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Curious Campaign: Which senators will get a six-year term and which will only get three?

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❶Elapsed time between House of Representatives elections, by period months Table 5: By event Timeline of U.

The Recount method

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How will the new terms be decided?
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In the election for example, the Australian Democrats received % of the vote and secured % (or 5) of the 40 available seats in the Senate. They received % of the vote for the House of Representatives, but were not successful in .

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After a double dissolution election, section 13 of the Constitution requires the Senate to divide the senators into two classes, with the first class having a three-year "short term", and the second class a six-year "long term".

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However, if the House of Representatives maximum term became four years, with no alteration of Senate terms, simultaneous elections would be much rarer. The question of Senate terms therefore cannot sensibly be avoided in any discussion of the possibility of extending House terms to four years. Australia has 76 senators, 12 from each state and two from both the Northern Territory and the ACT. State senators are usually elected to staggered six-year terms, with half of each state's senators facing the electorate every three years.

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So, 36 senators will get a three-year term and 36 senators will get a six-year term. For a normal election senators need to achieve a "quota" of one-seventh of the overall vote or per cent. For a double-dissolution election the "quota" that needs to be reached is much lower, one-thirteenth of the share or per cent. There is no fixed term of office for Senators in Australia. A Senator's term starts on the day of a general election for the House of Representatives and ends the day before the next such election.