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Custom A Film Review of Gran Torino Essay

Saturday, December 4, 2010

❶I Live in Boise Idaho and work full time. And as much as this movie is watchable to me, the story is pretty unpalatable:

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Past and Present: Past Ottawa Intercultural Communication Essay Assignments and Present Thoughts
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The brand of beer a person drinks is considered a popular culture symbol of their social and economic class. But he is fine with their preferred brand, for it is after all, beer.

The Only True Way. This reaction stems from the Hmong culture, which values virginity before marriage. He had lived a life resistant to change. Exploring other, less violent communication alternatives to create a constructive rather than destructive end to the conflict could have been carried out had Walt and his Hmong neighbors joined forces to confront the gang. For any kind of social change to occur, there needs to be a social movement. Walt was successful in his non-violent communication with the gang in the end, the gang was caught, and Tao and Sue were safe.

Final Analysis and Conclusion. Violence and offensive language are rarely contents I look for in a good movie, but this movie proved to be an exception. I was able to look past the guns, the violence, the vulgar language and the bad acting and view the movie with a different perspective—which is what we are called to do when in an interpersonal, intercultural conflict.

She was the unassuming, brave, and a kind spirit who helped Walt on his journey back to knowing more about life, rather than knowing more about death. She was the bridge for many cultural and communication gaps. Our first impression often guides us to make the decision to not interact with that person, or even in some cases like them.

He begins to get peer pressure from his cousin to join an Asian gang. The gang persuades Tao to join their group, and for his initiation he must try to steal his neighbors prized Gran Torino. The gang members were upset that Tao failed his initiation attempt so they started a fight with him that night. Walt was interrupted by the fight and upset from the commotion in his front yard so he pulls a gun on the gang members in the defense of his grass and perfectly groomed lawn.

Taos family begin to thank Walt for saving Tao and Tao is then forced to repay his debt to Walt in thanks and in apology for his attempt at stealing his Gran Torino days earlier. Because Walt had such a deep racism for Tao already, stealing the car intensified his racist feelings. In one scene, Walt drives by a bad neighborhood and notices Sue, Taos sister, being harassed by a group of black gang members and comes to her rescue by threatening the gang with a pistol. Sue is grateful and begins to win over the heart of cold, reserved Walt who hates Asian people but is always placed in situations where he feels obligated to do the right thing for these people.

Sue invites Walt next door on his birthday for a family BBQ and Walt begins to realize the Asian family he hates is more compassionate and loving than his own family. Walt begins to develop a soft spot for Sue and her brother Tao. Many people in our culture have some sort of racism in their upbringing or are racist because someone or something gave us the idea that an entire race has a negative light on them. Once we ignore the natural or purposeful prejudice and let our guard down we realize there are some really great people around us.

Tao begins working off his debt to Walt by doing yard work and labor around the neighborhood. Sue and her family notice Walt teaching Tao new things and becoming a role model for him opposed to the gang who still desperately wants to have Tao as one of their members. Walt teaches Tao how to fix household appliances, gives him advice on girls, buys him tools, lends him his Gran Torino to take a girl out on a date, and gets him a job. Walt locks Tao in a closet to protect him from seeking revenge out of anger and doing something terrible that may have gotten him in trouble- or potentially jeopardized his future.

He waits for all the weapons to be drawn on him and reaches into his jacket as if he were to draw a weapon on them. I think Joe McCarthy played this character in the Senate in the fifties too.

The character belongs on the comic pages, in a cartoon. Not being ennobled on the big screen by a Hollywood icon. Eastwood offers vindication for the unapologetic, hard drinking bigot with a heart of gold. Icons like Eastwood know exactly the weight their characters bring to the screen: Eastwood hammers home his message in homage to Jesus near the end. Over the top, baby…over the top!!! Is that part of the message, Clint? Of course you have.

Your eloquence is up there on the screen for all to see. I wonder what would happen if you used your great talent to promote understanding and constructive gain instead of the redemption of hate and violence? I am disappointed and shocked at the praise this movie is getting. Not only was the acting mediocre, but the stereotypes were so blatant.

