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What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Descriptive Research?

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❶On the contrary, when everything appears good in the exploratory stage, the temptation is to market the product without additional research.

Main Disadvantages of Exploratory Research Design

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Organizations relying on secondary data as an important component in their decision-making e. Not Specific to Researcher's Needs - Secondary data is often not presented in a form that exactly meets the marketer's needs. For example, a marketer obtains an expensive research report that looks at how different age groups feel about certain products within the marketer's industry.

Unfortunately, the marketer may be disappointed to discover that the way the research divides age groups e. Because of this difference the results may not be useful.

Inefficient Spending for Information - Since the research received may not be specific to the marketer's needs, an argument can be made that research spending is inefficient. That is, the marketer may not receive a satisfactory amount of information for what is spent. Incomplete Information - Many times a researcher finds that research that appears promising is in fact a "teaser" released by the research supplier.

This often occurs when a small portion of a study is disclosed, often for free, but the full report, which is often expensive, is needed to gain the full value of the study. Not Timely - Caution must be exercised in relying on secondary data that may have been collected well in the past. Out-of-date information may offer little value especially for companies competing in fast changing markets. Not Proprietary Information - In most cases secondary research is not undertaken specifically for one company.

Instead it is made available to many either for free or for a fee. Consequently, there is rarely an "information advantage" gained by those who obtain the research. What are the disadvantages to Stem Cell Research? Stem cell therapy used on heart disease patients can make their coronary arteries become narrower, according to new research. A study was abandoned when scientists discovered that although participants' heart function improved, there was an unexpectedly high rate of coronary artery narrowing.

The researchers, from Seoul University, South Korea, were carrying out a study on 27 patients who had been diagnosed with myocardial infarction. One major disadvantage is that culturing adult stem cells in -vitro is very difficult and has not been possible for some types.

Also they have a very short life, when cultured in-vitro as compared to embryonic cells. What are the disadvantages of conducting surveys for research? For a science project, a high school research team conducted a survey of local air temperatures.

Based on the results of the survey, the team found that the average temperatures were around 10 degrees higher than expected. This result was wrong. The trouble with the survey was that most of the locations in the survey were exposed to direct sunlight and over asphalt or sand, which resulted in higher temperatures than normal. How do you define descriptive research design? Descriptive research design is simply used to describe a situation and its data characteristics.

It is used to learn about the frequency, percentages etc. However it never answers questions like what, where, how etc What are the goals of descriptive research? Descriptive research is also called statistical research.

The maingoal is to describe the data and characteristics about what isbeing studied. What are the advantages and disadvantages of historical research? Disadvantages of Field research? There are many examples of descriptive research. One way to easilyshow an example of descriptive research is to show how the periodictable categorizes the elements.

What is descriptive research meaning? The main goal of this type of research is to describe the data and characteristics about what is being studied.

Descriptive research is mainly done when a researcher wants to gain a better understanding of a topic for example, a frozen ready meals company learns that there is a growing demand for fresh ready meals but doesnt know much about the area of fresh food and so has to carry out research in order to gain a better understanding.

It is quantitative and uses surveys and panels and also the use of probability sampling. Descriptive research is the exploration of the existing certain phenomena. The details of the facts wont be known. The existing phenomenas facts are not known to the persons. What are the advantages and disadvantages of evaluation research? What are the different types of descriptive research? Examples of this are Surveys questionnaires, Delphi method, interviews, normative. Im only in psychology 1 but this is my most educated guess.

Example for descriptive research? Ethnography has its roots in anthropology and was a popular form of inquiry at the turn of the century when anthropologists travelled the world in search of remote tribes. The emphasis in ethnography is on describing and interpreting cultural behaviour. Ethnographers immerse themselves in the lives and culture of the group being studied, often living with that group for months on end.

These researchers participate in a groups' activities whilst observing its behaviour, taking notes, conducting interviews, analysing, reflecting and writing reports - this may be called fieldwork or participant observation. Ethnographers highlight the importance of the written text because this is how they portray the culture they are studying.. There is some argument about whether feminist inquiry should be considered a methodology or epistemology, but in my opinion it can be both.

As we have seen, methodology is the philosophy or the general principle which will guide your research. Epistemology, on the other hand, is the study of the nature of knowledge and justification.

It looks at from where knowledge has come and how we know what we know. Feminist researchers argue that for too long the lives and experiences of women have been ignored or misrepresented. Often, in the past, research was conducted on male 'subjects' and the results generalised to the whole population.

Feminist researchers critique both the research topics and the methods used; especially those which emphasise objective, scientific 'truth'. With its emphasis on participative, qualitative inquiry, feminist research has provided a valuable alternative framework for researchers who have felt uncomfortable with treating people as research 'objects'..

Grounded theory is a methodology which was first laid out in by two researchers named Glaser and Strauss. It tends to be a popular form of inquiry in the areas of education and health research. The emphasis in this methodology is on the generation of theory which is grounded in the data - this means that it has emerged from the data. This is different from other types of research which might seek to test a hypothesis that has been formulated by the researcher.

In grounded theory, methods such as focus groups and interviews tend to be the preferred data collection method, along with a comprehensive literature review which takes place throughout the data collection process. This literature review helps to explain emerging results..

