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❶Earned four promotions in three years. Planned, staffed and managed daily tax operations for Union Labor Life and its 19 affiliated life and health insurance companies.

Reviewed drawings for compliance with approved drainage area maps and assessed utility work for right-of-way conflicts and compliance issues. Designed private sewage facilities in accordance with state regulations.

Houston, Texas Talbot Engineering Company. Staff Engineer- Geotechnical Engineering Projects Conducted field inspections to ensure compliance with project plans and client specifications, and on-site inspections of concrete batch manufacturing plants.

Reviewed results of materials testing and advised clients of compliance or non-compliance with required specifications. United States Army to Present. Army Reserves to Present. Rotated through a series of positions in Civil Engineering.

Designed plans, coordinated CPM and project scheduling, allocated equipment and materials and oversaw field construction projects. Concurrently, taught surveying and materials testing asphalt, concrete and soils. Responsible for design work, layout and area study for drainage system design for a multimillion-dollar expansion to the hospital at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Company Commander for three years, responsible for training and readiness of a heavy construction company of approximately personnel.

Full supervisory and leadership accountability. Officer — Active Duty — U. Army Corps of Engineers to Designed and directed millions of dollars in construction projects at sites nationwide. Full responsibility for project staffing, materials, equipment, tasks, schedules and critical paths CPM.

Advised Assistant Division Commander on all engineering matters related to the remediation and clean-up of potential nuclear or chemical accidents. Supervisory responsibility for up to 17 personnel. Designed trestle bridges and directed field construction. Managed all design and construction for major renovation at Fort Ord, California. Army Engineer Officer Basic Course, Accounting Intern May - September Commendation by managing partner of the firm.

Received "Intern of the Month" award in second month of employment. Assisted in a variety of bookkeeping tasks to include payroll and accounts payable for a mid-sized manufacturing firm. Passed first and second parts of CPA exam. Professional Position in Corporate Accounting or Finance.

One year of related work experience plus an internship in combination with strong academic training and credentials in: Bookkeeping Assistant September to Present. One of the first three employees hired into the Accounting and Finance Department that currently employs more than Earned four promotions in three years.

Wrote and produced a page accounting procedures manual. Coordinated software upgrades and enhancements with internal IS staff. Accounting Intern Summer Full-time summer position with a financial and accounting services firm.

Worked in cooperation with professional staff to prepare journal entries, maintain general ledgers, reconcile bank statements and prepare financial reports for clients in the transportation, telecommunications and hospitality industries. Excellent analytical, negotiation, project management and customer relationship management skills. Common-sense intelligence with expertise in: Recruited to Jordan Aberson by former manager to spearhead the start-up of their internal investment, financial research and portfolio accounting functions.

Acquired excellent experience on both the buy and sell sides of the retail and institutional financial investment industries. Built and maintained strong working relationships with top executives of small- and mid-cap companies nationwide to evaluate their financial positions, discuss earnings forecasts and perform comprehensive research reports as per NASD regulations. Provided the critical research, analytical and documentation support essential for the growth and expansion of each firm.

Consulted with business unit directors to provide tax expertise relative to plant operations, location selection, asset acquisition and divestiture and other general operating issues. Leveraged accounting and financial experience to enter the investment market and expand professional skills to include sales, marketing and new business development.

Concentrated on acquisition of new customer accounts and sale of a diverse portfolio of security and mutual fund products. Provided clients with portfolio analysis and asset allocation strategies to limit risk exposure and maximize returns. Managed corporate tax affairs for three Northern Security Group insurance companies. Liaised with government officials as necessary. Delivered comprehensive financial and tax analyses, reports and recommendations to support corporate restructuring, merger and acquisition projects as the company expanded and diversified.

Planned, staffed and managed daily tax operations for Union Labor Life and its 19 affiliated life and health insurance companies. Managed a complex corporate tax compliance process to ensure full regulatory compliance and personally prepared the federal income tax return.

Directed a series of special tax research projects to identify areas to eliminate tax liabilities and annual obligations. Contributed to substantial annual cost savings. Planned, staffed and supervised general accounting functions and managed financial analysis projects for senior management.

Point person for annual external audits. Excellent hands-on experience in the planning and coordination of critical accounting and financial records for one of the largest life insurance companies in the U. Acquired outstanding experience in virtually all facets of corporate accounting, analysis and financial reporting. Business Manager to Present.

Independently manage all sales, customer service, general accounting, financial reporting, administrative, purchasing, inventory control and staffing functions for a privately owned automotive service facility.

Developed and implemented an entire administrative process and structure to professionalize the business, improve productivity and increase accountability. Designed a more efficient and cost-effective parts ordering and inventory management system. Business Manager to Launched entrepreneurial venture and established a successful commercial and residential cleaning service.

Responsible for sales, new customer development and customer service. Coordinated scheduling, managed purchasing and inventory, and handled all accounting, billing, collection and banking functions. Merchandiser to Fast-paced position with a high-volume regional grocery distributor. Promoted two times in four years based on strong communications, organizational and customer management skills. Supervisor to Directed hiring, training and employee scheduling.

It is NOT necessarily a listing of every work, educational and outside interest you have ever had. Design A one-page resume is preferred, especially for applications to private sector employers.

Eliminate sentences, especially first person narrative; use phrases to elaborate on accomplishments. This is a conservative profession.

Your resume should look neat, traditional, and easy to read. Clean, simple resumes are preferred by all types of employers. Use simple and often-used fonts — Times New Roman the font you are now reading is a good choice.

Do not use a type size smaller than 10 point or larger than 12 point in the body of your resume although your name can be a little larger. We suggest either a left-justified or an indented style format, depending on your personal preference and how much information you plan to include on your resume.

Make the best use of space. Experiment with capital letters, bold face type, italics. Leave white space in your resume. Reproduction Resumes should be laser-printed. Money spent on your resume reproduction will be money well spent. You can purchase resume paper at most office supply stores. It is not necessary to use matching envelopes - the least expensive white business envelopes will suffice.

Your cover letter and resume should be on matching paper. Introduction There is no such thing as a perfect resume, which can be used for all employers. You may, in fact, want to have more than one resume, so that you can choose, organize and emphasize your background effectively to different potential employers. Take time to prepare a resume that is informative and effective. This is often the first example of your writing that employers will read. If it is poorly organized, untidy, or words are misspelled, you've already created a negative impression.

Bear in mind that it is estimated that decisions about whether to interview you may be based on as little as a 60 second review of your resume! You may want to use both your law school and home address, depending upon where you are seeking employment.

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Below you will find samples to follow in developing your own resume and job-search correspondence. These are also available in the Career Guide, which you can pick up in any of our offices or view online.. Try to avoid copying the samples word-for-word!

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Student Career Advisors and professional staff in your college career office and at Cornell Career Services in Barnes Hall are available to provide feedback on a rough draft of your resume. We are also available to review a rough draft of your cover letters.

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These tips come directly from engineering employers who recruit Cornell talent. résumé View the Engineering Employer Preferred Résumé Format w/out tips to see what a one-page engineering resume may look like. Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences, Ithaca, NY Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, May GPA: Full Year Mandarin Chinese Language Concentration Financed 80% of education through summer jobs, work study, loans and grants.

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The Cornell Career Services (CCS) Career Guide and the School of Hotel Administration supplemental Resume and Cover Letter guides provide excellent information about constructing resumes and cover letters, including samples from Cornell students we've worked with in the past. Resumes, CVs & Cover Letters Externship, Internship and job inquiries and applications typically require you to submit a resume or CV (curriculum vitae) to the employer or organization of interest.