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The lessons are taught in short chunks, and are followed by interactive software exercises for reinforcement and discovery learning. The homeschool software includes online lessons and quizzes. Students can work as much as they want every day. Most importantly, the educational software is flexible and easy to use. Time4Learning allows students to repeat lessons whenever they want. Welcome to Homeschooling Guide — Are you new to homeschooling?

This guide was written by seasoned homeschoolers to answer some of the difficult questions new families often struggle with. Curriculum Lesson Plans — An overview of the number of lessons that are included for each grade and subject. All students have access to at least 2 and in most cases 3 grade levels of curriculum for each subject, so they can move ahead or review at their own pace.

The activity finder is a shortcut that makes it easy for parents to preview lessons or find extra practice for their child. I went to public school…. FTA was a great alternative option for me so far as high school went. Thanks for your support, Forest Trail Academy…. Thank you Forest Trail Academy for helping my student excel! Placing my high school freshman in your program was the best choice!

He works through the program at his pace…. FTA has been a blessing to me!! Hello my name is Brittany Wooten. I graduated from forest trail academy in I decided to choose fta because I wanted to accelerate my high school education. I get to go over the work as…. Forest Trail Academy has been a blessing to me. I compete in the sport of rodeo across many states, and it takes time and dedication to train and condition both …. Easy to use format, quick turnaround on assignments, great flexibility can complete one class at a time or work on all of them at the same time.

Always quick to respond to questions and helpful when we have called as well. My daughter has learned way more than her peers at the local high school because there are no group assignments-she must do everything which means she learns much more, yet can go at her own pace.

I find the curriculum at the perfect challenge level and enjoy the driven work of each instructor. I feel that we have found the best school possible to prepare him for the future he chooses. Some children are just not the type of learners from a public school, too much drama with other students. Thank you very much for all the feedback on his assignments. Online religious schools Many people choose online homeschooling as a way to provide a religious education for their children.

Who would be interested in online homeschooling? Parents of those who need an individualized education There are many reasons why a student might do best with a flexible, personalized education, including special needs, giftedness, behavioral concerns or other reasons. Those without access to an adequate school Families may live in an area where they do not have access to a quality public or private school.

Military and other itinerant families Families who move frequently often choose to homeschool their children to provide consistency and avoid the hassle of continually transferring educational records from one institution to another. Medically fragile children Many children with chronic illnesses or other problems do best in a homeschool environment for various reasons. Those who want a supplement for a brick-and-mortar school Students who need additional academic support or stimulation may benefit from curricula designed for homeschooling.

Online homeschool company reviews Top. Every student receives an Individualized Learning Plan developed collaboratively by the student, parents, teacher, academic coach and counselor. Full- and part-time options: Sibling discounts are available. Although K12 International Academy accepts students around the world, it issues an American diploma which is accepted by colleges, universities and employers throughout the United States.

Students can meet one another through online clubs, regional field trips and other activities designed to support their social needs. There is no commitment with ABCmouse. Because it is a curriculum provider and not an online school, you pay on a month-to-month basis and you can stop payments at any time if you decide you no longer want to use the service.

It offers 10 levels with over lessons and over 8, individual learning activities. The lessons and activities on ABCmouse. By logging into your personal account on ABCmouse. Children can also see their own progress through the Tickets and Rewards System, which offers a visual cue when your child has completed a module or level.

Compatible with multiple devices: You can access ABCmouse. All you need is an Internet connection to use the online resources. The company also offers a free app with access to many of its resources. Many online homeschooling programs display advertisements on the page while a student learns a lesson or completes an assignment.

Time4Learning keeps its website ad-free so your student can focus on the lesson. This helps them prepare for upcoming lessons and allows them to see how each lesson fits together in the overall academic plan. Simple grading and reporting: Lessons are graded automatically as they are submitted through the website, and the automated system tracks grades and progress in an online portfolio.

Time4Learning provides parents and caregivers several resources to help them homeschool their children, including printable lesson plans, reports, teaching tools and suggestions, activity schedules and more. Time4Learning allows subscribers to pay for its services on a monthly basis.

You never have to sign a contract and you can cancel anytime. Liberty University Online Academy provides an initial assessment and personalized education plan for every student. All instructional materials and resources are provided, including grades and record-keeping services. Students take a mixture of required courses in English, math, science, Bible and history as well as electives including art, foreign language, musical instruments and more.

Advanced high school junior and senior students have the option to enroll in college courses while still in high school. Students can enroll in The Edge program, which is a partnership with Liberty University Online and earn a half high school credit and three college credits for every course they complete. Liberty University Online Academy offers a 20 percent tuition discount to military servicepeople, missionaries, pastors, emergency response personnel and first responders EMT, firefighters and others.

It also offers a 20 percent discount on the third and any additional students in any one household. Liberty University Online Academy integrates its evangelical perspective into many courses, including science, history and ethics. It also requires all teachers and administrative staff to sign a statement of faith and adhere to evangelical principles.

Online school or homeschool options: You may choose to enroll in the Acellus Academy Program, which is a K school with teacher supported courses and a high school diploma upon completion.

Acellus also provides its materials at a reduced rate for families who choose to homeschool and teach the materials themselves.

Acellus Academy is operated by the International Academy of Science, a not-for-profit organization that receives grants and other sources of funding. Department of Education, so students will be prepared to transfer to other schools or enter college on par with their peers. Students will benefit from a variety of teaching approaches including video-based lessons, interactive practice problems, reviews, memorization drills, help videos for especially difficult topics, digital books and more.

Students may take as long as they need to finish a course and will receive credit for it when they have passed the required exams.

This means students may graduate as early as age 16 or may take more time to complete courses or to graduate if needed. NFC Academy provides print curriculum and a lesson planner for students in kindergarten through second grade, since an online-only education may not be best for this age range. The online program is available starting in third grade. Students in grades ninth though 12th participate in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Courses are designed to prepare students to enter the college or university of their choice upon graduation from NFC Academy.

Courses are approved by the NCAA, which is necessary for student-athletes planning to compete in college. Tuition discounts are available for military and missionary families as well as those with more than one child enrolled at NFC Academy. Students learn through hands-on activities that supplement the online modules and share their learning with one another in online forums. Verticy program for struggling students: Calvert Education offers a Verticy Learning Program for students who may be struggling with reading, writing, math or other areas of learning due to learning disabilities like dyslexia or dysgraphia.

The Verticy Learning Program is available in individual classes or as a complete curriculum. A limited number of qualified families in Pre-K through 8th grade will receive financial aid packages toward their tuition. You must complete an online application for financial aid, including proof of financial hardship. Calvert also offers military discounts and discounts for families with more than one student enrolled in the program.

You can also join the online Calvert community, enjoy online resources and find links to state-specific homeschooling laws and support groups.

Calvert also offers a selection of courses that are NCAA-approved for student athletes. Students attend live class meetings through a virtual avatar, so they can see and interact with their teachers and peers.

Lessons are also immersive; for instance, students learn about the zones of the ocean by exploring a virtual underwater environment. Families with two or more students enrolled receive a 10 percent discount on tuition. WiloStar3D offers an accelerated program for gifted students as well as individualized learning plans for students with ADD, dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

Students must take required courses in English, math, social studies and science, but also have the option to take courses in foreign languages, fine and performing arts, computer literacy and more. Disclaimer Information in this guide is general in nature and is intended for informational purposes only; it is not legal, health, investment or tax advice.

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