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Religious Tolerance Essays (Examples)

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❶He was a pastor after all, one of the most successful in the bible belt.


Essays on Religious tolerance
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Confucianism has had an influence on many spiritual and physical Asian-based traditions; for example, Confucianism had a big influence on the development of martial arts, acupuncture, and meditation, according to Canda. There are about shamanistic temples within an hour of the capital of Seoul, according to an article in the New York Times Sang-Hun, , p.

The article points out that shamanism is presently enjoying a renaissance after "centuries of ridicule and persecution"; indeed, shamans were "demonized by Christian missionaries and…… [Read More].

Religious Liberty as Stated in the First. The idea of religious truth, such as defined by the North Carolina state government in which forbade anyone from serving who denied the truth of the Protestant religion, has no place in a country that holds religious liberty as law. Yet, religious liberty has not always been practiced, as North Carolina and Maryland which was officially declared an Anglican state in both show.

Today, the first amendment has been ratified to make such claims untenable. Nonetheless, many scholars question whether religious liberty itself is defensible. By acknowledging the right of religions to be exercised publicly, the U. Religious Heritages in America Influenced. The spread of public education in the 20th century gave rise to even greater tensions about the appropriate role of religion within the public education system.

The Supreme Court declared that mandated prayers in public schools were unconstitutional, yet the words 'under God' were inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance Prayer, , eligious Tolerance. Students can wear religious clothing and jewelry to school, and teachers can teach about religion -- but not preach to their students.

Walking the fine line between endorsing certain religious traditions within an officially secular community can be tricky, and the definition of what is secular and what is religious continues to evolve with the passage of time. Today, the debates about religion rage on -- the role of so-called 'creationist' science in biology classes that teach about evolution and the right of religious groups to hold meetings on school grounds are two recent examples of…… [Read More].

Tolerance and Its Limits. Tolerance Global terrorism has changed the entire spectrum of tolerance in today's world. The age of innocence in the United States had ended and the rest of the world waited to see how the United States would react Schorow Terrorism has been a part of the world framework for some time but in the United States it had been something that occurred somewhere else.

It was not anything that those living within the borders of the United States had to be concerned with. Those types of problems existed elsewhere. In America everyone was safe: Ahmadis are a sub-sect of the Islamic Community. What attracted to me to study this community was that unlike the general image we have of the Islamic community, this community is non-violent and is considered heretical by the larger Islamic community for having a prophet in succession to Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic faith.

In many Muslim majority countries the Ahmadis are banned and in many others they have been ex-communicated from the Islamic mainstream. Apparently -- as I discovered- one of the other contentious issues between them and the rest Islamic community is the controversy over Jesus Christ's death, which I found interesting given that I considered Jesus an exclusively Christian figure.

To my amazement it turns out that…… [Read More]. Religious Philosophy the Nature of. The actual universe, with all its good and evil, exists on the basis of God's will and receives its meaning from His purpose. However, these two conclusions do not stand in simple contradiction, to one another. The one says that evil is bad, harmful, destructive, fearful and to be fought against as a matter of ultimate life and death.

But the other does not deny this. It does not say that evil is not fearful and threatening, inimical to all good and to be absolutely resisted. It says that God has ordained a world which contains evil- real evil- as a means to the creation of the infinite good of a Kingdom of Heaven within which His creatures will have come as perfected persons to love and serve Him through a process in which their own free insight and response have been an essential element. Civilizations the Topic Is Religious and Social.

Civilizations The topic is religious and social life in the Achaemenid Empire. The purpose of the project is to learn more about this subject and dispel some of the myths in today's media.

I will use books on the subject to learn about what this empire was like, and what their religion was like. I expect that I will be able to come to some conclusions about the Achaemenid Empire. Furthermore, I believe that I will demonstrate that the rulers of this empire were enlightened and had a high level of tolerance for the customs of those over whom they ruled. This empire is interesting for several reasons, not the least of which was its Zoroastrian religion and general religious tolerance.

This empire has been cast as villain in popular…… [Read More]. Good and Bad About Religious Diversity. Is Pluralism the Best Outcome for Society? Diana Eck takes great pains to distinguish between diversity and pluralism, as it relates to the religions practiced in the United States. The word 'diversity' simply means that Americans practice more than one religion, but a religious pluralism implies an ongoing effort by each faith to engage with each other to negate the negative outcomes often associated with diversity.

