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Encouragement is needed to show them how to do things on their own so that they may become autonomous. The childs attributes and beliefs from within are internal personal strengths. Feeling proud of themselves and realizing they are loved by others builds their confidence and self esteem.

Feelings of hope, faith, and trust from positive input creates a well rounded individual whol can be independent and capable of doing things on their own. This will result in the ability to recover from lifes obstacles and to continue on without being crippled by adversity. Strong relationships with healthy adults and healthy interests and talents outside the home will continue to increase the childs self esteem.

Getting to know the childs teachers and monitoring their attendance in school will give them a strong educational foundation and will lead to better health for them.

Ultimately this will lead to them being successful in school and in the community. Introduction Ministry can be a difficult task to get right. The authors also make the important point that resiliency is quite different from recovery in that individuals who are considered to be resilient demonstrate more stable levels of functioning before and after such experiences and less overt distress during such experiences.

According to the article there are a number of characteristics that appear to be associated with resiliency and that people who undergo more extreme levels of distress in response to a traumatic event appear to be the exception rather than the norm. An additional factor that I believe to be important is the idea that resilience does not mean being uncaring or…… [Read More]. Analyzing Resilience Inherited or Developed and Nurtured. Or Developed and Nurtured? The study describes three requisite elements for resilience.

There must be a significant risk factor or condition of adversity, resources to offset the effects of adversity and an adaptation that is positively skewed with an aim to avoid a similar adversity in future.

The analysis, therefore, is anchored on the following definition that attempts to incorporate all the key elements. Thus, resilience is a strategy of negotiating, managing or adapting to trauma and similar sources of stress and strain. The resources in question in this respect are inherent within the individual. These must also be supplemented and complemented by the environment and life experiences in order to enable such capacity to come to their aid when need be. Resilience varies significantly across the course of life Windle, It has been found that long standing exposure to stressful conditions in the course of one's…… [Read More].

Resillience in General Psychological Resilience Is the. Resillience In general, psychological resilience is the manner in which an individual can cope appropriately with stress and adversity. This copy may be the way the individual bounces back to normality after a setback or crisis, or simply a way to put negativity aside and not show stress.

Typically, psychologists tend to understand resilience as a process, not as a trait Ungar, ed. We must also understand that stress and adversity is a part of life. It happens to everyone at some time or another, and one of the things we as educators and adults can do to help children is to help them understand that at some time in their life, they will face a loss, grief, or serious issue.

Child psychologists believe that children need to learn about all types of experiences that are unique and will help them shape their adult personalities. Many of these…… [Read More].

Psychology of esilience Describe three elements of resilience. A healthy self-image or positive self-esteem is an important element of psychological resilience Masten, Generally, that refers to an individual who usually interacts with others in a relaxed manner and without projecting any negative assumptions based in self doubt, negative expectations, or negative foundational beliefs.

Generally, positive, long-term, and emotionally close and supportive relationships wit others promote resiliency both directly and indirectly. They support resilience directly by providing immediate encouragement, understanding, and empathy in difficult situations. They support resiliency indirectly in that they are usually fundamental components of the establishment of healthy self-esteem 3.

Community Resilience and Disasters. Sustainable and esilient Communities esearchers have long known that there is more to disaster recovery than disaster recovery agencies can possibly address. While these professionals play a key role in mitigating and responding to damages that may be incurred as the result of a disaster, ultimately the community members itself have to contribute to the recovery and their participation is a critical success factor to the resilience of a community.

However, some individual communities from the same city and same event showed significantly more resilience.

Resilient Self Resilience A Resillant. Moving forward is the goal, not finding reasons to continue negative coping mechanisms that did or did not work in the past. Survivor's pride is the justified pride in showing resillance in the face of personal difficulties.

It may go unrecognized, especially if the survivor is highly competant. Reframing means resisting the self-justifying 'victim trap' and retelling the story of one's childhood in a positive fashion. Whereas one is not capable of predicting the outcomes of life for any child, in particular, one could make efforts to offer every child a positive start that shall assist them in dealing with various life challenges.

Secure attachment connections in the early years lay down the foundations for the best emotional and social development and well-being. Encouraging the development of emotional and social skills, and a positive character calls for the need to present children with a secure and supportive surrounding -- emotionally, socially, and physically.

