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Deviant Behavior Essay

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❶Profile of a criminal mind:

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Kinsey noted that in the years and as many as half of the Americans surveyed participated in sexual activities that could be considered masochistic or sadistic such as biting or spanking Kinsey, et. This issue raises several questions. The first is whether society has "done something" to create this phenomenon. In other words, is there an environmental factor that is making otherwise normal people engage in deviancy?

Does it mean that our definitions of "normal" are changing and that these behaviors have always been a part…… [Read More]. Theoretical Approaches to Criminal Behavior Different perspectives of crime are essential when an explanation of why individuals engage in deviant behaviors and just a few become a nuisance to the society.

Therefore there are various theories that have been put up in a bid to find out the causes of crime. A thorough explanation of the theories and the perspectives help in explaining the different reasons for occurrence of crime and the identification of factors that make an individual become a criminal. With these theories in place there is an understanding of an individual's behavior that will provide an insight into the reasoning and minds toward crime related behaviors.

The two main theories are classical and biological theories. Focus on rationality of human nature forms the basis for classical theory of crime.

This means that an individual who chooses to take part in crime does so willingly without any other…… [Read More]. Delinquent Beavior Cildren are te future of uman civilization, and to tat extent, it is vital tat all communities, societies and governments pay attention to te growing problem of juvenile delinquency. Indeed, if society fails in its efforts to address te issue of juvenile delinquency, it will lead to a world of caos and disorder, placing in jeopardy millions of years of effort to work towards a civilization were individual citizens can be assured of a sense of socio-economic, psycological and emotional well-being.

Bearing te importance of te issue in mind, it is te objective of tis researc paper, troug a review of selected literature, to examine: Abused children develop antisocial behavior that persists through three continuous generations. Such behavior grows out of angry, aggressive parenting and an overall negative home environment, perpetuated by sibling collusion, economic and biological factors. These children exhibit this in preschool by committing at least one antisocial behavior each day in class.

As dysfunctional adolescents, their romantic lives and eventual marriages also fail. African-American children suffer from the affliction than Caucasian children. The current level of knowledge and efforts requires effective and efficient mechanisms at home, in school and the community in the crucial formative childhood years.

Understanding the Connection between Child Abuse and the Development of Antisocial Behavior Abused children eventually become problem adults who are a burden to society. Stable evidence has long recognized and documented the negative effects…… [Read More]. Crime Understanding why crime occurs requires an appreciation for the complexity of human behavior.

Behavior is not determined by one factor, but rather influenced by a host of interrelated factors. Modern biological theories in criminology differ from previous theories in that they examine the entire range of biological characteristics, including those that result from genetic defects those that are inherited and those that are environmentally induced.

In addition, theories developed since the s do not suggest that biological characteristics directly cause crime. Instead, researchers argue that certain biological conditions increase the likelihood that an individual will engage in some antisocial behavior that can be defined as criminal Fishbein, Modern theories increasingly focus on the interaction between biological characteristics and the social environment, rather than looking solely at the effects of biology.

Anti-Social Behavior in Adolescents Current essay is a discussion of the antisocial behavior disorder amongst adolescents. The author critically reviewed studies on the topic. The literature suggests that neighborhood and peer holds a great influence as regards antisocial behavior amongst adolescents. Previous research has confirmed socialization experiences outside of the family shape what goes on inside of the family.

Also there is possibility that peer and neighborhood characteristics are related to parenting and family relationships. Presence of violence in neighborhood may cause stress among parents resulting in poor parenthood quality. In particular, neighborhood e. Causes of Criminal Behavior.

Causes of Criminal Behavior Although crimes have been committed since times immemorial, a systematic study of the causes of criminal behavior or why crimes are committed is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Various theories have been put forward and numerous research studies have been conducted to better understand the criminal mind in order to prevent or reduce crime. It is, perhaps, a tribute to the complexity of the human brain that most of these theories remain just "theories" with little evidence to support definite and irrefutable patterns of criminal behavior. This is not to suggest that all theories of "criminology" are worthless -- most of them do provide useful insight into the criminal mind and at least partially explain the reasons why crimes are committed by certain individuals.