For example, Eck list three philosophies individuals may turn to when faced with religious diversity: An exclusionary philosophy demands that members of other religions, should they desire a life in America, strip themselves of their religious affiliation if it differs from the dominant religious faith in America, i.

A person supporting an assimilation philosophy would welcome diversity, but only if immigrants promised to…… [Read More]. Amish are a long-standing religious sect, created in the 17th century after the first Amish broke from the Mennonite Protestant tradition because of "what they perceived as a lack of discipline among the Mennonites" The Amish: History, belief, practices, , eligious Tolerance.

The original Amish were of Swiss and German extraction. Many migrated to the U. In the early stages of the sect's formation, settling in Pennsylvania, and gradually branching out into New York, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri Ohio, and other states where they still reside today. No Amish remain in Europe. They try to avoid many of the features of modern society, by developing practices and behaviors which isolate themselves from American culture" The Amish: The Amish used to be farmers, marking the culture as 'pastoral' in…… [Read More].

Religious Toleration Proast's main criticisms of Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration are that the government does have a right and, indeed, a duty to use moderate force in order to compel its subjects to adhere to the one true religion -- which in Proast's view is the religion of the Anglican Church.

This was in response to Locke's contention that by attempting to regulate religion, the State supported conflict, but that in adopting a policy of religious tolerance for religions that promoted tolerance as well thus ruling out the Catholic Church in his view the State could avoid promoting conflict.

Locke also argued that the State had no mandate from God to oversee religion or religious development and that thus religious toleration was the only moral principle for the State to follow. Proast disagreed, asserting that the magistrate did have a duty to oversee the religious developments of…… [Read More].

The trend was started by Jeff Steinberg, a California high school teacher who took a class on a tour of southern civil rights sites. Because of the positive reception he received from the initial field trip, Steinberg formed an organization dedicated to helping students learn about the civil rights movement by taking them on tours of the Deep South.

His organization, Sojourn to the Past, the people and places they learn about in the classroom come to life. Other alternative break programs such as those sponsored by the organization Break Away encourage community service and other means of encountering diversity first-hand. Religious Fundamentalist Sub-Tradition Fundamentalist the.

For fundamentalists, law and authority come from God. This is true not only in formally theocratic societies, like Iran, but can also be seen expressed in the views of fundamentalist U. Christians, who have an obsession with having the Ten Commandments displayed outside of secular buildings, advocate school prayer and the need for laws to be justified by Judeo-Christian values.

Female sexuality must be contained; boundaries must be established between men and women. The female body is an obsession: Sexual behavior is a major concern of all fundamentalists Opposing gay marriage, abortion rights, sexual education unite almost all fundamentalist groups. Fundamentalism and nationalism converge. Religious Discrimination at Work Would. Of course, most proselytizing of this nature is also prohibited by law but a non-exclusive hiring policy obviously provides more opportunities to expose non-Christians to the faith in permissible ways than an exclusive hiring policy that excludes non-Christians altogether.

How would your answers change, if at all, if they planned to open a Christian school rather than a manufacturing facility? Legal but not advisable. Because a Christian school is a primarily religious institution, it would be excepted from the obligation to comply with Title VII even if it employed more than 15 employees Friedman, Because the essential purpose of the school would be to teach and promote Christianity, it would be advisable to employ only teachers of Christian faith.

However, there is not reason that excluding non-Christians from non-teaching positions would be preferable or beneficial and it would promote discrimination instead of multicultural tolerance and non-discrimination in society…… [Read More].

Spiritual but Not Religious An. These values might seem obvious to some, but they are actually values which so many religious institutions may preach, but not practice at all in their religious thought. Ultimately, those who view themselves as spiritual but not religious don't feel that faith can be shoved into scientific or empiricitic frameworks, and these same individuals reject the notion that all is real and can be known: Many people who ascribe to this belief system truly do believe that there are secular movements in the world today which have similar spiritual foundations, but that many of these religious movements are just out of touch with those foundations NSP, Wendy Brown's Perspective on Tolerance.

It gives the government the ability to enforce its own cultural and legal norms on others without public objection. This is the key argument that Brown makes throughout the body of the work. Tolerance protects the beliefs and ideas of others, yet at the same times distances them from the norms of the mainstream. Cultural differences are not rationalized, they are simply accepted as the way a society is. Minority cultures are to be respected, but not necessarily adopted by the mainstream.

