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And it has nothing to do with what companies may need. Excellent source is to buy a copy of the "Book of Lists" from your metro area's Business Journal. Career Hunter in Denver, Colorado. I have seen large scale credential distributions work 10, employers and recruiters and work well. That is usually overkill, but that's the point, to achieve saturation of the potential market. If you do go the distribution route, a reputable firm will let you see the identified targets before they go out.

Then you can be relatively sure that they picked good targets. Alan in New York, New York. They instantly posted my resume to 76 job sites. Doing it myself would have taken forever. I received lots of inquiries from recruiters and companies.

But I have to admit, there is a fair demand for someone with my degree and experience in the area I live. The job I took resulted from my resume posted on a small job site I didn't even know existed. But here's the thing. You should expect that they distribute your resume where they say they will. They don't control the economy, the demand for someone with your skills, etc.

They didn't write your resume or select your salary requirements, so how can they be responsible if you get contacted. A job search includes a ton of things you should do. Sending your resume to job boards or recruiters is one. And there's definitely a chance that someone will find you on a job board or a recruiter will have a client looking to hire someone with your skills today or in the future.

The same goes for sending your resume to recruiters. They may need someone with your skills, they may not. They may put you in their database and need someone like you in 6 months, and find you there. These services don't change the job market. But they increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time. I think that is well-put and a great explanation.

No one way of contacting emplployers guarantees anything. Job boards, recruiters, you never know what will provide the right venue. But I think on a purely cost-benefit basis, if you consider how long it would have taken to post to 70 sites assuming you knew that they existed would probably have taken almost 12 hours, at a rate of ten minutes each. But I will put them on my list at www. Benjamin Hurley Organisation Address. Benjamin Hurley Admin Address H1W 1G4 Tech Address John Dickson in Irwin, Pennsylvania.

Looking to hear for anyone who has delt with or knows of specific complaints with ITS executive job placement system or Bob Gerberg. Scott Meyer in Fort Worth, Texas. John Dickson in Irwin, Pennsylvania said: Have you heard anything from anyone?

I've just been approached by ITS and I'm trying top determine their caliber, ethics, etc. Benjamin in Indio, California. Career Hunter in Denver, Colorado said: Benjamin in Indio, California said: OK, good I will take them off my list. I think alot of media companies operate there, tax reasons, this place Media City www. BigT in Mannford, Oklahoma. Your are much better off choosing a few of the top job board providers such as Monster, Hot Jobs, Dice, Career builder, opening a free account and posting your resume there.

All major companies and recruiters use these boards as their primary choice to find good people. It is very important to go into each of those boards and update your resume once or twice a week. This is a method that really works. Many companies will only look for resumes less than one week old, updating them or refreshing them keeps your resume active and getting in front of those who are hiring.

Then re-post it at least once a week, I usually do this on Sunday nights. Paying someone to place your resume on 70 job boards will do you good for a week or so, then your going to be skipped over because it has not been kept fresh. Save your money, most of these so called scams are just that, they will get your money and "See Ya Later". The big job boards give you stats on how many people have viewed your resume, if you see low numbers viewing it, you may want to re-write it with more emphasis on key words that trigger the software the hiring companies use to find the right person.

Remember keep refreshing it!! Your resume is the key, it needs to be written with the employer in mind, What do you have that they need, and how well are you showing that right up front. What do you have in the first 10 sentences that will catch their eye. If there is not a WOW right up front, then chances of them reading further are pretty slim. Good Luck everyone, and keep your confidence up, you'll find that right job That's a really good point.

When jobseekers look at lists of jobs, they are usually sorted by most recent date, and it makes sense that employers do the same thing going the other way. I would add that anyone who posts an open searchable resume on the big boards use a separate email address. My profile on CareerBuilder has earned me about 10 scam emails every day since then. You might even want to setup tracking email addresses such as myname-monster Dan in Gurnee, Illinois.

Casey in Bellville, Texas said: PEOPLE ,,,, I need to hear from you if you have had a bad experience with any company or service that has made promises to you about distribution of your resume.

They make some very nice promises , but after you send in the money or after you complain about their lack of service you cannot get them to respond , or even answer their phone. I have had an amazing experience. Maybe because I used a targeted resume distribution service.

I recommend that one hightly - if you are looking in that market segment. BigT in Mannford, Oklahoma said: It's VERY plain -- almost all text -- no bells and whistles, and was designed in to replace the local newspaper classifieds.