Children learn by observing others and by the feedback they experience. The manner through which grown-ups communicate with kids in their daily care…… [Read More].

Polk's Theory of Resilience. Nursing Influence The author of this report has been asked to offer some insight and informed perspective about how nurses should be influenced by organizational nursing theory. Specifically, the author of this report will cite Polk's theory of resilience to answer this question. The manners in which the influence could or should render would include whether it is compelling for other professionals, whether it promotes sustainability, how it is related to the commission of collegiate nursing, how it influences the profession itself, how it influences the culture and how it can lead to change in the nursing industry overall.

While organizational theory can easily delve into navel-gazing and the wasting of time, there are many theories and ideas in the nursing paradigm that could and should be taken very seriously.

Summary Before getting to the answers found for most of the questions above, the author of this report will first…… [Read More]. Both of Harry's parents died when Harry was an infant. The murder of his parents literally left Harry Potter scarred for life: The orphaned Harry was forced to live with a distant family relative. The relatives are Muggles, and culturally distinct from Harry, who is part wizard. Harry is aware that the Dark Lord Voldemort wants to kill him. However, Harry is about to face a serious crisis that will call into question his psychological resilience.

The Ministry of Magic has undertaken a massive and coordinated attempt to undermine Harry's credibility. The Ministry's goal is sabotage of Harry's reputation, and his entire career as a wizard. Underlying the motivation of the Ministry…… [Read More]. Allouche J The Sustainability and Resilience.

The sustainability and resilience of global water and food systems: Political analysis of the interplay between security, resource scarcity, political systems and global trade. Journal of Food Policy. This article investigates current and potential strain on water and food production systems and aims at ensuring their sustainability and security.

The paper looks at the long-term dynamics of global water and food systems in terms of sustainability and resilience and lays emphasis on possible conflict between global securities, allocation, resource scarcity and international trade as well as local coping strategies, power, social and gender relations and right-based social movements on the other. This paper is significant in asserting the inconclusiveness of the fact that resource scarcity is a motivator of conflict, and that water and food insecurities are a product of socio-political issues.

Accommodating the Needs of Our Children The children and adolescents in today's America are at a high risk of failure, based on certain internal and external factors that may or may not have been chosen by them. The societal failure lifestyle does not have to be the future of any of America's children, each of who are able to lower such risk through personal choice and habitual experiences until the growth into their adulthood.

When a child is placed under certain optimistic and good natured demands for personal success from educational institutions, parents, and themselves, it is then that they will be most capable in functioning in today's society. The purpose of the article "isk and esilience," by Darlene Brackenreed was to introduce and discuss how risk and resilience relate to at-risk children.

Human Populations That Are in. Citing a host of adverse climactic circumstances and other negative phenomena that impacts the coastal zone, as well as historical incidents where large-scale casualties occurred in these regions, they provide a hypothetical- argument for the need for resilience of citizens of these coastal regions. They go on to demonstrate how, given today's expanded global connection, tragedy can more intensively impact wider swathes and lead to exacerbated damage, and, on the other hand, how condensed and unified human agency on multiple NGO and governmental levels can enhance resilience.

Their argument is built on empirical evidence the case history of the Asian tsunami as well as research on planning for and adapting to storms and climactic changes in coastal zones and on small islands, and they proceed in an inferential, closely reasoned manner. In regards to the Asian tsunami, effective and instinctive positive response encouraged socio-ecologial resilience to the…… [Read More]. This chapter is divided into five parts.

The first part explains the meaning of acculturation and adaptation experiences specific to missionaries. This part emphasizes 1 different perspectives from social and behavioral scientists examining the phenomenon of acculturation 2 different theoretical models describing the stages of acculturation 3 dissimilarities between immigrants and missionary immigrants and what makes the two unique.

The second part of this chapter examines the emotional and psychological distress missionaries experience as a result of acculturative stress. The third part focuses on coping strategies and resilience of missionaries. The fourth part introduces the existing literature in the area of acculturative stress of missionaries, emphasizing on limited empirical research in this subject and the necessity for further research in this area of study. Resiliency in Education Is a. Unlike Downey's article which is a thorough review of the relevant literature that concludes with the author's synthesis of appropriate recommendations that could be implemented in a classroom-based setting, this article by Darlene is mostly a plain review rather than an analysis of the literature.

