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Determining the Equivalent Mass and Dissociation Constant of an Unknown Weak Acid by Titrimetry

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❶Need to find how many moles of base we have. From the data above, all you'll get is the moles.

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A lab team placesg of an unknown solid acid in an Erlenmeyer flask. They neutralize the solid acid with ml of M Na(OH)(aq). One mole of the acid reacts with one mole of the base. Calculate the molar mass of the unknown solid acid Calculate the molar mass of the unknown acid.

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Titration reactions are just neutralization reactions. Titrations are used to determine the amount of one substance present by reacting it with a known amount of another substance. For instance, you can find the molar mass of an acid by titrating the acid with a solution of base of known concentration.

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Finding molar mass of an unknown acid up vote 1 down vote favorite "In the titration of a solid acid, an endpoint is reached after mL of M $\ce{NaOH}$ has been added. Feb 10,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Titration problem to find molar mass of acid.? In a titration, mL of M NaOH was required to titrate g of an unknown acid, Resolved.

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Apr 24,  · Homework Help: Titration of unknown acid in lab, how to determine molar mass? Titration of an Unknown Acid to Determine Molar Mass: The units of molar mass are g/mol. This intensive property is the ratio of two extensive properties, as is shown in the figure below. To determine the molar mass of your unknown acid, you will perform the titration of the unknown acid in the same way you performed the titration of KHP.