The separation of private and public life has been a tool to achieve tolerance. Those differences that make each culture unique are not allowed to enter into public life, but must remain an area that is private. Brown argues that to relegate culture and belief to the private realm is to rob it of its communal nature. One's culture becomes a matter of personal preference, not an idea…… [Read More]. Work Place Religious Conviction. Accounting for Religion at Work In general, religious discrimination is intolerable.

This fact certainly applies to human resources management, in which department heads are tasked with hiring various people for positions in any number of organizations across vertical industries.

However, the reality of this situation is that religious practices and observances can create substantial complications for organizations that can actually interfere with the fulfillment of organizational objectives. On some occasions, certain facets of behavior that individuals engage in associated with their religions can actually contradict with their job responsibilities and even prevent them from fulfilling them.

As such, organizations that do not discern job placement based on religious tendencies may incur situations in which they are paying people to fulfill job responsibilities that they cannot do. Therefore, it might behoove organizations to consider religion as one of the factors for hiring people, and human resources management professionals need to be…… [Read More]. King Asoka Is One of. His examples include charity and erecting hospitals for men and animals.

Albinski Chodorow maintains that Asoka's example "enhanced the prestige of Buddhism" Chodorow It should be noted that Asoka was a "pragmatist" He did "not abolish capital punishment. His official policy was one of religious tolerance as appropriate for a far-flung empire inhabited by many different communities" His was a different plan of conquest, as it involved religion and general good will toward others.

According to Israel Selvanayagam, Asoka's dharma is twofold. One aspect is "practical, concerning interpersonal relationships and emphasizing the duties of each individual at home and in security; the other is doctrinal in a general sense and includes a special concern for sanctity of animals, toleration of other…… [Read More]. Conflict Building a New Jerusalem. The European actions against the natives were in error, because they were committed by Protestant Christians, who, unlike Catholics or savages, should have known better and responded with higher forms of faith and feeling.

The Indian atrocities were seen as inevitable, the result of "undesigned provocation" even though esley acknowledges that the settlers are interlopers rather than a response in defense of their land ard, Thus, although the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights may proclaim religious separation from all churches, America was actually founded by individuals seeking to create what today we would call a theocracy.

Despite early amicable relations with the natives, eventually conflicts over territory caused the two populations to be hostile. The violence that ensued was justified by the religious rhetoric and beliefs of the Puritans, as they strove to create a New Jerusalem in a land that was inhabited by people whose civilization…… [Read More]. Describe Italy in World War II and is aftermath through the late 's and how they impact through to the present day.

The history of any particular period can frequently best be described by the movies and works that were produced during that period. There is no exception made in the case of pre- and during the War Italy when certain movies and a novel that described the conditions captured the situation precisely.

The description of this material and…… [Read More]. It does not often, if ever, occur to us that there will be a time when we look forward to the "good death" promised by euthanasia. But it is inevitable that for many of us there will come a time in our lives when suicide may indeed seem appealing because we are fighting a losing battle against a certainly fatal disease that fills our remaining days with pain and despair.

In such a position many of us may wish to have our doctors help us die by prescribing for us drugs that when we ourselves take them will prove to be fatal. Or we may wish that other people should have this option…… [Read More]. Religion and Politics Are Issues. This time period also marked a great deal of expansion for different European nations. This expansion occurred through the conquering of certain territories.

Machiavellian Leaders Machiavelli believed that great leaders had to possess certain attributes. He asserted that a "leader needs an analytical attitude without a sense of shame or guilt. Political calculation is required to control, rather than be victimized by events Deluga, These individual tend to have extremely charismatic personalities and that power to persuade large populations of people that there actions are justified.

Queen Elizabeth I was loved by the people of England to the extent that she had completely loyal subjects. She used her leadership qualities to defeat Spain. In addition she was…… [Read More]. Religion in Our Society the. These words have a deep meaning, which refers not just to the religion but also to any other belief and views.

No man shall be required to worship or maintain a worship against his will. Ethics and Church in Today's. Their primary duty is that of guiding the spiritual and religious aspects of the lives of their community members. They should give the highest priority to their duties towards the community including church service, counseling and other ceremonial functions required by their profession.

As part of their professional and ethical duties, pastors are also required to show an interest in community development and increase their participation in community activities. This has become a necessity in modern culture because people expect institutions to take an interest and an active role in the community development efforts.

