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Tell me some words in Jamaican English?

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❶Im a jamacian mixed with indian. Drop Images Here Browse.

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It describes someones hair. Curly hair ppl are described as a coolie. Whether mixed or not you a coolie or have coolie hair once you have curly hair. If we really knew the true meaning and origin of the word we would not take it as a compliment. Mike Oct 18, Take it from an old head, educated, Jamaican- coolie is not a nice term.

We called people from India coolies, which means workers. We called them that because they came as indentured servants and ruined the laborers' struggle for better pay and working conditions. Jamaicans were never divisive but to people from India and to a lesser extent to the Chinese. Call me a coolie and we are fighting. I am from new York what I know is when they say coolie people is people who is from the Caribbean islands or who is one. Imageprobill Dec 15, Ghandi and referred to him as "coolie" the conductor meant it in the same way southerners called African Americans "niggers, black boys, jungle bunnies, spear chuckers and sambo".

Lisa Dec 28, Sarah Mar 06, Vincent and the Grenadines, anyone who has curly or naturally straight hair is referred to as coolie. The term is not strictly saved for people who definitely have Indian in them. My hair is naturally curly, I have no Indian in me whatsoever yet people refer to me as coolie all the time.

Guess the word has different meanings depending on where you are. No reason to argue though! Kii Mar 14, This whole debate is centered around semantics, words have always changed meanings based on the era and the culture of people. Coolie may have originated from the Hindi word, Kuli or it may not have. I have always been referred to as Creole, which simply means a mixed race. For us it specifically refers to our roots, French, Indian, African descent. Honeytan Mar 22, It is what it is.

It's offensive to some and not to others. Angela Apr 03, Natasha Apr 19, The word Coolie, is a derogatory term used by the English to define slaves from India and China. Weather indentured or not, they were given the title of indentured servants to feel superior to African slaves.

Divide and conquer, just as was done in the past and modern day. Just as they did in Rwanda with the Hutu and the tutsi's, just as was done on the island of Hispanola with Dominicans and Hait. The "N" word means tired and lazy.. If people accept this, then anyone of any race should be able to use this word, even Caucasians.

My husband is a West Indian American man of African descent. Stop staying simple and stupid elevate these words have no place in society. Terms of endearment my ass. This topic can be so deep and can go further, but I will just chill. Lupita Ramclam May 10, In Belize, most people refer to the East Indians as 'Coolie'.

My ma tha one. Tha nuh fi mek people tek offense. Different words have different meanings in different places. Trini Gyal Jun 03, Coolie mean unskilled worker referring to people from only east Indian descent. Where as doulga is people mixed with Indian and African descent.

Stop being so ignorant and stupid. For some people throughout the world coolie is a racial slur, is an equal to nigger. So don't call anyone coolie if your not from full Indian descent cause if you do you are racist. Hothead Pinkney Jun 15, Shan Jun 27, In life, one word can carry multiple meanings. Who is anyone to tell the other person that they are using the word in the wrong way or for the wrong thing.

It all boils down to respect for a person's wishes. If they don't want to be called by a certain term for whatever reason accept that but don't you dare tell another that they shouldn't be ok with a word because you're not. Me myself have straight black hair, im english, my mother is white english and my father is jamaican but wid black curly hair.. Wen i tell them my heritage they're quite surprised!

Sum of my english black mates, their jamaican mum say 'coolie' wen ive told them.. Say something, keep it civil Especially if there is no documentation.

The world is changing. Along with those changes, literature may be carved into something new. What means one thing in the East will not always be the same in the West.

Sunil Aug 20, Much of human history is superseded so there is no wrong answer. It is a British word used to describe labours brought from Asia Indian, Chinese and other.

The reason the word is known in India is because the British introduced the word. Ricardo Sep 13, I live in England with a whole set of Jamaicans. They seem to think the word coolie means black and Indian. Clearly they don't know there history. I was watching a documentary called how Britain re-invented slavery.

The British used the word coolie to describe the East Indian migrants. I don't know what happen in Jamaica where they changed it up and found that coolie meant Indian and black. But if Guyana and Trinidad seem to know there history very well, why don't Jamaicans know anything about there history? Clearly some of you are lost. SMH Sep 15, Su Wayne Sep 24, My dad has Indian descent and so do i. I have had good hair growing up but I never remembered anyone calling me coolie.

To me one you are mixed with Indian descent you are coolie which means -person of Indian descent or person with Indian hair. Blossom goulbourne Sep 29, It is what it is, sometimes we tend to use words incorrectly.

We always use the word cooley to mean a person who is mix with indian and black. We always use the word cooley to mean a person who is mix with indian and black but the fact is, we were using the word incorrectly we do that a lot of times. Ashmanie Nov 27, Fisal Ally Nov 29, In Savitri's Garden, Chapter 8, I explained 3 definitions. These people were not promised to Guyana 2 Coolie meaning skilled agricultural labourers, e. These people were promised to the planters in British Guiana Guyana to cultivate their plantations.

According to Sherif Whinfied in Berbice, there was not even one hill-coolie coolie , meaning the experienced agricultural laborers in Guiana; the people came from places like Agra, Beneras, Lucknow etc The main things to understand is, the planters were serious about getting good workers, and this is why Gladstone and his friends were promised the "hill-coolies" or short "coolies" from the hills of Chota Nagpur because of their skills in agriculture and that could handle the conditions The recruiters grabbed anybody they could fool and kidnapped and put them on the ship However, because they planters were expecting the "hill-coolies" coolies skilled agricultural labourers, they thought the "coolies" arrived In other words, there were no coolies that arrived in Guyana.

