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West Tennessee Regional Winners

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Middle Tennessee Regional Winners

To be eligible for the top award, teachers must advance through a tiered selection process: Region 7 is one of 20 educational service centers ESCs in Texas that facilitate the Regional Teacher of the Year awards for the districts in its service area, which includes districts and charter schools across 17 East Texas counties.

Find instructions on how to implement the TOY program at your campus or in your district. Selection processes vary by ESC. As the program coordinator in Region 7, I find three to five judges different every year who are former East Texas area educators and administrators to review and score the applications based on a set of criteria.

The candidates receiving the highest elementary score and the highest secondary score are named Region 7 Teachers of the Year. TASA then conducts its process for selecting six finalists out of the 40 regional candidates. One of the two state winners is selected to represent Texas in the National Teacher of the Year program. At the regional and state levels, the TOY program often is viewed by teachers as a rigorous process, due to a series of essay questions that require the nominees to reflect on and describe their professional experiences, views on current educational issues, and the teaching profession.

In an educational environment clouded with bad press, ongoing legislative change, pressures of high-stakes testing, and poor public perception, learning to recognize the great things teachers are doing statewide is another important aspect for TOY program participants.

Ultimately, a teacher is then able to support the teaching profession in a meaningful way. Crews says the support is evident in her new network of fellow Teachers of the Year.

Teachers are very hard on themselves and sometimes we just need to be reminded that tomorrow is a new day. Appreciation is a basic human need, and Teachers of the Year are well-deserving of being celebrated in front of their peers, administrators, students and community. Administrators should take care to ensure the ceremonies and events are special. In , our ESC Region 7 digital learning specialist and I packed up a camera and visited the two regional winners at their campuses.

The outcome was two great five-minute videos of each regional winner, teaching and telling their stories. We played the videos when we announced each teacher at the reception, which clearly moved nearly everyone in the room. The videos were posted to our website. It reminds us of why we do what we do. Abernethy calls the names of each nominee to walk to the front of the room, where several other Region 7 administrators present them with a certificate and gift.

Last year, we added a slideshow that displayed a slide for the nominees as their names were called. The slides included their pictures and quotes from their applications. I accept them where they are in life and we grow together. I continue to learn from them as much as they learn from me. They spend the day unloading supplies, preparing food, administering first aid, patching tires, and performing pieces like 'Theme from Rocky' or 'Uptown Funk'.

Bunn, can you call my other teacher so we can stay for another five minutes to figure this problem out? We almost got it. The hope is that every single student will have opportunities to discover their strengths and explore their passions. My message has always been that it is not about us, it is about the kids in our classroom. I car about what kind of person you are. It ensures that today is the day that something new will be learned, a song will be sung, a laugh will be shared, a friend will be made, and a moment may occur that will be remembered long after this day has passed.

I stand back, stay out of their way, and watch 34 students work as a team. I challenge my students to take risks as we share a classroom in which issues of race, class, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and political beliefs intersect and are thoroughly examined. Students are eager to get started every day. As one student exclaimed, "We're going to rock it today, aren't we, Mrs. I believe this chaos is learning at its best. I am not the holder of all knowledge. I am a facilitator of learning for the 21st Century student.

Dare to be different. Dare to be the first one. Dare to sound smart, to get caught doing something kind, to be respectful to adults, to help someone in need, to stand up to a bully. The mental exhaustion involved is difficult to even quantify. In terms of personal accomplishment and contributions to society, again for me, nothing compares to a careen in teaching. Helena High School, St.

I am a constant cheerleader of teaching. I'll bend anyone's ear as to why one should pursue this career.

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My teacher is like that. Her name is Ms. Young and she’s changed the way I see the world. She isn’t one of those teachers that will give it their all just to be liked by the students. She honestly doesn't fit in a category of teachers. Although it’s her first year teaching at High Tech Middle she fit in immediately.

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qualifications for Teacher of the Year. Letter provides some anecdotal or statistical evidence of the following: collaboration, expert instruction, student success as a result of the candidate’s work. () 3 - Letter provides a good description of the candidate and includes observations from a classroom setting.

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California Teachers of the Year; California Teachers of the Year Awardees Comments California Teachers of the Year Awardees share comments and personal reflections and about the California Teachers of the Year Program. Message to Fellow Teachers () Budget cuts threaten to cripple the educational system, so what can teachers do to still continue to grow? We are still expected to meet high academic standards, with fewer resources, so teachers must rely on each other and their vast .

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