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Do my german homework for money

❶That's what learning a language is about:

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We "Brits" just spell it this way. If we fix everything for you, you won't learn. Make sure you can work with the basics before trying to include other more complex aspects of the language. If the basics are not correct, and stabilised as a foundation on which to build, adding more complex structures just increases the mess. Hi, Thanks, you last lot!

I was supposed to use some subjunctive cases in my essay. If I were to live in Germany. Yes, I too, think that the essay stage is a bit advanced for me, but I have to turn in my assignments. And, yes, the mess is increasing!

I don't think anybody "did" my homework for me. One sentence out of a two page essay scarcely qualifies. However, if you like, I will acknowledge you guys in a footnote. I at least was smart enough to see that the des in there was weird, and to know it was genitive. I was wondering why, but, yes, babelfish is a fool's tool, and you will get things like that in there.

On the other hand, it often acts as a thesaurus for me, giving me new vocabulary. Next time I'll just write "Do my homework," since they change what you write anyway.

Funf, aren't you lucky you don't have to learn Bavarian? But hold it, they don't have any grammar to learn and spelling is easy too, not like this 'cauderwelsch' English. I just picked it up after being reminded ad nauseum of my mistakes. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Do my German homework for me Started by funf , 10 Nov Babelfish gave me the word "des" that I haven't seen before.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. So, how would you guys say this so as not to sound like a fureigner? Is this what you are trying to say? Isn't the sentence I am trying to translate ironic? Ich denke, dass die schlecteste Sache, die ich erfahren wuerde, die Frustration nie des in der Lage sein meine Gedanken auf deutsch auszudruecken koennte, sowie ich koennte auf englisch We would really have to know your English sentence to be able to help you.

So, you'd split up sowie? Also, I was trying to use the subjunctive case. Okay, I'm liking the split of sowie in your sentence. And one more piece of advice: I was trying to use the subjunctive case.

The idea is that you rack up points and lifelines as you progress through the levels. So far I've covered simple sentence structures and phrases. I'm using it to supplement my classroom learning, but I could definitely see someone who's about to go on holiday have a play around on it to pick some basic phrases. I haven't got to that level yet, though.

Tech and language learning is a slippery slope, on the one hand thoughtful and intuitive apps like DuoLingo are a boon for students.

While I might not be so motivated to do my actual homework, at least I'm doing something in between lessons to try and retain what we learned. But on the other hand, it's very hard to resist the temptation of relying on Google translate and online programmes that let you plug in the verb and possessive pronoun and spit out the answer for you. Speaking of verb conjugation, I had my first taste of just how complicated German grammar is this week.

And by complicated, what I mean is that there's so much to learn. Rules and exceptions seem to abound regarding which nouns are feminine or masculine and how they agree.

Despite my lack of commitment to doing my homework, I'm actually looking forward to trying to learn all the quirks of the language. It might sound like backwards logic, but I do so little "hard learning" anymore that I'm looking forward to the structure and discipline of getting gritty with the grammar. But of course all of this comes back to me actually doing my homework. That's been the big lesson of the week. Oh, and in a bid to immerse myself in German culture, I've been listening to a lot of 2raumwohnung this week.

Purely for pedagogical reasons, of course.

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Perhaps she needs to do some homework first. Times, Sunday Times () The school sets homework for holiday periods and says it is within its rights to do this.

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Nov 10,  · What's missing is your ability to put your sentence into correct German. Even without teaching credentials I can tell you what to do: Practice. That's what learning a language is about: Getting familiar with the vocabulary, the grammatical constructions and the syntax, learning to use them correctly and speaking often and long enough to .

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Confession: I cheated with my German homework That doesn't necessarily mean do your homework meme you've read the entire book, but for now you're not german anymore. To say that you've actually read the entire book, you'd say something like. Do My German Homework. The highly globalized world today is open to everyone irrespective of where they come from. Even if you need to contact someone in a remote area of China by sitting in the bustling New York City, you can do it quite easily. The one thing that connects all of us together in the modern day is definitely the internet.

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Affordable answers to your German homework questions. Whether you’re struggling with German verb conjugation or trying to write a long essay in German, understanding a foreign language whose grammar is different from your native English is a 5/5(4). Do my german homework for money @aoifebucko @mlocko so many better shows you can watch. it sounds like a tallaght lads junior cert english essay. "the ra are like an army" flipagram roast comparison essay.