One confounding aspect is the discussion of studies that report that resilient children have, "traits in common such as higher intelligence, lower thrill seeking, lower associations with delinquent peers, and an absence of anti-social behaviours, substance abuse and juvenile delinquency" [Darlene rackenreed , pg 4] Does this mean that personal traits are as important as providing caring adult support?

The article however, does point out some valid points as mentioned above. The article concludes with a discussion of personal life experiences of the author, which though stated with a view to provide an example of the hardships that a student from a disadvantaged family experiences,…… [Read More].

Social Work Antonio Case Study. This leads one to believe that they are not very well off financially and the mother has not real education in order to obtain employment since she is currently attaining administrative assistant training.

Antonio also has issues with controlling his behavior when in the daycare environment, as he frequently has violent outbursts and crying spells. If one were to assess Antonio from an Eco-Feminist perspective one would be better able to understand Antonio and his present behavior. Ecofeminism is the social movement that regards the domination of women and nature as unified.

It is one of the few movements and analyses that in fact connect the two movements. Lately, ecofeminist theorists have extended their analyses to reflect on the interconnections flanked by sexism, the domination of nature, and also racism and social dissimilarities What is Ecofeminism, n.

Daniel spent a lot of time suppressing Hilda in his behavior that he…… [Read More]. Happy Family Happy families have certain traits and attributes in common which make the relationship between their members stronger and more respectful for each other.

The most important factors which make a happy family include love and care, effective communication, commitment, conflict resolution, and resilience. When family members show true care and respect for each other, resolve their family conflicts in a polite and friendly manner, show a high level of resilience in bitter circumstances, and ensure an effective communication without distance and time constraints, the members live like a happy and ideal family.

Family happiness gets spoiled when hatred, mistrust, arguments, and criticism take the place of love, care, and mutual understanding. A Happy Family Before discussing what makes a happy family and what elements contribute towards making a strong relationship among all family members, it is important to explain how the word 'family' has been defined by the…… [Read More]. Nursing Theory Laura Polk's theory of resilience holds that an individual has the ability to rise above adversity.

There are a number of factors that contribute to how this occurs -- dispositional, relational, situational and philosophical factors all play into this ability to be resilient Jackson, This theory has significant implications for nursing practice, and can be evaluated through the lens of evidence-based practice. Polk's Theory of esilience Individuals rise above adversity Dispositional, relational, situational, philosophical Can be evaluated through evidence-based practice Nurses can influence the different factors that contribute to resilience.

The theory was developed on the basis of Polk's own real-life experience. She recognized that nurses can put themselves in the position of the patient, at least to some extent, and by doing this can empathize with the patient.

This empathy allows the nurse to see the treatment through the eyes of the patient. Nurses can then…… [Read More]. The Built Environment and Social Networking. Trends, Problems and Dilemmas by Alexander. I chose these articles because each in its own way deals with the problem of community and change. Bowling Alone focuses on the impact of women in the workplace, family mobility and changing demographics on declining civic society.

School Ties examines the effect that social networks and built environments have on one another. Globalization of Disaster looks at an entire global community that has been changed by rapid technological advancements in communications, travel, and commerce. The idea of resilience offered by School Ties is helpful in addressing the problematic issues identified both by "Bowling Alone" and Globalization of Disaster and in this reflection paper I will show how the concept can be applied.

Bowling Alone was a very interesting read because it identifies the disintegration of the stable, social family…… [Read More]. Cultural Intelligence In today's increasingly culturally diverse world, cultural competence, or what has become known as "cultural intelligence CQ " has received increasing research attention.

Several authors, with various purposes and audiences, have developed assessment instruments to help individuals and groups understand their level of cultural intelligence. Included among these is the instrument developed by Earley and Mosakowski , under the title "Diagnosing Your Cultural Intelligence.

The cognitive component can be regarded as the "head" of cultural competence. On a cognitive level, this areas focuses on an individual's understanding of differences between cultures. This involves asking questions and investigations to identify any differences that might exist among cultures. Being aware of these on a cognitive level can greatly enhance a person's ability to understand and interact with foreign cultures.