There are NO job agents, NO registrations, the job categories are crude, you can't search by keyword and it's all done by local area, so you can't do national searches. They even provide a private, non-permanent 12 weeks email address for any situation wanted ads you post.

I put up a full story on www. Career Hunter in Chicago, Illinois said: Brian in Bothell, Washington. Scott Meyer in Fort Worth, Texas said: Richard Truitt in Greenwood, Indiana. Brian in Bothell, Washington said: Richard Truitt in Greenwood, Indiana said: I have talked with ITS also and have started seeking info about them.

ITS is one of several business names used by companies associated with Bob Gerberg. Google his name and you'll find a company McKenzie Scott in Denver. Then check their BBB roster. Based on another individuals experience, the fee which is thousands of dollars, and the BBB complaints, I've chosen not to pursure their service.

Adonna in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm glad I saw this post. I have been thinking about doing that myself. Thanks for the headsup and sorry you got taken. KM in Atlanta, Georgia. ITS is a scam. Within 6 weeks you will discover it is all smoke and mirrors - no responses to their resumes, marketing letters, or faxes.

I need to bookmark your site. Very useful info there! I went to www. I wish I could have waited, since he is doing resumes for half off this month, but I got a job quickly, and that was the main thing.

I also used the free links there which are the same that the marketing companies sell. The best part was understanding that even one good resume isn't as useful as it used to be.

There are different types of resumes and letters needed, so be sure when you go to a professional resume writer that you get at least different resumes and a bunch of letters.

That way I had them ready to use as needed. There was a website called bewareits. I would pay more attention to those than the ones who were offended by a salesman and never used their services. I prefer to know who I'm sending a resume to. If I would consider a company, it is worth my while to customize the resume for them complete with a letter. My questions would be, if you are customizing your resume for each company, doesn't that slow down the process considerably?

I had to send out over letters to companies I didn't really know that well to find 4 that wanted to interview me. If I had tailored each one to the company, it would have taken even longer. The second question would be, doesn't a customized resume play to what you think they want, instead of what you know you want?

I changed the position title at the top as appropriate, but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do and what I am good at, so I didn't really have to change what my strengths and accomplishments were. I also had my resume writer give me a "dumbed down" version when I knew that the employer would think I was "over-qualified". Think of customizing your resume and cover letter as using a rifle instead of a shotgun.

Yes you can hit alot with a shotgun, but one pellet might not bring down your prey. I think that adapting your resume to the job is especially important if you have had more than one type of job.

I've had three jobs and depending on the position I'm applying for, I highlight my duties accordingly. Webfolding is looking for agents.

For more information and clarification e-mail us: Lance in Omaha, Nebraska. If you are sales rep looking to get into medical, pharmaceutical, or biotech sales, www.

They will send your resume to over targeted recruiting firms in the healthcare sales arena. My phone wouldn't stop ringing with opportunities that were relevant to my career.

Blue in Virgina in Leesburg, Virginia. All first-time customers are also offered a little discount. It offers manual, local and automatic distribution. Apart from distribution, it is one of top resume writing services Its resume distribution service targets the exact employers that a job seeker wants to work for. It has a proven track of sticking to its promise since its formation in More than of these engage in international placements.

It posts resumes on up to 85 career websites attracting over 1. It provides clients access a personalized resumes promotion center where they can check if their resumes are posted. It posts resumes for people searching for US jobs in more than 90 career sites. It also distributes them together with their cover letters.

The practice by GreatResumeFast. It customizes resume distribution according to client requirements then sends them the list of recipient firms. It helps people who send the resumes for vacancies they are unaware of since they are not advertised on traditional channels.

Resume Arrow sends resumes to inboxes of recruiters and employers instantly. Its resume distribution service directly connects with more than partner databases through Application Programming Interfaces and directly uploads a resume to their resume databases. Hiring managers and recruiters, in turn, search ResumeRobin.

They then contact those who are fit to fill their vacancies through listed contact method. After clients are matched, their resumes are emailed to matching companies each month. It sends resumes instantly to the recruiters according to the field of the specialty of each client.

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A resume blast is the method of distribution that is used by a resume distribution service. Resume blasts send out your resume to hundreds, even thousands, of potential employer and job recruiters. However, this is done without any thought to particular fields or industries.

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