In grounded theory studies the number of people to be interviewed is not specified at the beginning of the research. This is because the researcher, at the outset, is unsure of where the research will take her. Instead, she continues with the data collection until 'saturation' point is reached, that is, no new information is being provided.

Grounded theory is therefore flexible and enables new issues to emerge that the researcher may not have thought about previously. What are the advantages and disadvantages of descriptive statistics?

Descriptive statistics are very useful for showing and summarizingdata when any complex models are nit needed. However, it does notexplain the relationship between two or more pieces of data and itdoes not leave any room to explain randomness in the data. What tools are used in descriptive research? The tools used in descriptive research are pictures. Captions andheadlines in newspapers are also a good source for descriptiveresearch. What are the features of descriptive research?

A major feature of descriptiveresearch studies is that - quantitative representation of behavior,opinions, or phenomenon. Representative samples or entirepopulations so draw conclusions, specify particular characteristicsthey wish to study in advance of data collection. What is the Characteristic of descriptive research?

In some contexts, descriptive research could be said to be the inverse of predictive research, that is, analysis of the past as opposed to the future. What is meant by descriptive research? Descriptive research does not fit neatly into the definition of either quantitative or qualitative research methodologies, but instead it can utilize elements of both, often within the same study. The term descriptive research refers to the type of research question, design, and data analysis that will be applied to a given topic.

Descriptive statistics tell what is, while inferential statistics try to determine cause and effect. What are advantages and disadvantages of experimental research? An advantage is the researcher can determine the cause andeffect of a study.

A disadvantage is that the manipulator must beprecise in their experiments, and extra variable that is notplanned for may scrub the entire study. What are the advantages and disadvantages of marketing research? Marketing research , according to my old tutor, is part of the process of designing the product to better suit the customer. As such it should have few disadvantages to the supplier.

It is not Edsel excepted the process of trying to sell a product you've already designed. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a job description? Employees will b sticking to their specific job only Conflits between the departments,, Reduced Flexibility among the departments bcz everyone limited to do their job only..

Labour Law says that Employee only has to do the tasks mentioned in the job description.. Example of descriptive method of research? In this research, you would want to show as much information aspossible. Include all of the details along with pictures and chartsif applicable. Advantages and disadvantages of research research design? The advantages of many research designs include simple structuresand flexibility. Disadvantages include the lack of shown causation,instrument reactivity, and the placebo effect.

What are disadvantages of the Internet for research? The disadvantages of using the internet for reserch, is that, what you read on the internet my not be factually correct. Advantages and disadvantages of basic research? One of the advantages of basic research is the wide view of thesubject that it covers. Since it is not applied research, you areable to venture out more into different areas. One of thedisadvantages of this type or researchbnb is that you never get todelve too deeply into a specific point.

What are the disadvantages of carrying out market research? Disadvantage of using market research is that it will cost a lot as it will be expensive to carry out, purchasing paper so it could be used to print the questionnaire on then this could cost.

Have participants overstated their curiosity since they have a tendency to like all new items? Due to these kinds of issues in interpretation, exploratory findings should be regarded as preliminary. One other issue with exploratory methods relates to the capability to make forecasts from the results. The majority of exploratory methods make use of modest samples, that might not be representative since they have not been chosen on a probability basis. Case studies, for instance, could have been selected simply because they represent extremely good or very bad examples of a scenario as opposed to the average situation.

Before you take a decision you need to carry out a quantitative study having an adequate sample to make sure that measurement will be precise. On the contrary, when everything appears good in the exploratory stage, the temptation is to market the product without additional research.

Instead, after completing exploratory work, management must decide whether the advantages of the additional information would be worth the cost of further study. Generally when a major commitment of resources is at risk, performing the quantitative study is definitely worth the effort. Sometimes good marketing research only documents the obvious.

However, the objective of company is to generate a profit, and decision makers want to be certain that they have made the right choice. In the above text, we have discussed what are the disadvantages of exploratory research design? The main advantage of exploratory designs is that it produces insights and describes the marketing problems for hypothesis testing in future research.

Thus, exploratory research is very useful, however it needs to be used with caution. Advantages of Exploratory Research.

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of Descriptive Research. The following module provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using descriptive research. Learning Objectives: Describe the advantages and benefits of using descriptive research methods. Describe the disadvantages and limitations of using descriptive research methods.

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Descriptive research is an innovative tool for researchers as it presents an opportunity to fuse both quantitative and qualitative data as a means to reconstruct the “what is” of a topic. However, descriptive research also has specific advantages and disadvantages.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Descriptive Research Design  Student: Willie Rice Research Design BTM Research Design The beginner researcher has to consider numerous things in the research process The focus should not only be on the development of a research problem; it should include the approach needed for solving . Descriptive research can be explained as a statement of affairs as they are at present with the researcher having no control over variable. Moreover, “descriptive studies may be characterised as simply the attempt to determine, describe or identify what is, while analytical research attempts to.

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The descriptive method of research refers to the process ofobserving and describing a topic of study, rather than trying toanswer a hypothesis. There can be many advantages of thedescriptive method of research. For example, a descriptive methodof research does not interfere with populations existing in ahabitat. Answer (1 of 3): Descriptive research gives researchers the opportunity to use both quantitative and qualitative data in order to find data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon that is being studied. Using descriptive research has both its advantages and disadvantages. Researchers can focus on these strengths and weaknesses in order to implement a research .