In this paper we shall explore some of the theories of criminal behavior that have attempted to throw light on the causes of…… [Read More]. Crime Theories Psychological theories of criminal behavior focus on the individual, rather than on contextual factors as sociological theories of crime do or on biological factors such as genetics.

Personality, traits, and cognitions are all covered under the rubric of psychological theories of crime. One of the prevailing and most widely accepted psychological theory of crime is rational choice theory.

The theory was first suggested and developed by William Glasser, and has since become a default theory of explaining everything from petty theft to white-collar crime. The individual is believed to be acting rationally, making decisions based on personal need, convenience, and expediency.

The theory permits for individual differences, as each person may be motivated by different…… [Read More]. Merton Rather Than Attribute Deviant. Merton stops short of addressing the core social institutions, values, and structures that reinforce anomie but his essay prompts sociologists to postulate which structures or value may be culprits.

The author does offer three "success prototypes" extant in American culture. First, all Americans are encouraged to strive for the same goals and those goals are believed to be possible for all. Second, any stumbling blocks along the way will soon transform into success. Hope is integral to the American Dream.

Third, by aiming high, the only way a person can fail is to not participate or not play the game. Merton also describes five types of individual adaptations to social goals.

A person may shift from one of these adaptation patterns to another depending on the circumstance. The most common adaptation tool in stable societies is conformity. Innovation is another tool of adaptation in a culture like ours, in which…… [Read More]. Field Experiment on the Interactive Perspective of Deviance. Behavior Experiment The experiment took place in a busy office building at around five o'clock in the evening.

It started on the ground floor and involved walking into an elevator and not turning around. The total number of people who entered the elevator was six, two stopped on the third floor, which was the first stop and the other three stopped on the fifth, which was the last stop. The experiment ended on the fifth floor and took a little over three minutes. The group seemed baffled with the occurrence.

Two people, a female and a male laughed asking jokingly if they were supposed to turn around. They appeared friendly and continued with interesting comment until they left the elevator. The other three smiled but seemed less concerned. However, the…… [Read More]. Hipster Consumer Behavior Following the Publication of. The image of hipsters has changed in fundamental ways since that time, though, and marketers interested in this segment are therefore faced with some significant challenges in fine-tuning their marketing mixes to appeal to young adults who define themselves as hipsters or who are attracted to the image for other reasons.

This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning hipster consumer behavior, including a background, a description of the lifestyle branding theoretical foundation that can be used to formulate marketing initiatives, and the findings that emerged from the research. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Background Although adults of any age may be regarded as "hipsters," this category is commonly regarded as…… [Read More]. Violent Criminal Behavior Uniqueness of. Psychosocial background of these rapists is inclusive of physical as well as verbal abuse which can be from both or one of the parents.

Background profiling on rapists has shown that these normally are raised in single parent households with increased issues. Additionally they grow up being physically as well as verbally abused facing sexual deviances. The children facing these conditions are the ones that clearly show tendencies towards sexual promiscuity.

In the case of adults, it has been seen that they are married later in…… [Read More]. Psychopathology Read the introduction to Reading 1: The genetic origins of psychopathic personality traits in adult males and females: Results from an adoption-based study.

Journal of Criminal Justice, 39, What are the defining features? Psychopathy is a disorder of the personality that based on three prongs of traits: Perhaps because they are so striking, are observed early in a person's life, or are reliably exhibited across people with psychopathy, the affective trait domain is key to identifying and measuring the incidence of psychopathy in a population.

In particular, psychiatrists and psychologists look for callousness, absence of empathy, lack of feelings of guilt or remorse, reactive short-tempers, and indifference to punishment -- other than an association with revenge seeking. State two findings from the reading that indicate that psychopathic personality traits are inherited. Organizational Behavior in a Competitive Environment Where. Organizational Behavior In a competitive environment, where change is the only constant phenomenon, learning and knowledge management are vital for sustenance and growth of organizations.

A precise universal definition of knowledge can be elusive, because it is complex and manifests itself in various forms in individuals as well as in organizations. Individual or tacit knowledge is confined to the people who possess it and cannot be structured or managed in the organizational sense.

