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Why Is The 8th Amendment Important

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The Bill of Rights has not actually protected Americans from all infringements on their rights. There have been many times when unpopular rights speech for unpopular groups, rights of criminal defendants have been infringed upon.

Even so, the presence of the Bill of Rights makes Americans think about civil liberties and it makes them take those rights seriously. Over time, we generally have come to honor these rights more and more. The Bill of Rights is something of a statement of what we aspire to be.

Because it is there, we are constantly reminded of the goal of our society. This is the major effect of the Bill of Rights on the United States. This is just a tip: Do as much of your own work as possible. Also, when asking questions on Yahoo! Answers, break up your questions. This question would require about 27 sentences, a lot of work for people who are answering in their free time.

A better way to do this would be to do as much as possible yourself and then only ask about what you don't know such as: Summarize the 9th and 23rd Amendments. You would be likely to get an answer for this.

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The US Constitution: Articles, Amendments, and the Bill of Rights

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Homework Help With The Amendments homework help with the amendments Amendment HR Assignment, Essay & Homework Help Amendment In , the FLSA was amended by the Equal Pay Act, as discussed in.

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Amendment XI (February 7,) - This and the remainder of the amendments can be accessed from The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign . Homework Help With The Amendments Rated 4,5 stars, based on customer reviews To always execute orders on time the reports book is coming up to the with requirements.

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The 8th Amendment is perhaps less important in terms of rights than other amendments in the Bill of Rights. It does, however, work to protect us from potential tyranny by the government. One important part of the amendment is the prohibition on excessive bail. phd dissertation assistance requirements Homework Help With The Amendments essay on my life outline an essay.