The physical component focuses on a…… [Read More]. Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand, report show book read retelling story. A theme selected proven research style writing. Examples details book support ideas. Following her first novel Seabiscuit, many awaited Laura Hillenbrand's second book with nothing less than eagerness and excitement. It will be however nine years after her first non-fiction account before Unbroken: Hillenbrand's life took a sudden turn just before her graduation from Kenyon College in Ohio when she fell ill with chronic fatigue syndrome, a disease that has kept her confined from living a normal life.

She remains ensnared within the perimeters of her house in Glover Park, Washington which is from where she conducted research and eventually wrote Unbroken, the biographical novel about an Olympic runner whose World War Two experience reflects heroism in a sense of…… [Read More]. Why is a CISM program necessary for the agency? This proposal outlines a program to add mental Health Services to the existing emergency management plan for the Surry Power Plant.

The current plan does not address mental health issues, and this is an important need that will need to be considered in the future. The current plan will modify the existing plan through the addition of mental health services for the community. A critical incident is any event that produces stress or trauma to personnel that are directly or…… [Read More]. Leading Change Continual Learning, Creativity and Innovation, External Awareness, Flexibility, esilience, Service Motivation, Strategic Thinking, And Vision The purpose of this report is to discuss the process of leading change as a core qualification and how it encompasses an ability to develop and implement an organizational vision that integrates key national and program goals, priorities, values, and other factors.

Even though the need for change is a concept that is recognized and acknowledged, instituting change and change policies is still a very difficult process and guaranteeing that a required change actually takes hold of the long-term is even more difficult a process to manage.

In the book by John P. Kotter, professor of leadership at Harvard Business School showed that businesses often have many common errors when managing organizational change. For example, the Harvard report found organizations allowing far too much complacency, fail to create sufficient guiding coalitions, they…… [Read More]. Family Age Students With Learning Disabilities The impact of family motivation on college age students with learning disabilities may be a deciding factor in regard to the student's success or failure.

College age students with learning disabilities obviously have more immediate needs in cooperative learning settings when compared to typical students. Educators cannot just tell the student to just sit-down and read five chapters of Freud.

When there are obvious underlying issues, the family, teachers and the students themselves have to work more closely together in order to reach the desired positive outcomes. Grew Up in an Underdeveloped Urban City. Like Rafe Esquith, I believe that this has given me a special empathy to people from societies similar to mine. Take just a few days ago, for instance. I was stopped by robbers at gunpoint who forced me to continue to drive.

Many others, I suppose, would have been afraid. I can't say I wasn't, but more than that. I was with them. I understood why they were doing this. I pitied for their childhood, and I wished to help them.

TEP's two-year graduate program offers specialized urban teacher preparation in the form of a two-year intensive Master of Education M.

This calls to me. But far more resonant with me is your objective: Leading Change he Department of Veterans Affairs did not have an effort that was focused on protocol services despite the fact that they were a cabinet level organization.

Because of this, the organization needed an effort that directly advised, assisted, and supported developmental activities for the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and the Chief of Staff on not only official matters of national and international protocol, but also in planning, hosting, and officiating related events and activities for members of Congress, senior Veteran Service Organizations, diplomats, and visiting heads of state. During the first year of the administration the lack of protocol was a definite challenge for the Department as it received visits from senior U.

And foreign dignitaries to include the U. Since there were problems and challenges with some of the events that were put on…… [Read More]. In the past, I have found myself as part of a group or team.

In some other scenarios, I have found myself selected as a team leader. To be able to accomplish the objectives of the team, the team leader must be accommodating of the divergent behaviors as well as views of team members.

In all the instances I have been called upon to head teams, flexibility has come in handy. I recognized earlier on that rigidity in such a scenario would be counterproductive especially given the need to be accommodating of other people's views. Adventurous As an adventurous individual, I have at times engaged in certain activities just for the thrill they bring. Individuals who are adventurous are always ready to take risks. Further, adventurous people are never afraid of putting to test new ideas, discoveries or even ways of doing things.

