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Undergraduate Studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) encourages and facilitates research opportunities for UC Davis undergraduates in all majors and class levels. We offer awards and activities to support undergraduate research across the university.

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Whether you’re interested in laboratories or libraries, at UC Davis you can get hands-on research experience. And you’ll be working with top-notch faculty mentors and some of the best graduate students in the world. Undergraduates are encouraged to dive into research at UC Davis.

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The opportunities to do real-world research as an undergraduate at UC Davis are limitless. Collaborate with faculty Faculty and other researchers in nearly every discipline across the college frequently seek undergraduate students to . Undergraduate research looks great on your transcript and resume. Most employers and graduate programs in chemistry strongly recommend, if not require, some prior independent research experience. It may also offer insights into career possibilities by giving you an idea of what research fields interest you.

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Present your findings at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference or other symposia, and possibly co-author a published paper Build relationships with faculty, which can lead to personalized letters of recommendation. A hallmark of the UC Davis undergraduate experience is working alongside graduate students and faculty to conduct scientific research. But too often, undergraduates must make a difficult choice between accepting an unpaid internship or finding a part-time job unrelated to their academic interests.