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Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Recycle

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❶They think they are above recycling. I hope to encourage recycling because many people I know still don't do their part.

1. Recycling Promotes Economic Growth

Problems With Plastic
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Top 10 Reasons to Recycle

This is the roadblock we will continue to face moving forward. If we want to open doors to the large-scale recycling of more waste streams, we need to bypass the typical economic barriers that continue to make landfills and incinerators look so attractive. In , Tom left Princeton University as a freshman to launch a worm-poop-based fertilizer company. In , the company expanded to start collecting difficult-to-recycle… [Read more about Tom Szaky].

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Create new account Request new password. Time to Address the Growth vs Happiness Conundrum. Developing a Circular Narrative: The Case of Relooping Fashion. Most Recently Viewed in the Library. Common household items that contain recycled materials include the following:. Recycled materials are also used in new ways such as recovered glass in asphalt to pave roads or recovered plastic in carpeting and park benches.

You help close the recycling loop by buying new products made from recycled materials. There are thousands of products that contain recycled content. When you go shopping, look for the following:. Some of the common products you can find that can be made with recycled content include the following:. This study analyzes the numbers of jobs, wages and tax revenues attributed to recycling.

The study found that in a single year, recycling and reuse activities in the United States accounted for:. This equates to 1. For more information, check out the full report. Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Jump to main content. Why would anyone want to fill a hole in the ground with valuable and useful materials? Did you know that 1 ton of paper requires 3 cubic yards of landfill space?

Take aluminum for example. The rest ends up in a landfill. These are some very significant statistics; can you imagine all of the valuable material that is currently sitting in landfills all over the country? It is quite foreseeable that in the near future old landfills will be reopened and mined for their precious materials.

It is a fact that the world needs paper. The average American uses between and pounds of paper each year. This includes writing paper, paper packaging, cardboard, and mail. If all of that paper was recycled instead of thrown away, up million tons of wood could be saved each year. Since paper can only be recycled times before the fibers become to weak to use, our use of virgin trees may never be completely eliminated.

However, recycling paper can still have a significant impact on the amount of trees that we cut down. The good thing is that America is making progress on this issue.

Today, there are more trees in the United States than there were 85 years ago. This is largely the results of replanting and tree farming efforts, but some of it can be attributed to recycling. Trees are a very important natural resource and asset because they produce oxygen, create habitats, and improve human morale.

Simply put, recycling saves more energy and produce less carbon dioxide emissions than any other method of waste management. Air pollution is reduced because there is significantly less energy consumed during the manufacturing and distribution processes as opposed to using raw materials instead. The Many Reasons Why. Recycling Benefits to the Economy.

Environmental Impacts from Mining. I Love a San Diego. Why is Recycling Important? National Resources Defense Council. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Recycling has become essential nowadays. Very informative and interesting hub.

Phoebe Pike - Yeah there really aren't any good reasons these days for not recycling. I hope to encourage recycling because many people I know still don't do their part. Informative and a good reminder to those who haven't kept up with their "Green" side. Daniella - That's great news!

It feels really good knowing that you are doing for part. I've been wanting to get into recycling for a while, but up until recently I haven't lived in an area with a recycling program. I'll definitely start recycling now that I'm in an area that has a recycling program.

Thanks for the information! Beata Stasak - Sorry to hear that the recycling facility was full. That is really unfortunate. I hope that someone realizes that by sending stuff to the landfill they are really just throwing away money.

Thank you for reminding, we know it is important but we are so set in our old ways

Why Recycle Plastic?

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And in , the first recycling center opened in New York City. From those early efforts, paper recycling has continued to grow until, today, more paper is recycled (if measured by weight) than all of the glass, plastic, and aluminum combined.

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Reasons Why You Should Recycle by Jason Brennan Share. Recycling has numerous environmental benefits. Recycling saves energy, conserves natural resources, limits pollution, and supports several sectors of the economy. -Almost 40% of America's waste is paper and could be recycled, meaning fewer trees cut down.

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Eco-Cycle’s Ten Reasons to Recycle 4 pollutants are simply transferred to the fly ash, the hazardous residue which must then be disposed of at a hazardous waste landfill. 7. Recycling creates jobs. For every one job at a landfill, there are ten jobs in recycling processing and 25 . Recycling paper is important for many reasons. Our energy supply and space are not unlimited, so recycling paper increases the sustainability of both these and many other important aspects of our environmental impact. One of the primary reasons to recycle paper .

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10 Good Reasons to Recycle “You CAN make a difference” It takes 75, trees each week to produce the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Care2 Healthy Living | 5 Reasons Why People Don't Recycle and 5 Reasons They Should. START A PETITION) 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Recycle and 5 Reasons They Should. tweet email. a Care2 favorite by Ronnie Citron Paper recycling alone saves millions of trees. 4. “Recycling is .