Implicit knowledge is difficult to communicate from person to person and limited to the perception of the individual. Organizational or explicit knowledge can be documented into policies and procedures and can be made available to employees. In whatever form, knowledge is regarded only within a system of legitimization that permits it to be accepted as knowledge Mouritsen et al. Put differently, knowledge is perceived and accepted based on social frameworks. The rational theory of knowledge management…… [Read More].

Criminal Statistics and Behavior Some. According to the FBI, which defines violent crimes as "murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault," an "estimated 1,, violent crimes occurred nationwide" in ape and sexual violence, , NIJ. There is obviously a great deal of overlap between the characteristics of populations that commit sexual assault and violent criminals, due to this definition.

Also, "numbers also vary widely depending on the crime, with blacks responsible for more murders…… [Read More]. Perplexing Questions About Human Psychology. The environment, has been a scientific argument since the Victorian Era. In essence, it concerns the importance of an individual's innate qualities their nature versus the way they were raised, the interactions they have had, and their personal experiences nurture.

One asks, would we have had a Stalin had he remained in seminary, or not been part of a prison system that spurred ideas of communism, would Van Gogh or Tchaikovsky produced such masterpieces of art had they not had clinical depression and perhaps a host of psychological disorders - or, does history a general term here for civilization and humanity , produce those individuals that are products of their time and environment, thus perpetuating the idea of change?

Likely not, but the basis for their behavior is likely still part of their psyche. However, just because the…… [Read More]. A Means to Foster a Spirit of Community There are usually a set of social features that are provided to man so as to regulate their behavior according to the norms and values that have been set.

Some people in a community might fail to conform to these norms. The failure to conform to these norms that have been set within the community is termed as deviant behavior. In short, the violation of law that is in existence within the society is known as deviant behavior. Deviant behavior in a community includes criminal behavior, drug abuse, and gang membership and so on. Description of changed deviant behavior These deviant behaviors are not permanent as people who exhibit these behaviors change their ways at some point in their life.

People end up changing their deviant behavior and become completely different people in the society. These people get tired of…… [Read More]. If the child is punished for small infractions of the rules and other children are not, this makes him feel that life is unfair, and makes him act in the ways that he is expected to act.

Formal labeling is manifest when teachers treat students labeled as gifted as brighter, which motivates the children to perform better on tests, or when students labeled as 'special education' or 'ESL' are assumed to be capable of less than other children. If less is expected of them, they will naturally perform at a lower standard. Identify some of the factors that could lead to inept parenting in single parent family households.

Even the best single parent faces considerable challenges. Single parent households tend to be less affluent economically, which automatically presents a difficulty in terms of ensuring that children have safe and healthy environments in which to live.

Single parents…… [Read More]. Sociology and Req For a Dream Arequiem. For a Dream ARequiem for a Dream takes sociological deviation to the extreme. Deviation is defined as behaviors which do not conform to significant norms held by most members of a society or group. This movie uses drugs as the deviation and shows how it destroys the four main character's lives.

Harry and his girlfriend start out as ambitious young adults with dreams of starting their own clothing store. Tyrone just wants happiness with his girlfriend. Lastly Sara Goldfarb, Harry's mom wants to be on television. The three friends end alone, with nothing but their addiction to heroin and Sara is committed to an asylum because of the effects of the speed she uses to lose weight in order to be on TV.

There are many specific sociological principles that apply to things that happen within deviant subcultures. This movie illustrates a good many of them in…… [Read More]. Inhalants refer to the ordinary household products that are sniffed or inhaled by individuals so as to get high.

There are many household products that are misused as inhalants. Some of these products include gasoline, hair spray, fabric protector, air conditioner fluid, nail polish remover, and correction fluid, propellants in aerosol, cleaning fluids and cooking spray. These products are mainly bagged, sniffed, snorted so as one to get high. They can be sniffed directly from the containers. In most cases when an individual is under the influence of such inhalants one is likely to engage in anti-social or criminal behavior Ksir, This report endeavors to explain the theoretical and empirical literature regarding theories of drug information and addiction.

