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Tips and sources for CLEP Essay Practice Topics

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Do you think it is true in some instances, but not in others? Using specific examples, write an essay explaining your position, drawing on your personal experience, observations, or books you have read for support. Simeon , Mar 26, Essay topics My HS son practiced using these online resources: From there, select Writing Practice Tests. My HS son practiced using these prompts and passed. Neuman23 , Mar 8, My sister who graduated Bachelor of Science and Education major in English took up that exam.

She told me that it was difficult yet she still passed the exam. I remember she said that her essay was all about education on this days generation. Ian Anderson , May 17, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Such essays include a central, debatable point that states the writer's position on a topic.

For the CLEP English essay, for example, this could be the candidate's assertion about a poem's meaning. Additionally the essay must display clear organization of points supporting the argument. While creating a detailed outline is not necessary -- in fact, it's too time-intensive for the CLEP exam -- most writers profit from a focused planning of their main points. A polished essay is cohesive, showing clear flow between points and paragraphs by way of transition words and phrases.

The English exam assesses whether candidates have read a wide variety of English literature and understand its basic development over literary periods. The exam requires candidates to write two essays on topics related to English literature.

For the first, candidates analyze a poem and write a position paper based on this; College Board advises spending 35 to 40 minutes on this task. Candidates choose between two topics for the second essay, either writing about any work from a specific author or choosing from a given list; they write a position paper either about an observation or theme featured in the given literature.

College Board advises 50 to 55 minutes for this essay. The essay tests candidates' abilities to write clearly and effectively. Of course, it cannot be some off the wall nonsense either. A sample question for the essay portion would be "How computers have affected the way we work today vs. I took this test last year. This information applies up until the end of June, This CLEP will be somewhat different than the two it replaces.

In the fullest version of the test, you will be required to write 2 essays. The first will be a persuasive essay about a topic similar to the ECwE CLEP , while the second will give you two sources, and you will be required to write a source based essay, properly using those sources.

However, in both cases, you are assigned the topic, and don't have a choice. The answer to this question depends on the exam and policy of the college to which you're sending your CLEP score. For English Composition with Essay, you must respond to an essay question which is created and scored by CLEP you type it directly into the exam software.

For English Composition without Essay, your college may create and score its own essay question - or, no essay may be required at all. Each section consists of two essay questions for American Lit and English Lit, there are three questions, allowing you to drop one that are created by CLEP, but scored at your college.

Make sure to check with your college before taking an exam! Why do you hate this project plenty? Do you like it there?

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May 17,  · I'll be taking either the English Comp CLEP w/ essay or the Freshman Comp CLEP w/ essay in a couple of weeks. I've been practicing writing five paragraph essays on random topics.

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Nearly 3, colleges and universities allow students to earn course credit by taking a test through the College-Level Examination Program. The CLEP College Composition test includes two typed essay questions that students have a total of 70 minutes to answer, along with 50 multiple-choice questions that they have 50 minutes to answer.

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Sep 01,  · I'd be surprised if people haven't submitted at least a few dozen essays designed to address sample CLEP topics, for feedback here in the past. It shouldn't matter if the topic is authentically CLEP; the majority of sample essay topics you find online will help improve your writing skills at the same rate. Scoring CLEP Essays. Each institution that offers an exam with an essay decides if the institution or CLEP should score the essay. About CLEP; Key Exam Information; CLEP Benefits; Test Development; Candidates respond to two essay topics, spending approximately 45 minutes on each.

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The essay portion of the English Composition with Essay CLEP will test your ability to present a point of view and support it with logical argument. Your point of view will be based on a CLEP supplied topic, and you must support your argument with logical evidence. The same topics you would encounter in a first-year college composition course, such as thesis development, essay organization and editing strategies, are covered on the CLEP .