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Top 5 Paid Indie Book Review Services Compared

Interested in having a Professional Book Review?

❶Even if you are not self-published, you may order a review through the Indie program.

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Top 5 Paid Indie Book Review Services Compared
The Magic Dust (Targeting Top Reviewers)
Why are online book reviews so important?

Downside — Cost, time and the site features all kinds of books mixed in, meaning your self-pubbed has a lot of work to do to get seen if not picked up. BlueInk Review, our seasonal partners, offer more of a literary package.

Their extras include sharing on library lists and in publishing circles, and considering that co-owner Patricia Moosbrugger is also a seasoned literary agent, the review becomes a small part of a promising kickstart for any author.

You can also be sure of a fully edited and proofread review from a professional at BlueInk, and their service remains personal and prompt. BlueInk also share select reviews on their flourishing Facebook page as well as Pinterest and Twitter. Only exceptional books will receive a star rating.

USP — Literary connections and library listings are a plus, reviews are well-written and customer service is impeccable, often do deals with partners, such as SPR, that give discounts and offers. Personally I think their star system comes off kind of snarky instead of encouraging: However, their site is clean, smart and modern and their mailing list is really informative.

Downside — Star-rating and review style may be a little terse for some, turnaround is slow. Both our SPR review packages deliver in 4 weeks and have words, and there are a ton of extras and discounts for members. If we combine our readership of around 37, on social media allowing for repeats, plus our 7, subscribers, it seems we are doing pretty well on getting reviews seen, and we share the actual URL of the review on social media, our homepage and newsletters as part of the service.

We definitely score on cost, speed, plenty of copy, plenty of extras for marketing and exposure, and we provide lots of testimonials for potential clients to see what we do. Have a look at our review packages here. Until then, remember, a paid review is not just useful on the site you bought it on, but it offers a great advantage for having press release copy, back of book copy, star ratings and editorial reviews on all your sales outlets.

USP — Bustling website means your review will get seen. The second-lowest priced service. Editor — This report has been corrected to reflect that BlueInk do share on social media and have testimonials on their site. Updated — May By Cate Baum T Features , Resources Tags: September 13th, 0 Comments. May 26th, 0 Comments. May 16th, 0 Comments. April 25th, 0 Comments. April 21st, 0 Comments. March 25th, 0 Comments.

To wait it out in the hope that a trickle of sales might generate some positive reviews, which in turn might generate more sales. This is a catch of the worst order and one that drives many self-published authors to the verge of madness! Another way to generate reviews, and one of the best, tried and tested strategies lies in identifying the profiles of existing reviewers who have reviewed work similar to your own and politely contacting them; making them aware of your writing with a request for them to review your books.

Whether these reviewers buy your work and review it, or if you gift it to them and they review it, this is a solid strategy and one that should be considered by all authors who wish to increase their exposure and sales online.

Using the above strategy to generate reviews is great, but not all reviewers are created equal. In the case of Amazon, they rank their reviewers with a complex algorithm which factors in the amount of reviews made, the frequency that reviews are made, the quality helpfulness of reviews made as deemed by others as well as a myriad of other complex little elements which the rest of us will probably never know about.

Thankfully, Amazon allows us to see who their top reviewers are - all 10, of them. This is incredibly useful data to be able to get our hands on! The first reason is that the majority of these top Amazon reviewers have a very wide sphere of influence beyond just Amazon. If a top reviewer reviews your work, they are highly likely to duplicate that review across other sites, Goodreads, their personal blogs, their social media profiles etc.

Leaving helpful reviews is one of the main reasons for which they become top reviewers in the first place. With our Amazon service, Book Review Broker targets only top reviewers. We have taken this top 10, Amazon reviewers chart and painstakingly pulled out all of the data which is pertinent to securing book reviews. From this top 10, list we have extracted the 1, best profiles based on interest in genres and whether the reviewers are contactable or not.

Then you create a small pitch on our site we give you guidelines on what to write in order to maximize chance of reviews and submit it to us. Your pitch will be sent directly to these top reviewer targets who will then get back to you via your own email address. From hereon, it is over to you how you want to negotiate organizing a review with the top reviewers. The primary reasons to employ the services of Book Reviewer Broker are to save time and to maximize productivity.

Why spend endless time marketing your work when you could be getting on with what you do best While many authors attempt to conduct this top reviewer targeting strategy on their own, and many meet with success, it is a very tedious process to undertake by hand.

If you were spend five minutes looking at each of the top 10, Amazon reviewer profiles the time it would take to do it properly , taking the time to note down which book genres they are interested in, which books in your genre they have reviewed in the past as well as whether or not any given reviewer was contactable, it would take you You will be building up rapport with those reviewers who might have agreed to review your work, and you can always contact them yourself directly in future if you are releasing some new material in the same genre.

Planning a campaign with BRB was so simple. Their systematic approach made everything clear and straight-forward. If you were to amass this data alone With Book Review Broker it takes you minutes to select your perfect targeting and make your booking: If you book a campaign targeting top Amazon reviewers, on average 9 will get back to you, 3 will politely decline and 6 will agree to write a review for you.

Neither are we selling reviews. It is at the target reviewer's discretion as to whether or not they want to respond to you and review your work. Response rates can vary from campaign to campaign. What we do guarantee, is to get your pitch in front of our laser targeted audience of receptive reviewers. Use the slider to the right to look at the detailed genre based targeting information for fiction top reviewers on Amazon.

Use the slider to the right to look at the detailed genre based targeting information for non-fiction top reviewers on Amazon. This service is being built at the moment and will be launching soon. Keep an eye out for it when it does.

It will be very powerful and extremely useful for driving traffic back to your book sales pages. If your book fits with one of our targeting options from above then great, you're ready to move on to the final step! Now you are ready to prepare a pitch.

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