The intoxicating inhalants that have volatile vapors are ingested through the trachea and nose. However, some inhalants are used for medical reasons as in the case of nitrous oxide. The inhalation…… [Read More]. Deviance is relative, and refers to behavioral deviation from established social norms within a specific community Schaefer, Therefore, what is deviant in one period of time will become normative in another and vice-versa.

Likewise, what is deviant in one culture may not be considered deviant in another. Paraphila The ancient philosopher Plato claimed that all immoral behavior was the result of some disorder in the soul Gert and Culver, , p. Although very few people now hold this view, deviant sexual behavior is often considered symptomatic of a mental disorder. However, not all deviant behaviors fit the clinical definition.

For example, if a heterosexual man becomes aroused by dressing in women's clothing, it is considered by most people to be abnormal behavior. However, his behavior may be ego-syntonic, meaning that the man is not troubled by either the impulses or by acting them out. Such an individual would not seek treatment. He is not a danger to himself or to anyone else and unless there were objections on the part of his wife or significant other, there is no compelling reason, in the man's mind, to manage his impulses or behavior.

Etiology of Campus Binge Drinking Drinking and Alcoholism A Failed Experiment in Social Control The consumption of alcohol has always been a focus of government efforts to limits its use, due to the potential for abuse, the financial burden imposed upon social programs, and its association with criminal activity. Between and the consumption of alcohol was outlawed in the United States, with the intention of addressing these social problems.

Given the infamous criminal activity that emerged around the…… [Read More]. Medical Model and Learned Helplessness. Lobotomy is a popular medical procedure introduced in curing mentally ill individuals, which requires the removal of the prefrontal lobes of the cortex of the brain, the part of the brain wherein aggressive and violent behavior is triggered. However, in the movie, lobotomy is shown to have disastrous results: McMurphy's violent behavior is indeed abated, but as illustrated in the movie, the lobotomy had turned him into a 'vegetable' neither responding to his ward mates' call for attention nor displaying his usual rowdy, obnoxious, McMurphy self.

This instance in the movie is considered as patterned after the medical model of abnormal psychology, wherein "mental disorders are described as medical diseases with a biological origin" Subsistence to the medical…… [Read More]. Family Deliquency and Crime Explain. In summary, observational preexperience had differential effects on the timing of subsequent contingency performance of infants p.

Explain your understanding of Baumrind's Typology of Parenting Styles. Based on your understanding of the parenting styles described by Baumrind, which style of parenting style is most effective?

Which is the least effective style of parenting? Be sure to support your answer. Diana Baumrind discussed parenting types, the authoritarian parent, the permissive parent and the authoritative parent Grolnick, W.

Baumrind's description of the parenting styles is: The authoritarian parent attempts to shape, control, and…… [Read More]. Abnormal Psychology Is Often Misunderstood as a. Abnormal Psychology is often misunderstood as a field of psychology because it deals with behavior that "creates a problem for an individual or society" -- and hence, the question immediately arises as to just what is "abnormal" and what is "normal"?

Moreover, abnormal psychology does not attempt to link "normal and abnormal" with the concepts of "good and bad," Kendra Cherry explains. Abnormal psychology deals with "psychopathology and abnormal behavior" covering a wide swath of disorders, including sexual deviation, depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, to name a few Cherry, Argumentative Response to Homosexuality and Marriage. Homosexuality and Marriage Argumentative esponse Controversial debates have been on the rise on whether gay marriages should be allowed in the society.

Marriage is a key institution in the society. There are many reasons for marriage that may not apply to homosexuals. Gay marriages should not be allowed because marriage is traditional and morally for heterosexuals. This will cause a lot of chaos in the society, which will destroy the institution of marriage. Homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle and against the societies morals and, therefore, should not be encouraged at all grounds.

Gay marriages should not be allowed majorly because it is not morally upright, and it is a not normal for the society. Marriages were traditionally formed for the man woman companionship. Since the introduction of heterosexual marriages, there have never been any problems associated with these marriages. Gay marriages will serve to erode the good things on heterosexual…… [Read More].

Dispositional Attributions Attribution Differences in. Discussion This study set out to test the hypotheses that people from Eastern cultural backgrounds compared to those from Western backgrounds would make fewer dispositional attributions about the behavior of fictitious characters that the read about and would also demonstrate a more collective attitude towards themselves.

