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❶We understand the timelines for submitting federal resumes and resumixes, and we write keyword-rich resumes to ensure that you qualify for federal positions. Expedited service is available if needed to meet a short notice closing date.

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Her last assignment was as a senior research analyst with the U. Merit Systems Protection Board where she authored several reports that were widely received, including reports dealing with the Federal Career Intern Program, the hiring of upper-level employees, the quality of Federal vacancy announcements, and the job search experiences of new hires.

Ligaya also worked at the former Customs Service, the FAA, and Army as a personnel staffing and classification specialist.

She was a college instructor before she worked for the Federal Government. Please provide specific examples of analytical tools and approaches you have utilized. I was tasked to develop a statistical approach for mapping the risk of contracting malaria in two villages in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Malaria has been reported to have regularly occurred in these two villages for many years with, in many cases, fatal results. The WHO wanted to be able to predict with more accuracy the occurrence of malaria, not only in the two villages, but in the whole country.

Mapping was critical in successfully controlling incidence of malaria. To map the risk, I used SAS, a powerful statistical software package, to develop a statistical model to predict the risk of occurrence. I traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to actually observe the occurrence of malaria in the two villages and to collect data. When I arrived, I found that estimation was complicated by the local variation of risk that cannot be accounted for by the known variables. Also, my work became more challenging because data points of measured malaria prevalence were not evenly or randomly spread across the area to be mapped.

To overcome this challenge, I used a simple two-stage approach for producing maps of predicted risk: I used logistic regression modeling to determine approximate risk on a larger scale, and 2. I will definitely be back to have my KSA's done. KSA's play an important role in the federal governmentt hiring process and is constantly stressed about their importance. Your team has done an outstanding job and I will be a returning customer.

I thank you all for your hard work on my resume and KSA's. Thanks to her expertise and wonderful writing skills. I was offered the job, and I start on Tuesday. I know the KSA's you prepared for me worked, because I had applied for this same position in the past and did not make the list, because I was told that my KSA's were weak.

It's fast and easy! It takes less than 2 minutes to order and get started. KSA's being such complex documents, you should make sure that you have at least 5 business days left to get your application ready before the deadline business days are Monday to Friday. If you have previously worked for the federal government, you must include your civilian grade and whether or not you are able to be reinstated.

On the resume itself you should also state clearly what job you are applying for. Use the job vacancy number and also remember to include the title, series, and grade of the job. Following the personal and job information, you should begin writing out your experience.

Be sure to summarize it in a way that will impress your potential employers. This is the part of the resume that has the most potential to make you stand out amongst the dozens or hundreds of other applications. Next, you should begin listing all of the previous jobs that you have held. List these jobs chronologically, starting with the job you have held the most recently.

Do not just put your title and the company name, however. You should include the address and phone number of the company, and the name of your supervisor. It should also include information such as your salary and schedule. Federal resume services also include an explanation of just what it was you did at your previous jobs.

Describe the duties that you held, and be as specific as possible. It is the best idea to use bullet points for this section of your resume. Do not worry about length, either, as federal resumes are always longer than resumes for the private sector.

Following your professional accomplishments you should describe your education. Put your most recent educational accomplishments at the top, and proceed from there to the lowest degree that you hold. As with the professional section, be sure that you include all pertinent contact and mailing information for the educational institutions that you attended and received degrees from.

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