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Personal Statement of Beliefs/Philosophy about Nursing

Personal Philosophy of Nursing essay

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Besides possessing necessary medical knowledge after lots of studying and testing, they need to work with their patients without any prejudice or personal bias. Nursing is a practice that includes proper behavior in the workplace, proper treatment of patients, and respect for their employer and facility.

Lastly, nurses need to include their own personal goals in their nursing philosophy. This is a promise to themselves and others that they will continue to grow in their profession.

Here are a few nursing philosophy examples to help you get started:. It can be just a short personal statement about how you intend to treat others on all occasions in your life:. You will find it life is much better if you give someone a smile and kind words rather than mean looks and anger. Have respect for others no matter who they are.

You cannot judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes. One of the longer nursing philosophy examples is a bit more wordy and explains in detail your every wish for practicing nursing. This may be for a required nursing school assignment or a personal goal:. It is one of the Fine Arts: The finest of Fine Arts. As a nurse I will strive to uphold the dreams that Florence Nightingale had for the profession and appreciate the art in human beauty.

I will always believe that we are a part of something bigger and promote the human connection by always striving to help others. I understand nurses are entrusted with the lives of others every day.

I will always try to understand the needs of others whether; physical, psychological, or emotional. As a sculptor uses his tools to create his craft, I will utilize my tools to create healing and comfort.

I will always strive to maintain the knowledge I need, as well as the careful eye for changes. With this, I can craft the nursing care plan to fully meet the needs of my patient.

I will use all of my skills for keeping a sterile environment and administer medications safely. I will be an advocate for my patients. I will always keep in mind the ethics needed to uphold confidentiality and legal protection. I honor and respect diversity. I will practice my art in appreciation of the beauty in different cultures, religions, and colors of the human race.

In practicing nursing, I will learn firsthand from my experiences. Through such interaction and teamwork, nurses can reach positive outcomes in their performance as well as they can help doctors to maximize the effectiveness of their performance too.

The positive ambiance and health organizational culture based on positive relations between nurses and other health care professionals increases the effectiveness of the organizational performance and helps health care organizations to provide health care services effectively. However, nurses should take care not only of the health of patients but they should also pay a lot of attention to their own health.

For instance, I try to lead an active lifestyle and practice sport. In such a way, I maintain my body in a good physical shape and I can say that I am a healthy person that is very important for a nurse because nurses are always exposed to a risk of contracting an infectious disease.

The healthy nursing staff is more resistant to infections Mages, Therefore, if nurses are healthy, they will perform effectively because they will not need to take leave because of their own health problems. At the moment, I have a short-run plan for the next two years. I expect to become a professional nurse and to practice basic skills and apply my knowledge in the field of nursing, which I have acquired during my learning.

By the end of two years, I expect to perform as well as my colleagues do. By the end of a five year term, I expect to take a senior position in the nursing staff.

Such progress is essential for my further career development. During this time, I have to keep learning and conducting scientific researches in the field of my interest.

In ten years, I expect to keep working in the senior nursing staff and help my colleagues to enhance their professional skills and abilities. At the same time, I am eager to do some volunteer job. This is why I plan to participate in a volunteer project providing nursing care services for those in need in ten years from now on. The achievement of my professional goals will depend on my ability to realize my full potential.

At the moment, I have strengths, which can help me to reach my goals. To put it more precisely, I am success-oriented and I am interested in nursing.

This is why my motivation is high and I am still eager to learn and work hard to achieve the goals, which I have set. My professional development is crucial for me because I do want to make a successful career in nursing and health care services. However, my career is not my ultimate goal. What I really want and I believe this is my strength is helping patients to cope with their health problems.

In such a way, I will have to work hard to reach my goals. On the other hand, I understand that, just like any other person, I have certain weaknesses which limit my opportunities and may affect my career development. I must remember that my patients are not room numbers or medical conditions, but individuals that require and deserve individualized attention and care.

Nurses should use clinical judgment to help meet the needs of the patient. As advocates, we should empower patients by encouraging them to become active partners in their own care and engage in mutual goal-setting between ourselves and the patient.

Nurses should maintain patient confidentiality except when we have a duty to report as mandated by law. We must educate patients and their families on diseases, treatments, and healthy behaviors in order to improve their outcomes. We should also strive to model positive healthy behaviors in our own lives in the belief that we will provide better care to others if we care for ourselves first. Nurses have a commitment to keep current in knowledge and skills and seek self-enhancement through perpetual learning.

By doing this, we will not remain stagnant in our beliefs, but evolve professionally through evidence-based practice and technological advances. My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will always continue learning, not only from textbooks and journals, but from interactions with other members of the healthcare team and by being involved in the experiences of the patients and their families.

My personal core values and beliefs as an individual are kindness, honesty, persistence, lifelong learning, security, family, and success in achieving my goals. I use these values and beliefs to make personal decisions and live my every day life. I believe that the core of nursing is caring, knowledge, and integrity.

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing UCF November 25, Personal Philosophy of Nursing My personal definition of nursing is taking care of my patient as a whole; using my knowledge, being compassionate and caring, respectful and honest.

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In my opinion nursing is something more that taking care of the other person’s life. I also believe that there is more into nursing than that simple definition of this term. Generally, being a nurse is the dream of my whole life, first of all, because it is a very influential and rewarding profession.

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My personal philosophy of nursing incorporates components of the traditional nursing metaparadigm (Monti & Tingen, ) while also incorporating the concept of social justice proposed by Schim, Benkert, Bell, Walker and Danford (). My personal core values and beliefs as an individual are kindness, honesty, persistence, lifelong learning, security, family, and success in achieving my goals. I use these values and beliefs to make personal decisions and live my every day life. I believe that the core of nursing is caring, knowledge, and integrity.

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My philosophy is one which I will stand by for the duration of my nursing profession. This philosophy is based on providing competent, empathetic, compassionate and optimal holistic care to the best of my ability. This philosophy stems from the values and beliefs instilled in me during my early childhood. Philosophy of Nursing. Personal Philosophy of Nursing Cindy Lucas Jacksonville University November 12, Personal Philosophy of Nursing The nursing profession is not just a job, it is a higher calling.