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International Relations: Sample Essay on Poverty in Africa

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❶Getting rid of barriers to trade could lift almost million people in the developing world out of poverty poverty, To fix this this problem all African countries must provide free and compulsory education at least at the elementary and fundamental stages, as required by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also known as the UN Kaifala,


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Social Security and Social Welfare. The apartheid regime in South Africa contributed significantly towards the destruction of family and community life in several ways.

Since then the government has transformed various programs aimed at improving the social welfare policies and ensuring the attainment of social developmental goals. The achievement of these basic social protection rights was established irrespective of color, race, religion and physical disability Pempel, , p. The government has focused on creating robust, balanced and dynamic economic policies to meet the basic needs of people in the country.

For these systems to be achieved the state has established participatory, accountable and transparent policy-making procedures in both the private as well as government sectors for sustainable improvements in services and income.

Through the monetary and fiscal policy, the government of South Africa aims to alleviate inequalities in income and wealth as well as expand productive opportunities so that to support small and micro enterprises.

Utilization of capital remains a key factor in the government of South Africa to promote growth in production of goods which were previously imported. This policy has led to a significant contribution to foreign exchange earning thus addressing economic growth in the country. Therefore, the table below indicates the growth incidences over the past ten years regarding economic development.

The government has made significant progress in developing a plan for social transformation in the reconstruction and development program. This strategy ideally has helped the people of South Africa to acquire massive human resource development resulting of new attitudes towards work. The nation implemented the property rights which are the most important poverty reduction strategies. Securing property rights to land is vital to most societies in South Africa. The land is the most basic need for rural residents, and the apartheid policies pushed millions of black South African into overcrowded and improvised reserves.

The introduction of the agrarian reform program by the government has enabled the citizens of South Africa to build the economy through rural developments. The program aimed at securing tenure for rural dwellers and strengthens the economy by generating large-scale employment, eliminating overcrowding and increasing rural incomes.

Under this program, the government of South Africa has made it possible for the poor and disadvantaged people to buy and access land for residential as well as productive purposes to improve their livelihoods.

The growth of local economies has helped to improve the quality of rural life. The development efforts by the government of South Africa have enabled the majority of small-scale farmers to create a functionally efficient, integrated as well as equitable distribution of resources in rural areas. The table below therefore gives a clear picture on how economic growth in South Africa has improved the living standards of people in both rural and urban areas.

Industry, Trade, and Commerce. Trade and industrial policy is ideally a solid strategy that the government of South Africa has integrated to address the growth and poverty in the country. Prudent implementation of monetary policies in particular increase in public sector investment, interest rates and gross investment in the industry resulting in productivity and foster innovation.

The government has developed more cost-effective incentives schemes designed to improve performance and reduce the bias against small and medium-sized exporters. However, essentially, the government has employed the aspect of commercialization and privatization of companies to identify new economies sites of competitive advantage Tran, , p Central to such an endeavor, the government has increased engagements with regional and international trade as well as the development of social and economic infrastructure so that to bring more dynamic business environment.

The government has made easier for the black people to access capital for business development. Additionally, the policies aim to empower women and youth by ensuring no discrimination occurs in financial institutions.

The state and private companies also provide capital for the attainment of black economic empowerment objectives. From the national economy and economy policy standpoint, government agencies have provided infrastructure and skills to raise income and create healthier working conditions in small businesses. The table, therefore, illustrates the growth regarding revenues generated through the help of the government of South Africa from both state and private companies thus addressing the issue of poverty and growth.

The government needs to start providing funds to not only increase the number of students in primary school, but secondary and post secondary school.

If education continues to be put on the back burner the continent will continue to lag behind in human development. To fix this this problem all African countries must provide free and compulsory education at least at the elementary and fundamental stages, as required by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also known as the UN Kaifala, The first thing that needs to be done to eradicate poverty in Africa to increase production and economic development is to one achieve universal primary education.

By at least offering universal primary education will kids an opportunity to learn and receive an education could potentially encourage the kids further their education in secondary school or post-secondary school. Another thing that needs to be accomplished to reduce the poverty rate in Africa is reducing the child mortality.

Thirty years ago, one in five children in the world died before their fifth birthday. Now it is less than one in ten. Better access to vaccinations and other basic health services and improved living standards have contributed to a steep decline in global deaths among infants and children over the past 30 years. By reducing the child mortality it would increase productivity and increase economic development.

As long as Africa continues to offer vaccinations and other basic health services they will continually be contributing in the plan to eradicate poverty.

Ensuring environmental sustainability is another way to eradicate poverty in Africa. Some of the poorest people in Africa depend on Natural resources for a healthy diet, water, shelter, and medicines.

This means these people are often more vulnerable to disasters and hazards such as flooding, landslides and pollution brought about or exacerbated by environmental degradation. By ensuring environmental sustainability it ensures that the government will help the people out in coming up with ways to avoid damages and losses during an environmental degradation.

The next thing that Africa needs to do to eradicate poverty out of Africa is to develop a global partnership for development. Getting rid of barriers to trade could lift almost million people in the developing world out of poverty poverty, By accomplishing these things it will not only help to eradicate poverty, but to also increase economic development.

Although there is a lot that needs to change in Africa to eradicate poverty to increase productivity and economic development Africa has already begun to try and make a change. With programs like the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which aims to cut poverty statistics in half by the year , Africa is headed on the right track to come out of poverty.

Over the years there has been some great progress to eradicate poverty, which is helping productivity and economic development in Africa.

Although it has been small changes everything adds up. Kenya has introduced free primary education, which has brought 1. As well as 1, new schools have been built and 18, teachers recruited to teach in Tanzania. With this accomplishments so far there is no telling how much better Africa will get with the continued work that is being done to eradicate poverty in Africa to increase productivity, and economic development. Child Poverty in Africa Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Poverty in Africa specifically for you.

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Poverty in Africa Essay example Words 6 Pages African nations regularly fall to the bottom of any list measuring economic activity, such as per capita income or per capita GDP, despite a .

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Poverty has many dimensions and causes, and it is clear that different kinds of action are needed at different levels (international, regional, national and sub-national) if it is to. be significantly reduced. Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. Africa is the world's poorest inhabited continent.

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Report on Poverty in Africa Introduction This report investigates poverty around the world and considers whether all the people around the world have realized about poverty in Africa these days. The report . Chad, a Poverty Stricken Country in Africa Essay - There are many problems the continent of Africa faces, for example, underdevelopment, AIDS, and a corrupt government. However, one issue that contributes to all these factors and plauges present day Africa is .

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Poverty in Africa has contributed to the spread of preventable diseases, the exploitation of woman and children, violent conflict over scarce resources and political instability. It is important that the world community not only acknowledges the reality of poverty in Africa, but nations and individuals should focus their energy and resources to do something about it. Poverty in Africa Almost a half of the African population live in extreme poverty. Despite all the international efforts, there has not been much progress in eliminating misery and starvation on this continent since the s.