With respect to the first hypothesis, that Western participants would make a greater number of dispositional attributions that would participants with Eastern cultural heritages, that hypothesis was supported. However, there are a few caveats that need to be mentioned with regards to this.

First, the scenarios that were presented to the participants only provided two alternatives to explain the behavior of the person. Drug abuse is widely regarded as one of the most serious health problems in our country today. The drug problem is not confined merely to the students but even to professional athletes. Professional athletes use drugs to enhance their performance during competitions, tournament and major sporting events.

The use of prohibited drugs, or steroids, to enhance performance continues to happen until today. In fact, the demand for steroids even increased nowadays in view of the commercialism in the world of sports. Sports are no longer expressions of passion for some athletes but they have become big businesses not only for athletes who dream of earning fat paychecks but even for advertisers and multinational companies seeking to advertise their products.

Because of the amount of money involved high-profile athletes have started using steroids for the purpose of ensuring their success in competition. Recently, a fighter was discovered to have used performance-enhancing drugs before his fight with Anderson Silva. However, nowadays high profile athletes are not the only ones drawn to the use of steroids.

Recently, there has been a reported increase in the use of steroids even among the youth. According to a study, it found that 6. This represents an estimated number of , to , adolescent youths who are into the use of anabolic steroids. This is confirmed by other studies saying that self-reported use of anabolic steroids in adolescents range from five percent to eleven percent of males and up to 2.

A Subject Review, However, many individuals are drawn to them for various reasons. In order to help the victims of alcohol and drugs to stay away from its use it is essential that they be informed of its harmful effects on their body and on their future. This is a free Essay on Deviant Behavior. We are the leading provider of affordable essay writing services in the United States and the United Kingdom. Posted by Online Help for Students at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home.

The major distinction between functionalist and all other approaches believes ordinary crime is not a threat to the social order. The interactionist perspective offers two approaches to deviant and criminal behavior-cultural transmission and routine activities theory. Interaction through primary groups of association influences behavior whether proper or improper. Individuals who are exposed to continual acts of deviant behavior are more likely find this behavior expectable.

Edwin Sutherland a sociologist used the term differential association to describe exposure to criminal attitudes that lead to the violation of rules which define deviant behavior. Research has shown the influence towards negative exposure to deviant groups or acts has an impact on social behavior. The conflict perspective is based upon the view that the fundamental causes of crime are the social and economic forces operating within society.

The criminal justice system and criminal law are thought to be operating on behalf of rich and powerful social elites, with resulting policies aimed at controlling the poor. The criminal justice establishment aims at imposing standards of morality and good behavior created by the powerful on the whole of society. Focus is on separating the rich and powerful from poor and weak who would steal from others and protecting themselves from physical attacks.

In the process the legal rights of poor folks might be ignored. The middle class are also co-opted; they side with the elites rather the poor, thinking they might themselves rise to the top by supporting the status quo. Thus, street crimes, even minor monetary ones are routinely punished quite severely, while large scale financial and business crimes are treated much more lenient. Theft of a television might receive a longer sentence than stealing millions through illegal business practices.

Part B I am an African American male born in the middle sixties. I come from a solid family background with a rich history and moderate means. In the area where I was born and raised my family is well known. But, on a larger scale as with most black families in America my family history dates back to slavery. During my childhood and teen years I excelled in sports and academics. I achieved a starting position at the quarterback position as a freshman and ran on the varsity track team.

After high school I joined the navy and quickly achieved rank during my six year tour. I am also a college student. I am a husband and father.

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Deviant Behavior. A person would be considered to be acting deviantly in society if they are violating what the significant social norm in that particular culture is. A person would be considered to be acting deviantly in society if they are violating what the significant social norm in that particular culture is. Aug 03,  · A deviant behavior is a label attached to a person’s activity that is conducted in a manner outside the normalized zone of conformity within a society.

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Behavior that is outside of the normally accepted parameters of society is considered deviant behavior. Deviant behavior can range from running a traffic signal to capital murder. The widely accepted norm of society declares these things to be unacceptable. The religious approach would deal with deviant behavior as digress from what is acceptable within the bound of a certain faith, whether for example Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism just to .