earn but also learn in the process. Erik, this is an amazing resource for people like me.

I started my freelance writing career with a website called i writers, and thought it was the only resource available for freelancers who like to write and make money through it.

I write in Android News or How to Niche. Can you suggest me which site is suitable for me? To start, you can register to these networks that are going to help you find sponsorships opportunities:.

I am just stepping into this adventure and gathering information. Thank you so much! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments Nice list, Erik! Sites like TextBroker and iWriter: I need to check CrowdSource, even if the payment for the tasks is a bit low. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Michael. Hi Christopher, glad to see you here and thanks for reading the post. Thanks for adding those resources.

Going to check right now the other one you mentioned. Appreciate your visit and comment, have a good day! Hi Sunday, glad you liked this post, with all the resources mentioned. Hi Erik, Nice list, indeed! You can go here to sign up at Writer Access or read the Writer Access review which is need of updating so don't fully trust the info there. The exact rate depends on the writing topics and styles. One great thing about this place is that they do pay every week with Paypal. You can also Need An Article review we wrote.

They often have openings worldwide. Rather than give writers a star rating, editors give each article a star rating. You can go here to sign up at Writer's Domain or read the Writer's Domain review. I hope this list helps you if you were looking for more sites like Textbroker. Also, it's nice to receive weekly pay. This is the most profitable route to take as a freelance writer.

You can get your own clients and set your own rates, which you cannot really do with content sites like the ones listed above. A six-figure income is not outside the realm of possibility when you're running your own business. Not sure what you'd write about? She's also written an incredibly detailed guide on working for yourself as a freelance writer if you're interested in getting a lot more information on how to go about it.

Thanks for the great article. We are accepting writers worldwide and have hundreds of articles each month. Weekly payouts each Friday via Paypal currently looking into additional payout options but open to feedback on that front. Thanks for sharing this with us. Just wanted to let you know that the family owned small business Needanarticle.

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Textbroker is an incredibly popular content writing site because they're hard to beat in many areas, especially for beginners: they now pay weekly, they accept people with no writing experience, and their editors give you quality reviews that will actually help you become a better writer over time.. And if you're lucky enough to get promoted to level .

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Find the best sites like Textbroker and locate the best article writing service for your needs today. Explore the top writing sites online right now!

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If you like the idea of working from home, you’ll love these freelance writing sites like Textbroker. Start working from home now! Websites like TextBroker are somewhat hard to find, especially when it comes to the amount of available articles. While The Content Authority is generally similar to TextBroker, they seem to start all writers at the bottom .

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