We need to let those at the oscars etc. Coverage of this film and the likes has been distancing me from hollywood and pushing me towards independent and underground films. Rosalind, your critique is right on! I saw the movie. My ancestry is Chinese. You people are, as Walt Kowalski might say, a bunch of jabbering dimwits.

On the other hand, the Hmongs are immigrants who are vulnerable in an unfamiliar, foreign world, but at home they have strength that comes from their family unity and the traditional values that even the children respect.

Just to drive this theme home for the audience, the two houses are made to symbolize these inverted themes of strength: I laughed because his racial epithets were so absurd. The big family gatherings with huge casseroles of food?

Yeah, that was my family, and every asian family that I know. We called them FOB cars fresh off the boat. Go see it again, but this time drop that crap and try to see it without the baggage of your preconceptions.

Instead of hearing snickering and wondering what, exactly, other people were finding so funny, I was able to simply concentrate on the movie. Why so much attention to men of color in gangs?

But I disagree with the fundamental assertion that Walt is the hero in this movie. He is if your sensibilities are more Western and equate heroism with physical aggression. Note that at no point in this trope is it required to blow anyway your enemies, or even threaten to do so. We can disagree and have productive discussion without name calling. Wow , what a biased site…Where are the articles on Malcom X? And only some white people voted for Obama. I would have to say that the folks on our money, several of the flags flown through out the nation, most of the monuments and statutes, etc.

I would say the Republican Party is outdated. Many things in all reality are outdated, but not hippie propaganda. And there is plenty of room for alternative mindsets and freethinking in this society—one of the decent things in this society of which not enough white people subscribe to.

Oh, speaking of hippie propaganda, I would encourage you to consider attending http: Are you freaking kidding me??? The folks on our money and statues ect… are outdated?? They are the founding fathers of this country. If not for them there would not be this country to smoke your weed. Keep on fighting the good fight though. I will tell you this take the whites out of America and let the blacks and mexicans have power and we would become a 3rd world nation, but at least you would be getting stoned right?

Eddie, actually, much of the labor that made the elite founders wealthy was earned by the sweat and deaths of enslaved African Americans. You are just brainwashed. Where are the statues to all those enslaved Blacks? They also built the white house and the capitol ….. Much research proves there is still widespread discrimination in housing, jobs, etc, against African Americans and other Americans of color. Opinions are NOT data. Give me some hard data on your fantasies of a free country. Do you see true hope for America in her inability to come to terms with her racist past and present?

Racism will NEVER hold the black man down if he chooses to do all that is necessary like the rest of us to be successful. Rosalind, I am Ukrainian not very famous ocuntry , but we have also suffered and still do from russians, so some parralels were pretty obvious. Simply the good white man the hero, a bit strange and old-fashined, but still and a bunch of bad or stupid guys, and almost every scene shows this. I noticed quite a bit of american movies who portray other nations as minor humans.

This is very obvious. This has an economical reason, as always. I just returned home from seeing Gran Torino feeling very emotional and had to get these feelings off my chest so I could go to sleep. As a veteran, I feel I understand what the screenwriter of this fictional story was trying to teach us. Although fiction, the story is too much true to deny. For all the reviewers who would rewrite the screen, note that you did not produce this movie which is destined to become an Academy winner.

The movie is about the story represented and that was not your privileged if only you could be so successful. The story is about a Korean vet like most who came back home worked hard, retired, were never offered treatment for PTSD, lost his wife, and held on to good basic life values. This movie perhaps is one of the most accurate reflections as to of what has happened to this country since the end of the Korean War.

Walt, as he was for his Hmong neighbors, is a real American hero whom we need more like today within this country. Also the young Hmong hero Thoa aka Toad by learning to use his calm head also with a hope for the future of all people facing community difficulties.

Sure some comments will get racial purists uptight whom I feel often see a racist under every bed as the problem while neglecting main issues.

Walt did not retreat either in war or his community when its color changed. Although he could have, he did not move away to the suburbs with his former white neighbors and his children. Look at Boston, LA, Detroit and all the big cities! The movers did not have to say racist comments, they showed it. So what if he was a cranky old 80 years old? He has a real story that he did not discuss. War takes a tolling affect on all warriors with a conscience. The truth is that most Korean and Vietnam veterans have referred to their Asian enemy as gooks.

