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You can examine contexts as diverse as classrooms, families, neighborhoods, schools, colleges and universities, religious institutions, nonprofits, government agencies, and more. In EPPE, you will research the design, implementation, and evaluation of education policy affecting early childhood, K—12, and postsecondary education in the U.

You will evaluate and assess individual programs and policies related to critical issues like access to education, teacher effectiveness, school finance, testing and accountability systems, school choice, financial aid, college enrollment and persistence, and more. Your work will be informed by theories and methods from economics, political science, public policy, and sociology, history, philosophy, and statistics.

In HDLT, you will work to advance the role of scientific research in education policy, reform, and practice. New discoveries in the science of learning and development — the integration of biological, cognitive, and social processes; the relationships between technology and learning; or the factors that influence individual variations in learning — are transforming the practice of teaching and learning in both formal and informal settings.

Whether studying behavioral, cognitive, or social-emotional development in children or the design of learning technologies to maximize understanding, you will gain a strong background in human development, the science of learning, and sociocultural factors that explain variation in learning and developmental pathways.

Your research will be informed by theories and methods from psychology, cognitive science, sociology and linguistics, philosophy, the biological sciences and mathematics, and organizational behavior. The most remarkable thing about the Ph. Program enrolled its last class in fall and the Ph. Program enrolled its first class in fall Doctoral candidate Clint Smith's work brings attention to the stories of adults living — and learning — in prison.

For general inquiries about the benefits of the Ph. Skip to main content. Doctor of Education Leadership. Doctor of Philosophy in Education. Centers, Projects and Initiatives. Find the Right Program. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Directions, Parking, and Hotels. Harvard Education Publishing Group. Change of Address Form. Request for Library Purchase. Constitutional Sense, Revolutionary Sensibility: Onuf and Jack P. My dissertation traces the history of a powerful transatlantic persuasion that shaped political perceptions in eighteenth-century Virginia and was in turn shaped by the social and economic processes that changed what it meant to be British in Colonial America.

Inspired by leading exponents of Augustan constitutional sense, such as Joseph Addison, the figures in my history can be discovered in a discourse characterized by moderation, a prescription for political health which called for a commitment to the mixed constitution that emerged from the Revolution of , intense distrust of feeling as a partner with reason in the pursuit of truth, and a fundamental willingness to accommodate political differences.

Virginia was remarkable for possessing the largest and least homogenous society in the British Atlantic as well as for the dynamism of its transatlantic outlook and connections, factors which led to periodic moments of crisis that transformed constitutional sense into a vigorous group bias. Whereas other interpretations of British America have tended to emphasize particular aspects of life there--looking at it almost exclusively through the lens of ideology or class or gender or race--my interpretation is grounded in a more holistic understanding of contemporary attitudes and perceptions.

The result is a new approach to understanding what it meant to be British in Colonial America and what happened when powerful, ultimately irreconcilable conceptions of Britishness collided, an approach that calls into question the extent to which there was such a thing as the American Revolution in the British world in , rather than a British revolution in America. British Guiana was an anomaly among British Caribbean sugar colonies during the nineteenth century.

Production rose steadily throughout the century despite persistent setbacks and impediments. While larger plantations and a more amenable cultivation environment were conducive to relatively higher output, mitigating particular geographical limitations demanded more capital and labor than on the islands.

The primary questions underlying this inquiry into the historical technology of the sugar industry of British Guiana are: How were the cane fields and sugar factories transformed, and to what extent was technological change conditioned by local innovation and invention?

Fundamentally, despite allegations, there is little evidence of inertia, rampant conservatism and incompetence. Instead, notwithstanding various constraints, the industry showed remarkable persistence and creative variation in its efforts to improve agriculture and factory processing during the period under review.

Dissertation Abstracts Dissertation abstracts are arranged alphabetically by author. International Seminar on the History of the Atlantic World, Domination and Slave Resistance in Cuban Plantations, Permanent War on Peru's Periphery: Imagining the New World: Grant Wacker, Peter H. The Visual Culture of Natural History: Graham Burnett, Richard Kagan. Phyllis Mack; Christopher L. Bennett; Jennifer Morgan; Jane Landers. Spatial Understandings in the 18th-Century American Southeast. University of California, Riverside, Ph.

Race, Slavery, and Freedom in the Atlantic World. The Sons of Neptune and the Sons of Ham: Slave Ship Sailors and their Captive Cargoes. Radical Republican Politics in the Puritan Atlantic, The Trade in Brazilian Sugar: Brazil, Portugal, and Northwestern Europe, Of Heaven and Earth: Toward a New World Order: Jeffrey Bolster, Eliga H. Sovereignty and Slavery in the Age of Revolution: Haitian Variations on a Metropolitan Theme. Mancall, Paul Kelton, N. Rage for the Grain: Flour Milling in the Mid-Atlantic, Public Opinion and the Foundations of U.

Foreign Policies in Latin America, Floating Cloisters and Femmes Fortes: In Pursuit of Profit: A Study of Intercultural Negotiations and Relations. The Many Identities of William Duane. Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, and Slaves: Making an Indo-Atlantic Trade World, From Cultivation to Cup: Caribbean Coffee and the North American Economy, The Planters of Saint-Domingue, Migration and Exile in the French Revolutionary Atlantic.

Popular Loyalism and Counter-revolution in the British Atlantic world, c. Imagining Communities in Black and White: Pens, Politics, and Swords: Dreams of a Prairie Republic: Matson, Peter Kolchin, Andrew Cayton.


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Dissertations are also deposited with ProQuest’s databases and become accessible to subscribers of ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global. If necessary, students may request to delay the release of (“embargo”) their work when submitting their dissertation to ETDs @ Harvard.

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Records Management Services staff facilitate the transfer of theses and dissertations from departmental offices to the Archives. As you prepare for the upcoming academic year, consider transferring this year’s (and/or previous year’s) theses to the Archives this summer. For transfer instructions, see our website.

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Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). NDLTD is the biggest consortium worldwide for online dissertations. Dissertation Non-Resident Doctoral Status (Dissertation Work in Absentia) Doctoral students occasionally need to perform dissertation research in absentia (outside the Boston metropolitan area).

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Students defend their dissertation before it is approved by the dissertation defense committee.* The defense committee consists of the student’s dissertation committee plus one additional member drawn from the History Department, another Harvard department, or outside the University. We present here dissertations on topics in Atlantic history, ongoing or recently completed. The site operates by a combination of solicitation and self-submission; we try to be on the lookout for dissertations in the field, but we strongly encourage those of you working in Atlantic History in the early modern period to send an abstract to us.