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Essay on Gilbert Grape

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❶When Arnie is put in jail she wants to protect her child. There any many independent individuals who have disabilities who have their own apartments, have jobs, pay their own bills, and do not need any help or supervision whatsoever.

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Movie Analysis of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” Essay Sample
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One afternoon a silver camper had engine trouble, forcing them to stay in town for a few weeks until it is fixed. During that time Gilbert has fallen in love with the girl in the trailer, played by Juliette Lewis.

Gilbert becomes very irresponsible when it comes to his slow brother. He once left Arnie Johnny Depp in the bath tub all night because he wanted to go visit the girl.

Arnie was then terrified of the water and refused to go back on ever again. Another time was when Gilbert was in a deep conversation with the girl Ellen , and did not notice Arnie disappear. He ended -up climbing to the top of the water tower and not coming down until the firefighters carried him down.

Their mother was very upset with Gilbert and asked, "Where has your head been? In the small town of Endora, Iowa, Johnny Depp, who stars as Gilbert Grape, the main character of this movie, is busy caring for his mentally handicapped brother, Arnie Leonardo DiCaprio.

Arnie is not your average boy; he is mentally challenged and was not expected to live to see his tenth birthday, let alone, his eighteenth, which he surpasses in the movie.

Arnie is associated with many heights in the movie as he is regularly seen dangling from the roof, climbing trees, and of course, his ritual of scaling the water tower. Although Arnie loves the heights, he can not seem to conquer the depths as he will not venture to the basement of the house. Arnie's water tower escapades are a source of great aggravation to the police, yet are greeted by the locals with an understanding of occasion and courteous applause when his feet are firmly planted back on the ground.

Arnie obtains a fear of water when Gilbert abandons him in the bathtub for the night, and does not over come his apprehension until he flees to Becky after a fight he had with Gilbert. His morbidly obese mother, Bonnie Darlene Cates has not left the house in seven years since her husband committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement of their house, and spends almost all of her time on the couch watching television.

With Bonnie unable to care for her children on her own, Gilbert has taken responsibility for repairing the old house and looking after Arnie, who has a habit of climbing up the town water tower, while his sisters Amy and Ellen do the rest.

A new "Food Land" supermarket has opened, threatening the small Lamson's Grocery where Gilbert works. With all the weight on his shoulders Gilbert tries to handle his situation the best he can. Gilbert is tied down due to his family who he must help, as they are in quite a struggle as it is. Gilberts brother, Arnie is almost eighteen and suffers from a mental disability.

Gilbert must constantly watch Arnie so as to make sure he does not get into any trouble, or cause trouble for anyone else.

Gilbert also has two sisters, Amy and Ellen. Amy helps her mother and Arnie as much as she can and is selflessly assisting them in any way she can. Ellen is a fifteen-year-old girl, generally too swept up in her adolescent social life to do next to anything to help out.

The film uses a number of film techniques, such as: Gilberts family and Gilbert himself especially are afflicted with many difficulties in their lives. When it comes to Gilberts mother, Bonnie the director uses a low-angle shot of her, this emphasises how large she is. Bonnie is also often shown eating unhealthy foods, and in one scene smoking a cigarette, also used to emphasise her lethargic nature. When Bonnie leaves the house for the first time in several years, she is stared and gawked at by the community, one man taking a photo.

There is a close up on Bonnies face during this scene, this is done to show the audience that she attempts to remain strong and with dignity, however due to the closeness of the shot you are able to see the small twitches in her face which let you know she is extremely self conscious.

During the car ride to and from the town there is a long shot of the car with the right side extremely lopsided, showing how large she is, another technique the director has used is the mise-en-scene, showing the whole family eating dinner at the table, and showing just how large Bonnie is by comparison. Arnie is Gilberts younger brother; he suffers from a mental illness, which is not specified in the film.

Arnie constantly needs to be under surveillance. Arnie has a bad habit of climbing the water tower, forcing the police and the fire station to come and get him down. Arnie is often a burden on the rest of the household, often getting lost, and generally being utterly dependant, against his own free will.

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape is an engaging film that teaches the audience valuable lessons about life. It educates the viewer about accepting people for who they are even if they look like a "beached whale". Symbols play a major role in unveiling the aspects of life. Water is an aspect which.

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Essay on Gilbert Grape Between the beginning of the film, What’s eating Gilbert Grape and the end Gilbert changes in more than one way. These changes come about mainly because he meets a girl by the name of Becky. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a film focused on Gilbert Grape, a young adult who lives in the small town of Endora, Iowa. Gilbert, a son and a brother, lives in a family of five in a small run-down house built by his father.

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Free Essay: What's Eating Gilbert Grape What’s Eating Gilbert Grape portrays a family that is dealing with the trials, tribulations, and also great times of. Free Essay: words Write a page essay that explores the paradox that when the film ends, Gilbert is in exactly the same place as when it began, yet he.