And you could conclude the same for Jamaica, Trinidad and everywhere else in the world. However, in Mauritius, many Hill-coolies coolies from the hills did arrive there, because the planters were serious, and would ship back the unskilled labourers to India Summary - So when we speak of "coolie" for Guyana, we are not speaking of porters etc.. Why would the planters ask for porters, when they could request the skilled agricultural labourers?

However, they did not arrive. It was Indians of various classes that arrived in Guyana and the Caribbean, and not Indians from the coolie class Fisal Ally Dec 06, Back in the s, when the planters were speaking of coolies to cultivate the sugar plantations in Mauritius, British Guiana Guyana , Jamaica, Trinidad etc They were only speaking of the skilled and experienced agricultural laborers also called coolies.

They were not speaking of baggage carriers and porters. The whole internet is messed up, along with many books, using the wrong definition For example, because Mauiritius is very close to India, when the recruiters tried to ship anybody such as a cook, a clerk, a beggar, the planters would get upset and ship them back to India because they were not experienced in agriculture.

The planters knew that people that had no agricultural experience will soon run away from the plantation; now apply that to Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad. The coolies the planters were referring to back in were the hill-coolies coolies from the hills of Chota Nagpur - often meaning the Dhangurs because they were already trained and experienced agricultural workers in India working the British Indigo plantations.

They can get the work done. They were not speaking of unskilled labourers such as baggage carriers and porters;. But what happened is, for example, because there was famine in norther india, there were many people migrating for work, and the recruiters duffadars and arkatis would grab anybody they can trick and fool and put them on the ship to Guyana.

However, the planters in Britain didn't know that. The planters in Britain though that the experienced agricultural labourers were heading for Guyana Many died because they could not do the hard work. The Anti-Slavery Society tried to cancel the contract and have all the Indians shipped back to India because of the high death rate. But the word coolie got stuck - it's a misnomer. The Indians that arrived in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamica were not coolies Heyy Dec 12, Deo Jan 14, Satman aka Coolie 1 Jan 17, I use it as my name and live to redefine the meaning.

I have embraced it with love during my stay abroad as a way to stand out and stay grounded to my identity. I can spit a Brit and US accent but I don't give the word s negative power over me. If you think it offensive, teach your younger ones by encouraging them NOT to use it. Bridget Jan 22, The word"coolie" as a reference to Indian people is equally equivalent to calling a black man the "N" word. NoWisdom Jan 27, Emma Jan 27, Jamaicans are not the only ones that used it in that way other Caribbean islands say it as well.

Chainz Feb 15, I accidentally referred to a Trini girl as 'coolie' and it was an issue. Just to say, the word coolie is accepted as a normal word in Guyana so I just have to watch my tongue when speaking otherwise. My view is that different regions have different meanings to words.

No single definition is the correct one. Chukalunka Feb 18, Please do not even say this word. Like the "N" word. Jamaicans especially need an education on using this word. They think its normal. In fact people do not go around calling someone by their ethnic name. I do not go around and call someone "hey negro" or "white man over there" I am sometimes being called "Indian".

Love and respect for others changes it all. Jamaican Mar 07, Maya Apr 03, Greenz Apr 04, Shane Apr 19, Fisal Ally Apr 23, I made some notes on coolie back in Nov The term coolie is a misnomer, in the way the term Indian becomes the name for Native Americans. This began when "Coolies" were promised to the British Guiana Guyana planters to enter Guyana in to work in agriculture.

They were only speaking of the coolies from the hills of Chota Nagpur northwest of Calcutta. The people in the hills were already trained by the British and others to work in agriculture, and they were skilled experienced agricultural labourers. This is where the term coolie comes from.

Because they were in the hills, they were known as the "Hill Coolies. They ones in the hills were preferred because of experie. So the term coolie already originated in India for this group of experienced agricultural labourers. But what happened is, the hills were being depleted of coolies for Mauritius, and the recruiters Duffadars and recruiters tricked anyone from the north from places like Allahabad, Agra Behar, Beneras to come down to Calcutta and board the ships.

So they shipped the wrong class. Part IV - You can read the book "Savtri's Garden" - But the planters thought they got coolies, but they were not coolies, they shipped mainly unskilled labourers of all classes such as priests, cooks, etc Marko Apr 24, Y'all same family The oldest tribes of Jews the real ones Migrated to India and other parts Africa and on to the Americas and Caribbean. We are dark, some fair, mostly Brown and black. Just like us coolies. Him really bax u? He and I are a couple; He is my man, etc.

Karen nuh look good again, shi drop off. Stone Love is a wicked sound, dun know. Overseas, all countries other than Jamaica excluding other Caribbean islands. Person who lives in Farin and lacks Jamaican heritage. Fire fi di people dem weh keep up almshouse. Unsuccessful, a failure, failed E.

Dat dance las' night flop or did flop or was a flop! Yow mi yute, wi a go Yush lickle more Derived from certain types of marijuana known as high grade. To greet someone or say hi to someone. Hail him up fi mi nuh. Widely used to refer to a person who discloses confidential information to the police. Someone who gives out information. I don't believe this!

Wah a gwaan king? Expresssion used to describe a person that is brave or ruthless. Da gunman deh kowl eeh star! Silly, stupid, non-sensical Large: Bounty do a tune with di farin group No Doubt! Dun know him large! To waste time or idle. To permit or allow E. Usually followed by 'offa', to give no credit or respect to. After him lie to me I lose offa him!

Show off, pose Mussi: Him mussi a eediat to be drinking and driving! Jamaican five hundred dollar bill Naw:

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