From quite a young age, I had…… [Read More]. Cultural Adaptation Following Hurricane Sandy Cultural Psychology and Adaption During Hurricane Sandy The objective of this study is to examine Hurricane Sandy and the adaptation of the population through the lens of the psychological cultural adaptation model. Cultural adaptation holds that evolutionary forces shape "innate genetically determined behaviors.

Rather, culture entails a novel evolutionary tradeoff. Social learning allows human populations to accumulate reservoirs of adaptive information over many generations, leading to the cumulative cultural evolution of highly adaptive social institutions and technology.

Strength Based Approach Strength Displayed Togetherness Even though Merridy is divorced she still maintains a relationship with her ex-husband so her children can spend time with him Sharing Activities Tony's new partner's child, Heidi lives with Tony.

Tony must share his attention between the three children. The children's time spent at day care also contributes to sharing activities as well.

Affection ay is very affectionate, and trustworthy of his mother, Merridy as seen by his reaction at his examination. Support Merridy is supportive of her children by working at her job. Max and Jude also show support by helping Merridy watch the children while she is at work. Communication ay and Joe communicate with each other as demonstrated by ay's behavior of looking at Joe at the examination.

Interdisciplinarian Traits Interdisciplinarians In their quest to become knowledgeable about several distinct subjects, interdisciplinarians must become conversant in the vocabulary specific to each discipline studied. Without this knowledge, they would be unable to converse effectively with colleagues or read the relevant literature across disciplines. When I first started college I was undecided about what major to pursue and started taking courses in different departments.

I took developmental psychology, chemistry, guitar, and women's studies, which helped me to become conversant, and thus competent to converse in different disciplines. Once I selected a major, I continued to sample from different sub-disciplines before focusing on one or two. By taking a multidisciplinary approach, I was able to gain enough inside information to narrow my focus.

In other words, I became an entry level interdisciplinarian in order to help me decide on a major. If I were to seek an advisor for selecting one…… [Read More]. This term refers to therapies used to enhance health that fall outside the realm of conventional or "western" medical therapies.

Southern Medical therapies are often limited to pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and other interventions that directly affect the body.

CAM therapies can simply refer to culturally-based medical practices that are not part of mainstream medicine in the United States. CAM Interventions for prevention of Stress and esilience One of the most widely accepted areas for the use of CAM interventions is in the area of stress reduction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other conditions that are common symptoms…… [Read More]. Planning for Risk Threats and Emergencies in London.

For example, on the UK Resilience site, a document entitled "Preparing for emergencies" can be downloaded. It addresses the risks that one should plan for, how to prepare for emergencies, how to prepare one's business for emergencies, and how to prepare one's community for emergencies.

It is a succinct and cohesive guide because it does not just address one's own self or home but also one's workplace and one's community, which gives a great deal of comfort to users of the site as they can feel that they are not only safeguarding their own families but their own neighborhoods as well, creating the impression that there is strength in unity, numbers and people working together.

The London site is equally helpful in that…… [Read More]. How to Treat Schizophrenia and Autism. We try to make TeenInk. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message. Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it. Don't have an account?

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Resilience is the capacity to bounce back in the face of adversity and to go on to live functional lives with a sense of well being. People can become resilient even though they may have lived in stressful and neglectful family and community environments. Essays Related to Resiliency. /5(3).

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Individual Written Assignment A Study On Resilience English Language Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our Resilience is the capacity to maintain competent functioning in the face of.

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Resilience is the ability to work with adversity in such a way that one comes through it unharmed or even better for the experience. Resilience means facing life’s . Introduction This essay is about resilience, the concepts of being at risk, and the 5 Cs of this writing we are going to discuss how one can use the mentioned concepts to evaluate one’s self and overcome challenges that life throws their way, using the song ROAR by Katy Perry as an example. We are going to explore and analyze the song to try draw a clear picture about of the.

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Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. (Yitzhak Berman)Children can move beyond trauma in their lives if they are resilient. Children facing trauma within their families and communities can be overwhelmed. Outside help though essential in times of trauma is not sufficient alone. Resilience is an attribute that involves optimism, [ ]. Free resilience papers, essays, and research papers. Risk and Resilience in Adolescence - Within psychology adolescence is described as a period of transition from childhood to adulthood.