Institutions cannot expect to benefit from the resources of the society and not give back. This is why business organizations, universities and even political parties make community development a part of their organization's commitment to the society and the people they serve. The pastor,…… [Read More]. Tie Between Politics and Religion. Different countries have their varying degrees of separation between government or politics and religious institutions.

A number of countries have moved a head and set up explicit barriers between church and state since the s. The constitution of the United States has…… [Read More]. Amish -- a Culture of. They do not pay taxes, as they do not collect Social Security or other welfare benefits, as the Amish community takes care of its 'own. And although the Amish still distain higher education and contact with the world, the world has sought out their community, as tourists but also as consumers of their handicrafts, including Amish furniture, food, and hand-woven quilts.

This has also made 'the English' more sympathetic to their way of life, and encouraged non-Amish people to lobby the government to protect Amish values as part of America's freedom of religion. Ironically, this society so grounded in collective values…… [Read More]. Social Shift from Religion to Spirituality. Religion and Spirituality in a Broad Sense Spirituality and religion are two terms that have rather unstable, historically changing definitions, characterized by numerous implied and explicit theological considerations.

Further, the general contention is that these definitions are either overly specific or overly generic. A more astonishing fact is, possibly, these researches' level of concurrence that spirituality represents a private, budding, personal and emotional sphere, whilst religion is more public, group-based and fairly stable. Interviews and questionnaire tools arising out of these definitions characteristically undertake measurements of the spirituality element by posing questions with regard to people's self-identity, psychological experiences, and psychological health.

By contrast, the element of religion is measured using questions that relate to religious participation, events and undertakings, observance of community or religious code. The ideal approach to spirituality would be considering it as a means to know the divine.

Individual means to do so are,…… [Read More]. American Colonialism Opportunity in Colonial. William Penn, a Quaker whose father had been an Admiral in the King's oyal Navy, was given a large piece of land as payment for a debt owed by the Crown to his father. Penn had suggested naming the new territory Sylvania, meaning wood, but the King added his surname, Penn, as a tribute to William's father Uden.

Penn considered his venture a "Holy Experiment" and sought to establish a society based on religious freedom and separation between religious and governmental authorities, Under Penn's governorship, Pennsylvania became a safe haven for all persecuted religious groups like the Quakers. He instituted a ballot system that intended to allow all members of Pennsylvania to have an equal say in their own governance.

Some of the provisions of equality and religious tolerance in the charter that he drafted for Pennsylvania would eventually be incorporated into other charters, including the U. Locke One of the Single.

This body then has the right and duty, especially if elected to represent to build the laws and enforce the judgment of those laws, as a reflection of the will of the consensus. Locke, having developed a keen sense of a rather radical sense of the rights of the individual and the responsibility of the civil government began his work with the development of what it is that constructs the "natural rights" of man.

Locke, therefore begins his Second Treatise on the natural rights of man, as he puts it to illuminate the understanding of the right to rule.

Natural Rights Theory Locke demonstrates in the beginning of his Second Treatise the idea that the government created by the people can only be so if the people accept that certain rights of nature are true to all men.

The development of these rights is not necessary as they are natural…… [Read More]. Bosnia Islam the Islamic Faith. The armed activities of resistance or assault committed in these contexts tends to drive a view of Islam as a radical force counterintuitive to the philosophical aims of western capitalism. As Malik contends on this point, "it is not surprising that islamophobic authors frequently resort to the concept of secularism which they say needs to be defended against an increasing influence of political Islam in Europe.

Specifically, the secular society in which this Islamic faith has achieved cultural dominance is belied by a brewing discontent in Bosnia. A history of ethnic tension, a war still fresh in the memories of all inhabitants, and the new infusion of religious exploration produced by the withdrawal of communist authority are having the effect of diversifying and…… [Read More]. Fundamentalism Fundamentalism has in fact created a more recent expression in modern America as churches attempt to "go back to the word" and support the idea that the scripture of the church is divine and unfailing.

Though interpretations are varied in this group in general they espouse and return to "family values" via some "golden era" ideals regarding the past. At its base, fundamentalism was compatible with the religiosity of the people, for both assumed the reality of supernatural power and the prevalence of supernatural forces at work in the world. By stressing such theological notions as…… [Read More].

Manson Family Was the Manson Family a. Manson Family as the Manson family a religious cult? Its ties to and emergence from the sixties counterculture blurs this a bit, it is a cult nonetheless. As we will see in the body of this essay, a number of salient facts stand out that define a cult. One is a dominating personality. Secondly, secret and esoteric beliefs and liturgies, usually at the extreme edge of human behaviors.

