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What Is an Internal Customer & a External Customer?


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A Definition and Case Study

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Outstanding internal customer service is simply good business. Internal customer service can flourish only in high communication environment. To create positive internal customer service, all departments work together cooperatively, agree on processes and procedures, and negotiate expectations.

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As an internal provider of service, you are responsible for setting clear guidelines about what internal customers can reasonably expect. Last minute requests are typically due to poor planning on the part of the internal customer.

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Companies that practice outstanding customer service find it is easier to attract and keep customers. Companies that practice outstanding internal service find it easier to attract and keep good employees. Employees who practice outstanding internal service find it easier to keep and enhance their careers. Jan 20,  · As a customer service consultant and speaker, I find myself fielding inquiries about internal customer service almost as often as external. These two concepts aren't precisely the same and have different subtleties of execution, so here are ten internal customer service best practices: principles for transforming your company culture into one where internal customer service is a powerful force.

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Internal Customer Service refers to the interactions between all the employees who support the company and those who work on the front line with “The Customer”. Micah Solomon, recently named the "new guru of customer service excellence" by the Financial Post, is a customer service consultant, customer service thought leader, keynote speaker, customer.