Many combat vets are easily triggered emotionally even with the sight of Asians or recollections from that period of their life. After all, the military inspired within us that a gook was lower than a dog so that it was okay to kill this person who could make you dead if you did not react the right way.

So within the soul of many combat veterans rest this disturbing feeling that is real in their perceptions, intrusions, and often nightly dreams. This does not seem right for those who won the war to lose their jobs to those we helped Koreans or defeated Japanese, Germans, and Italians.

How would you feel if your neighborhood turned into a dump because of that? Furthermore, unless you are blind, you must realize that Gangs throughout the US have an unduly affect on the poorer inner communities.

These young men do not much hope but a lot of crime and use of drugs but most Gangs are comprised today of young men of color. Yes, Walt saw it that way but it did not mean that he had to give into their destruction of his neighborhood and abuse of its peoples. If we only had more leaders and judges who stood against this encroachment into our society. Our most faithful and courageous people during the Vietnam war were paid and encouraged by the United States to resist the advance of Communism in Southeast Asia.

But the US abandoned them and left them to a precarious fate when the Laotian domino collapsed in After that there was a slaughter of the Hmong, with a few being saved for relocation to US Hmong Communities. So, Walt no doubt gave his life for these Hmong and this Hmong family so they could live unintimidated. Knowing that he would soon die probably cancer?

He knew precisely what he was doing. His life was over anyway and he made his peace with God and his confession. Perhaps he felt the Americans owed more to the Hmong for what the faithful Hmong had done for the Americans in combat considering what happened to thousands of Hmong who lost their lives after the United States abandoned them.

Is there a moral that transcends any of the racial or crude comments uttered by Walt? There are many morals in this story that could someday be a classic study in schools. Sue Lor said it right — Walt Kowalski is a good man. I think that some things in the movie have to be taken with a grain of salt. White man or not. But talk about a flawed hero. This guy was so appallingly racist and ignorant. Many of the offensive remarks are used in an ironic way. I did not see it in a theater, but I would guess that a lot of the people who were laughing were probably racists.

But there may be another subset of people — liberal individuals who are constantly offended by racist parents or grandparents, and who laughed in relief to see the character portrayed in a movie. In my opinion, it is the dominance of patriarchy that brings us to think these characters were negatively stereotyped. I think the movie does an excellent job in challenging our beliefs.

Find a more tolerant place to live and rid us of your divisive bellyaching. Why is stereotyping considered racist? To me, people just need to calm down. It seems like everything is racist now. White benevolence saves the backwards people of color. Sure it seemed that everyone in the movie was set sort of below. Did you guys even pay attention to his selfish white family? Also why are people bringing new stereotypes.

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Film Analysis-Gran Torino Words | 8 Pages. Film Analysis – Grand Torino To give a bit of an overview, the movie “Gran Torino” was directed and produced by Clint Eastwood who also starred in the movie.

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"Gran Torino" is a good example of a film that takes an unbiased look at race issues. This is a well made film, and it's not just giving you straight advice like most films dealing with similar subject matter.

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Film Analysis – Grand Torino To give a bit of an overview, the movie “Gran Torino” was directed and produced by Clint Eastwood who also starred in the movie. This movie highlights the modern conditions surrounding many aspects of intercultural communications. Critical Analysis Essay On a Movie Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood. Gran Torino directed and starred in by Clint Eastwood has a lot to say about society, and not all of it is good. Angry and sullen Korean War veteran, Walt Kowalski, has to learn to live with his Korean neighbors and accept that his neighborhood is in drastic need of change and cultural acceptance.

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Related Documents: Essay on Gran Torino Film Analysis Essay on Rashomon Film Analysis Rashomon Film Analysis: As Roger Ebert said in his retrospective review of the film, it was the “first use of flashbacks that disagreed about the action the were flashing back to.”. "Gran Torino" is a movie starring Clint Eastwood (as Walt) that deals with many sociological concepts such as deviance, gender stratification, race, ethnicity and socialization. I feel that these four concepts apply relate to the movie better than most than any others. Deviance can be defined as /5(2).