Finally, mind control use and tactics are endemic. Amish Religion Women in the Amish religion are committed to living a life that is subordinate and subservient to the male members of the community. Many women within the Amish community complacently accept this role, as it is the role that was assigned to women in ancient biblical scriptures.

There are many that would argue that women within the Amish community are unfairly suppressed, however all women living within the community do have the option to choose whether or not they will accept the faith before becoming a member of the Amish religion.

The Amish, otherwise known as "plain people" for their unadorned clothing, live in many different throughout the United States in segregated communities. Speaking what is referred to as "Pennsylvania Dutch" many people in the Amish community avoid casual contact with people living in modern society, as a means to avoid most of the conveniences afforded to people…… [Read More]. Catholic Australian Catholic Education in. This is perhaps the most profound and the most essential part of Eisner's argument in this essay, with definite and resounding implications and ramifications on attempts at a well-rounded religious education.

For Catholic schools, the issues that Eisner raises must be viewed in the context of a school that is at least somewhat explicitly indoctrinating students with specific values and beliefs. That is, a major part of the explicit curriculum in Catholic schools -- the facts and figures that…… [Read More].

America, states' rights are a hot topic. Can states legalize gay marriage, or is that something that is better left to the federal government? Can states make their own gun laws, or should we have a general law by the U. These are just a few examples of issues where states' rights are disputed. Religion is a hot topic as well; can students pray at football games and graduation ceremonies?

Can a person's religious beliefs make taking an otherwise illegal drug legal? Foreign affairs gets a lot of coverage, as well: Should we use force to patrol the world, perhaps making it a more secure place?

These all seem like very modern questions, and in many ways, they are. Football games and gay marriage were hardly relevant during the colonial period of American history. But the events of…… [Read More]. They attempted several times to conquer Egypt and Sicily, among other places. In Yemen, rett describes a situation of internecine warfare between various sectors of Yemeni society. He writes, "Mahdism thus proved unable to transform the society of the Yemen into an enduring new state, as it did the society of ahrayn" p.

Al-Fadl could not make headway with the southern tribesmen and nobility. In the end, Yemen proved too introverted a place to become a unifying imperial power as the community was fragmenting. To make matters worse, the twelfth imam has just disappeared Mohammad Al-Mahdi in What were they to do?

No one knew, they believed, when he would come out of hiding. So there must be waiting and vigilance, and a strict adherence to the imam's religious and judicial authority in the community. Another Shiite group expecting the Messiah's return was the Fatimids, who traced their…… [Read More].

Anachronism Universal Peace and the. They investigate on the nature of virtue and pleasure but they concentrate on the happiness of man and what it is made up of. They uphold that man's happiness consists mainly in the good type of pleasure.

They derive arguments from religious principles, despite its roughness and strictness. Without these principles, all searches on happiness can only be merely conjectural and defective Philosophy asics. The need for a real-life utopia is more felt today than before. It is a basic ingredient in the fulfillment of human potential in the contemporary environment Ainsa Contemporary historical, political and philosophical views still retain some Utopian dimension or strain.

Utopianism may have discredited for some flaws in the past, but it remains indispensable as an alternative model for mapping out the future. An ideal society is always an attempt to invent the future. Utopia differs from ideology in that utopia represents hope in…… [Read More].

Introduction Trade and imperialism brought all the societies of the Near East into contact with one another during the Axial Age so that networks were established and goods and services flowed from society to the other. These networks also facilitated the dispersal of ideas, both religious and philosophical. By the end of the Axial Age, the foundations of Western thought had been laid by the classical philosophers in Greece: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle—and their ideas rooted in the observance of Transcendentals, or ideals, that individuals pursued through the cultivation of good or virtuous habits in their daily lives, spread to the next dominant empire in the West—the Roman Empire.

This paper will discuss the transmission of technology, ideas religious and philosophical , consumer goods, and germs from the end of the Axial Age to CE. It will also examine the treatment of indigenous people by expanding empires and conquerors as…… [Read More]. Rise of Russia There Are. She was a German princess who was married to Peter, a nephew of Elizabeth, who served as Empress of Russia from to Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, was a shrewd and Machiavellian ruler; she did not like Catherine, who was, from the time of her marriage to Peter in to the death of Elizabeth in , constantly under the threat of danger www.

