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Research Paper on Homelessness

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Homeless Children In America Essay - Homeless Children in America To be homeless is to not have a home or a permanent place of residence. Nationwide, there is estimated to be million people that are homeless, and roughly million of them are children.

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Homelessness in America Essay Words | 8 Pages. Homelessness in America Each country in the world is faced with various social issues that attract the interests of society and the government. Homelessness is an enormous .

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During the Great Depression, jobs were lost, and the rates of homeless again, increased throughout America. Natural Disasters are another factor in the homelessness problem. The Great Chicago Fire, The San Francisco earthquake, the massive flooding of the Mississippi in the s from Ohio through New Orleans displaced over million . Homelessness Essay. the prevalence of homelessness has been a challenge to every nation. It might be depressing to learn that no countries today have eradicated homelessness, but the human race is never stopped from trying harder than before to tackle this prolonged issue.

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Top Causes of Homelessness in America As many as million Americans are homeless each year. Of these, more than 1 million are children and on any given. The average homeless population was estimated by the Report for Congress to be 49% African-American, 35% white, 13% Hispanic, 2% Native American and 1% Asian (McCarthy, ). Policies Regarding Homelessness in The United States There are many legislative policies regarding homelessness at the federal level.