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Primary maths glossary and primary English glossary

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Today, Buddhist monks and nuns live very simply in monasteries and only own eight items: Living as monks they promise, among other things, not to eat after midday, not to sleep in a soft bed and not to handle money. In some Buddhist countries it is common for boys to spend a few months or years living as monks when they are growing up. Buddhists don't have fixed times of day or days of the week that are dedicated to worship. Buddhist worship includes meditation and searching within the self to understand the Buddha's teachings.

Some Buddhists chant mantras , or sacred words, as part of their meditation. In some countries Buddhists write mantras and prayers on coloured prayer flags; they believe that the wind blows the flags and spreads their messages throughout the world. Mantras are also written out on prayer wheels in temples and people spin the wheels to release the prayers.

Wesak is the most important Buddhist festival. It is celebrated on the night of the full moon in April or May, when Buddhists remember the Buddha's birthday and his Enlightenment and is also known as Buddha Day. Some people wash statues of the Buddha when they celebrate Wesak, pouring scented water over it this is called "bathing the Buddha". They also try to be kind, generous and compassionate. Wesak is celebrated differently in different countries. In Sri Lanka people decorate their homes with lanterns or candles, in Thailand there is a candlelit procession and in Nepal monks wear colourful costumes.

A traditional sweet porridge dish called kheer is often eaten as part of Wesak celebrations. Download a Story of the Buddha colouring book. Make a cut-out Buddhist greeting. Can you think of practical ways in which Buddhist teachings could be followed in a person's life? Celebrate Wesak by making some mandala crafts or celebration lanterns. Make your own origami crane you'll need to download the instructions in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2 as a Wesak gift.

Download a booklet of Wesak gift ideas and templates. Watch a video in which a Buddhist explains her belief system to aliens, then answer quiz questions to show off your knowledge of Buddhism. Read the story of Buddha , then choose the correct objects to illustrate the story of the Buddha's life.

A general guide to all aspects of Buddhism. In a video about Buddhism for KS1 children , Charlie and her soft toy Blue visit a Buddhist Centre to find out about enlightenment and how Buddhists try to live peacefully.

What the Buddha taught , explained for children. Read a guide to Buddhist meditation , with video clips and details of the health benefits of meditation. Try meditation at home with some tips from the Buddhist tradition. Hear chants from different Buddhist traditions. See the different-coloured robes worn by Buddhism monks and nuns in different traditions. Read the story of the Buddha in a digital version written for primary-school students.

Dhamma - the teachings of the Buddha; the dhamma wheel has eight spokes, which stand for each of the steps on the Noble Eightfold Path. Puja - Buddhist worship or practice and the offering of flowers, lights and incense. Sangha - the name given to any community of Buddhist monks, nuns and ordinary people. Explore the ancient Amaravati Stupa online and read about some of the archeological excavations that have revealed the Stupa.

Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Its guidelines for schools in England say children should be doing homework from the day they start school, rising from one hour a week at five, to 90 to minutes a day at They say 10 and year-olds should be doing half an hour of homework every day. But research has cast doubt on its effectiveness, and has even suggested that too much is counter-productive. Some independent schools have abolished the practice.

The teacher has got to set it, so what gets set is 'busy' homework," she said. But children from disadvantaged homes, who did not have the resources and support middle class parents provided, could get into trouble for not completing it. Most children are happy, most are achieving to a higher level than ever before, enjoying better health, more opportunities to travel, to engage in sport or cultural activities than was the case for any previous generation.

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