He was assassinated soon afterward, resulting in Catherine becoming ruler of Russia. Western Civilization Reformation Martin Luther. They felt that they Church was getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. And as a result, there were no great protests when the King broke away from the Church, because many felt that Henry would ease up on taking money from them.

Henry knew of the Catholic Church's unpopularity and used this to his advantage Truman, Christian Humanism played a large role in the development of the English Reformation as it also did with Calvinism, which emphasized the rule of God over all things Belief system within Christianity: Both of these were very similar to the ideas Lutheranism, in which each individual was seen as responsible for their own fate.

There were several other heretic groups that were persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church for their beliefs; these were the aldenses and the Albigenses.

These were a couple of groups of Christians who would not…… [Read More]. Goddesses the Goddess Concept in. I believe that the goddess concept is vital, especially for the development of our society in modern times. While it is no longer vital to bear children, women have much more than only biology to offer the world. Unfortunately, many men are still grounded in the patriarchic paradigm that women are not to be provided with opportunities to prove themselves, because they are somehow not as good as men.

The most important contribution of the Goddess is therefore to prove once again that there need be no battle between men and women; the two can compliment each other. The idea of matriarchy is a rather alien one in our society.

As such, not only men, but also many women believe that positions of power are not for them. The matriarchy concept overrides this idea. Women and men can be equally powerful. Religions Similarities and Differences Among. While the similarities in ethical and theological concepts are great, some differences emerge. For instance, Islam seems to be the more fundamental or faith-based of the two religions, as obinson points often to a liberal branch of Christianity that questions even the very fundamentals of the faith.

For instance, while Muslims believe that Jesus was born of a Virgin, even though they do not accept him as the Son of God, liberal Christians do not accept the idea of the virgin birth obinson, While Christianity has gained its share of criticism, many critics have targeted Islam in the wake of the September 11, attacks. Many criticize Islam for the concept of Jihad, a term that obinson A argues is one of the most misunderstood in the religion. Some interpret this term as war against non-believers.

Ellian also criticizes Islam for its inability to accept criticism and…… [Read More]. Allah and Brahman Perhaps the. Modern Protestantism tends more to suggest that salvation is purely the work of God, and that the human need only accept salvation and all past and present sins will be forgiven, requiring them to do nothing more to be saved.

In this schema, good works are merely acts of devotion. In either case, the death of Christ provides forgiveness for sins, and the soul which has been forgiven is upon death taken into heaven where it is purified and allowed to live eternally in luxury thereafter.

The only downside, here, is that one has only one life in which to accept Christ. Anyone failing to do so in that time, is sentenced to never-ending punishment and pain. The uddhist idea or Enlightenment, on the other hand, leads to a Nirvana which is the cessation of pain and suffering and one-ness with the universe. This enlightenment comes from the individual learning…… [Read More].

Non-Denominational Religions the New Facility. The Rapture specifically refers to what happens to human beings. Once Christ returns, the "thousand-year reign" on Earth begins.

According to the FFM website, "Jesus Christ will one day return to bring believers home to Heaven and will reign with them over the Earth for 1, years. A "new heaven and earth," ostensibly a holier and happier one, will result from the Second Coming.

Speaking in tongues is a phenomenon that occasionally accompanies the baptism rite. Many Protestant and evangelical groups encourage speaking in tongues as proof of one's salvation during baptism Robinson This is where the more friendly and tolerant believers risk the charge that they are being willfully negligent in their obligations towards their fellow humans. Consider the following hypothetical situation. It is a foggy night, and I am aware that the bridge further up the road has collapsed.

There are no warning signs posted, and I am unable to make a phone call to warn the authorities. I have several options available to me. I could return to my comfortable and warm house, and perhaps phone the authorities in the morning. I could fashion a small sign - which would perhaps be visible to some but certainly not all.

Finally, I could remain at the bridge, frantically warning drivers to turn back - perhaps even risking my life by jumping in the road on such a foggy night. Of these three approaches, the first is comparable to the Phelps brand of Christianity. Although he and his odious church are famous for their pickets - these are not intended to convert people. Instead their purpose is to remind the sinners of their impending doom.

The second approach is closer to tolerant Christians would do. They believe themselves to be correct, but are not making strong efforts to convert people to their belief system. The final example is another fundamentalist approach, in which there is a stark choice: Do what I say or be damned! The tolerant approach arguably makes for a more peaceful society, given that multiculturalism is the norm in many countries, but it comes at a cost.

