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The Impact Of Divorce On Children

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❶The Impact Of Divorce On Children Over the last couple of decades the rate of marriages that end in divorce has been steadily increasing.

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Divorce is an unfortunate event for any family, particularly those with children. For the most part, research on divorce focuses solely on divorce in the immediate aftermath, usually a two to five-year window, so nothing is set in stone.

Nonetheless, it is crucial for parents who have decided on divorce to keep in mind that their separation is not only about them. Their children are in just as deep. One major concern is that the children of divorce will come to the conclusion that their parents no longer love them.

If one parent moves out, some children will assume responsibility for the separation and respond accordingly. Other children will feel abandoned and betrayed in some fashion, as though their parents have divorced them as well. Without any reassurance, these children may develop fears of abandonment.

On occasion, the children involved are too young to understand the goings-on, but regardless of age, they need their parents to support them and their feelings to show them that they are not completely powerless. Conflicts of loyalty can also come into play. Particularly if the divorce is messy and full of conflict, a child may feel obligated to choose a side. A significant change in economical, psychological and emotional mind set of the society is noticeable.

Indian society is facing the transitional times. The deep rooted customs and cultural values are being replaced by the modern thinking and beliefs. In Indian society, marriage has always been treated like a life-long relationship.

Once the nuptial knot is tied the man and the woman are supposed to be together throughout their life. For this, each of them is expected to make compromises and adjustments to make this relationship stand the testing of times.

It is not far ago, when divorce was considered as a social taboo. But a lot had changed in the recent years. According to government statistics, around divorce cases were pending in the year The divorce cases filing have increased not only in metropolitan cities but the trend has crept into the small towns and villages also. Social incompatibility and the lowering levels of patience and tolerance in the individuals have emerged as one of the leading causes of dissolution of marriages.

Though, it is tough to systematically formulate and enlist the probable factors that lead to divorce. The institution of marriage is so intricate and personal that what comes on the surface can only be called as the 'tip of the ice berg'.

Females, however, are more adjustable in nature and do not consider it this excuse valid enough to demand a divorce. Better communication skills in the long run will help parents and children be more understanding with one another. Not many divorces end well or even start off good but it can be a better thing for everyone in the family depending on the situation.

Divorce can be negative causing alienation whether it is children losing their self-esteem, not being able to trust anyone, parent favoritism, or financial aid for college.

Children seem to lose their self-esteem due to the lack of relationship that they have with a parent. With this being said they are more likely to suffer and have more problems than other kids with both parents.

The kids also start blaming themselves for the cause of the divorce. As children get older they tend to build a stronger bond with one or both parents. A friend of mine is going through a divorce with her parents and she says she is having trust issues with one of her parents.

Not being able to trust anyone causes them to not share their real feelings because they feel abandoned or alone with no one that they can talk to.

Putting children in certain situations where they have to chose one parent over the other can be traumatizing. With the money the student loses from the parents it adds more stress to the individual leaving them to pay for college in any way they can find. Emotions are a big part of life especially when dealing with something so difficult such as divorce. Children seem to be insecure and afraid for what the future will bring them. Sadness has a big affect on how the children act and think. When the children do not understand the circumstances of a divorce, it can lead to resentment.

Being put under a lot of pressure causes them to do more than they need to do, such as; helping around the house rather than doing their homework. Children will hide their stress by always keeping themselves busy by helping with bigger responsibilities, getting involved at school, etc.

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Divorce Causes in the United States - According to Webster's dictionary “marriage is an institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family.”Marriages don't always last in divorce.

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Free Essay: Broken families are on since the beginning of humanity. In fact, divorce, which has been very common in today’s societies, is the major cause.

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