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Scary story

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I went to the right but it had appared that David was sleeping there so I found myself under the covers of the room on the left. Now with a slight grasp on conciousness I heard my name. Then I heard a loud, Knock Knock. What did he want? Iopened my eyes yet no one was at my ajar door. Slowly I sat up and saw a dim blue light emmitting from the shutter doors.

Knock Knock, I heard again registering the sound from the closet. Frightened now I pulled my knees against my chest clutching the sheets real tight. The blue light grew bigger as I heard a loud shout in the dark.

Then as it ended, my name was called again. Spoken dark, with a deep bass like tone that rippled the air. With only a brief silence afterwards the closet doors flung open with paranormal force, as a sapphire soul raced at and through me like you would see in ghost movies.

The thing had no body that I could have glimpsed but a face of a huge mature wolf. I thought I was dead. Panicking I could feel my rabit heart beat heavily like drums. There were no lights. I noticed a nasty gnash between two lungs. I went to examine his body, now in the dark, but I felt no blood nor any hole in his chest. At a loss for answers I turned to the only logic that felt right.

Get out of here! I bolted down the stairs skipping many steps. Shaking I pulleda knife off the counter, not sure what good it would do. The front door opened and I flung the weapon with all my might at it, almost wounding my friend Lasko who had hosted the bonfire. He went up the stairs quick in doubt. He had come backfor his phone and when he left you bet I went with him.

I felt as though all action had ceased when he arrived. Although I swear I saw a pair of glimmering eyes in his rearview mirror as we pulled out onto the road. Or at least I thought I did. However, I sat on the back. To bring my trust, she had promised me to ride slowly. First, our ride was seemed to be safe and not given any basis to danger. The weather condition was not favorable because of drizzle and wet surface of the route.

In addition, the day before, that section of a street was under construction. The surface of road, in places, was covered by mud. All of a sudden, to my surprise, Joanna begun driving faster and faster like a plane prepared for taking off.

I was terribly surprised of her behavior. My hands were squeezing the hoop of the motorcycle. I was trying to use my whole knowledge about riding motorcycles in a few seconds, but I felt like frighten birth in a cage. The time stopped in the same place. It was very incredible feeling. I felt like we tilted very softly. It lasted only a few seconds.

As a result, we slid about feet with the motorcycle, which weighed about pounds, still on the right side. My mind and body stopped working. When I woke up, I saw myself all bloody. My right side of body was numb. In addition, in what way, my elbow grew numb and hurt. Joanna was under the motorcycle, and she lay unconsciously. After two minutes, she woke up, looked at me and lowered the head. She admitted, she had never ridden a motorcycle at all.

She had only a broken leg and bloody face. The motorcycle was lying on the edge of the road.

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Scary Night - Original Writing I was now ready to depart after the party, exiting my Cousin’s house. It was a Halloween party. It was a lot of fun; to be honest the party seemed to be quite good.

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The Lakeside Ghost Story My stomach was churning as the big bold letters came into view. They read, "Camp Lakeside." The bus came to a sudden stop and a counselor at the front of the bus stood up and yelled, "Everyone off!" A stampede of eager campers rushed . Jan 30,  · Infact most of like haunted ghost stories The first episode of Most Haunted Live was broadcast on Living on October 31, , from Dudley Castle and was produced jointly by Antix and Hanrahan Media. The format of the show under this joint venture was different to Most Haunted with different music cues and production style.

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- Typical Horror Story in Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band There are many different types of horror e.g. comic horror, gothic horror, and mystical horror. In a murder mystery, there is usually a . Scary Stories - Scary Stories Campfires surrounded by frightened people listening to blood curdling stories of terror, mystery, and murder is where screams were made. Before modern technology, before the flashy lights and whistles of Hollywood there were ghost stories.