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My First Day at School – Short Essay

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First Day of High School Essay: Summarizing the precious memories
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I went to my class early so that I can get a good seat close to teacher, and I can meet my classmate. That was lucky because I just met a old friend from high school in the first class. Therefore, the class is not so scaring anymore and everything is seemed to be better than before. They came to class to record the lecture then they left the class after the lecture done without any talk. First, the college classes are taking more time than the high school, they are taking about two hour for each day.

All I could do in class that was hearing the lecture from professor. That was not really for all class, there was some professors let us doing group works. The professors tried to help students had more time to knew each other, and they worked better in their works.

However, students can leave early before class end 15 minutes or 20 minutes early,. In high school, students would get their assignments and homework from the professors in class, but that was not for college. Everything are in online and website, assignments, homework, projects, including lecture summaries. All the assignment and homework had dude day, it really could help students have more time to do their work, and they will management their time life more easy. In high school, teacher always gave us homework before we left class, and turn them in next day.

All the course class, they have a schedule for lecture, tests, quiz and the final. There is no time to make up any test if we are absent and miss those test. College is having many campuses, those are really cool and bigger than the high school campus. I knew it is unfair compare but that is truth, there is some class have around students in one lecture.

Some college campuses are really big with 3 or 4 floors up, each one have more than 50 rooms to be laboratory, class rooms, computer labs. Students can have free internet to research and doing their homework without going home. The library have all the kind of books, it is helping students find their book easy, and students can use the desktop in library to do their project.

I think college is a new world, and new life, that is giving me more option, surprises and difficulties. College is changing my angle personal life, it gave me the knowledge and the differently between high school and college.

All the things, The course class, the education, the campuses are totally changing my to new life. I gave the chit to him. He wrote my name in the register. The teacher was an interesting fellow. He passed a few funny remarks. At the recess bell we rushed out of the classroom. It was the leisure time. Some boys approached me. Fortunately three boys ran for my help. They took me round the school building.

They showed me reading room and library, I found the school ball well decorated with paintings. Four teachers attended their periods but none taught us. At the last bell went. The classes were over. When I reached home, I was quite glad. I told my mother about the new school. She was glad to hear the account of my first day. This day was a memorable day for me, because I liked the school.

I could not say about my first L. I remember my first day at school very vividly. I remember it was my mother who took me to my school on my first day. I had a small bag in my hand. It contained an exercise book, my pencil box and my bottle, beside my tiffin. I actually did not need all these things, but had insisted on my taking them with me. My father had already filled up the admission from and submitted it to the school principle a number of days before. Now, I had to appear for an interview.

My father had already filled up the admission form and submitted it to the school principle a number of days before. I felt a little awed as I saw a tall, big lady with a dominating personality occupying a revolving chair.

However, her sweet voice soon delayed my fears. She asked me to come close to her. I moved forward rather sheepishly. But she patted me n the back lovingly. Meanwhile I had gathered courage and I was able to answer the entire question without much hesitation.

The principle was satisfied and she expressed her satisfaction through a broad smile. My mother came with me outside and deposited the fee with the fee clerk. I had got admission to the nursery class. It was however on the next day. I actually attended class. The day of my admission to the school was really very exciting. My First Day in School. It was a bright sunny day. My mom dropped me at the school main gate.

I took a deep breath and started walking towards the main entrance. I was in an emotional turmoil. I was excited, scared and a little bit nervous. I slowly walked forward as I started looking at all the other kids.

Most were in groups and all talking laughing and smiling. I felt very small, like I was an alien who had just landed on planet Earth. I wanted to go back but that was not possible. When I got to the main building of the school I walked up to the reception area where I enquired about my class room.

Instead, I felt like I had just been arrested for murder. I was bombarded with about 5 questions all at once. I answered them all. To this day, I am still waiting.

No one has taken the time here to get to know me or like me. I know they all judged me, as I also judged them.

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The first day of school has the biggest impact on the way a person will eventually turn out in the future. Many events have happened in my life long ago, some forgotten, and some I still distinctly remember.

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It is natural on the part of every student to remember the first day at school. It gave me a terrible feeling of fear and anxiety as I went to school with my father. It was my mother who first thought of sending me to school.

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We also had much longer school days in India – 7 a.m. to p.m. – while in America school was to The main difference I found in America is the amount I learned each day. In the U.S. schools I learned a lot less material. Essay on “My First Day at School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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Essay about First Day of School “First Day of School in College” The first year of college can be a new and exciting to many students. Students can also take on new experience in their first year college. College can also come with challenges along the way. see more:my first day at school paragraph I wasn’t thinking the differently from high school to college is big deal, but I have a bit scared when I went into the campus, and I have seen many students that I didn’t know anyone of them.