Believers are abandoning their role as "their brother's keeper" Gen. This follows from the degree of religiosity, although is worth tackling as a separate topic. As Pascal, in his famously cynical wager suggested belief in God as a kind of pragmatic way to hedge one's bets. Pascal's wager is a hopelessly naive and patronizing argument for belief, but he is correct that a believer needs to weigh-up the pros and cons of their beliefs.

If God exists, and scripture is indeed God breathed , then surely Christianity is the single most important thing in the lives of believers. Believers will receive eternal life, and a direct relationship with the most powerful being in the universe!

Unbelievers risk some form of eternal damnation, which according to the Dante tradition will be an eternity spent in a perpetual medieval torture chamber, while less angry Christians prefer to consider this to take the form of separation from God or simple oblivion.

We know that religious belief is not nearly as important as most people would claim it to be, if only from the fact that Christians commit crimes and most have little more than a vague understanding of scripture and the history of their religion. Next time you meet a random Christian and ask them the following questions:. The final two questions are obviously of a trick nature, but are likely to trip-up the believers to whom Jesus is a blue-eyed white guy who, prior the believer watching Mel Gibson's snuff porn, was assumed to have spoken English.

There are obvious downside to basing one's knowledge of eternal salvation on the sermons of one's pastor and the Christmas watching of Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments.

The consequences of disbelief are incredibly bad. This being the case, why should a Christian be tolerant of dissenting religious beliefs? Christians in western Europe are no-longer allowed to save souls by jabbing people with pointy objects, but still there is much they could do if they have any sense of moral responsibility.

Is it ethical to accept the delusion of another person in the full knowledge that they are condemning themselves to eternal torture? Religious tolerance has two main sources. The first is a callous disregard for the eternal salvation of unbelievers. It is tantamount to advising a friend to not drink a can of petrol, yet then just sitting by and watching with disinterest as they pop open the cap.

The second cause is related to the morphing of Christianity in to something so wooly and watered down that it's more a vague kind of hope than a real belief.

The latter is pragmatic and certainly fits better in to a modern multicultural society, but such a belief has been forced upon Christianity by secularism and ultimately robs Christianity of any automatic claim to moral authority. Personally I'm happier to see the latter - except when I want to seriously discuss Christian theology. I recall a commenter on a TV show claiming that Phelps was being somehow more honest, but this is demonstrably false. Fundamentalists and wooly liberals alike cherry-pick what they want from their Bibles, and perhaps the most dishonest category would be those who claim biblical inerrancy in matters of history and science.

I don't think that tolerance can work while allowing Christianity to remain in any way meaningful. I am grateful when meeting Christians open to discussing theology, and it's particularly enjoyable to hear reasoned interpretations of Christian scripture and tradition, but I come away wondering why such a seemingly important "truth" is treated with no more reverence than any random self-help book?

This isn't just casual Christians adopting this line. Popes, archbishops and rabbis have all come out in the past to preach a message of tolerance - when in reality one would expect their line to be one of "we're right, they're wrong! The RMF board election has been counted! Check out the results. This essay is an original work by Concernedresident. It does not necessarily reflect the views expressed in RationalWiki's Mission Statement , but we welcome discussion of a broad range of ideas.

Feel free to make comments on the talk page , which will probably be far more interesting, and might reflect a broader range of RationalWiki editors' thoughts. Retrieved from " https:

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Religious tolerance has two main sources. The first is a callous disregard for the eternal salvation of unbelievers. It is tantamount to advising a friend to not drink a can of petrol, yet then just sitting by and watching with disinterest as they pop open the cap.

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Religious Tolerance Essay Religious tolerance in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was very rare. However, there were many people and movements that led to an increase in tolerance and protection for all different religions. Essays donated by visitors to this web site: These essays do not necessarily represent the beliefs of any or all of the staff of the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. In fact, since we are a multi-faith group, it is quite likely that the beliefs expressed in these essays will differ from at least some of our staff's opinions.

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Religious Tolerance essaysWhat are the limits to religious tolerance? We are going to look the question of religious tolerance. We found that Europe's past, as well as the present had dealt with this issue. Tolerance within Christianity is going to be our main focus. However, it should be. In the sphere of religion the role of tolerance is of paramount importance. The celebrated writer and thinker like Victor Hugo observes – ‘Tolerance is the best religion’. The great Indian savant, Ramakrishna Paramahansa teaches his disciples with the exhortations – ‘Have patience, have patience and have patience’.It is the very essence of a religious .